The Fight Starts With The People

More and more people are getting interested in politics. They are educating themselves about the correlation which exists between money and politics. The climate is changing in the political world and information is changing with it. They want to be represented by politicians who work for them since they got the mandate for this exact reason. People understand how important it is to become involved in the election. Many people didn’t even know who their representative is but this notion is rapidly changing as the time goes on.

Political education is essential because it allows people to understand the political world better. It gives them the understanding of how money influences politics. The court ruling changed the way big organizations can donate money to campaigns and affect the outcome of policy this way. People want to fight back. They want to take back control, and one of the organizations helping them to achieve this goal is End Citizen United.

This grassroots organization is not very old, but their work paid off. The support they see every day is astonishing. The amount of money this PAC received in a short period surprised the political and economic commentators. They were able to raise 11 million dollars, but this figure is most likely going to grow before the mid-term election.

They support Democratic causes and candidates. The overall aim is for big conglomerates and people with deep pockets to stay out of the decision-making process. End Citizens United can only accept 5000 dollars for any singe donor, but their average donations are relatively small. The average is about 12 dollars, so it is even more impressive how much funding they have raised in the time since they were founded. There needs to be a more transparent government that is not influenced by wealthy people.

People don’t often talk about the legal side of politics. They are not aware of the way legislation is created or put into place. One of the people working on cases concerning constitutional law and campaign finance is James Bopp. An attorney from Indiana who graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor’s degree and later achieved a law degree from the University of Florida and its Law College.

His experience in law, strategic campaign planning, and finance, as well as election law, is extensive. His resume is also extensive, but this attorney is staying out of public eye. He works in his law office but has no plans on moving to the major cities like Washington.

James Bopp is well-known in the legal circles, and if any of his cases go to higher courts, there is a possibility that he will be heard.

This is one of the most exciting times to be in such a position.

Alexandre Gama Building An Advertising Empire

     Alexandre Gama is the CEO and founder of Neogama advertising agency. He founded this agency in the year 1999 after successfully working for various advertising agencies in Brazil where he served in different capacities. Gama’s venture into advertising was not by luck as he had also studied advertising in Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado graduating in Advertising and propaganda. His education background is one of the reasons why he is so successful as well as the long experience gained from employment.

He worked as a writer in Standart Ogilvy then moved to become a copywriter for DM9 during his four years here he became the most awarded writer in Brazil. The next move saw him become partner and vice president of creation at AlmapBBDO just before becoming President / CEO of Young & Rubicam.

Alexandre Gama left employment and founded Neogama he was able to make it the fastest growing advertising agency in Brazil for three consecutive years. His firm opened a branch in London which was bought by Publicis Groupe in 2012 but by then it was already well established having won a Caboré Prize within its first year as well as being named the Agency of the Year by Meio e Mensagem. In 2016, Alexandre’s Neogama Brazil cut ties with the BBH network to concentrate with Brazil.

His interests have also grown significantly and this has seen him open VIOLAB, an instrumental Brazilian guitar project that includes a radio program, recording studio, label, and Youtube channel.

He also holds various positions in various capacities such as Board member of the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies, chairman of the jury for the International Film Jury of the British association, partner with the Briggs Automotive Company and the only Brazilian publicist on the Global Creative Board.

Gama was invited in 2014 to present his works at the Brazilian Art Museum this was a special invitation as it involved a genre made for him specifically.

Gama has also been a recipient of numerous awards most notably he has 26 Lions from the Cannes Film Festival.

Gregory J Aziz, CEO of National Steel Car

In an industry, as competitive and demanding as rail car transportation, there is one name that stands above the rest of the crowd, National Steel Car. Dedicating itself to engineering excellence and committing to quality, National Steel Car has been manufacturing some of the world’s best train cars for over 100 years. While it has been a mainstay among the rail car industry, National Steel Car does not let its merits in the past carry its weight as it constantly strives to improve in every available facet possible.

Recently an overall upgrade to the facilities that manufacture rail cars has been implemented, which enables National Steel Car to stay at the leading end of rail car manufacturing but also enables NSC to continue to make safety a number one priority for not only its employees but also for the cars themselves as they frequently carry flammable liquids.

Recently, Gregory J Aziz was appointed to Chairman and CEO of National Steel Car, bringing his lifetime of experience and expertise to the table. Greg Aziz was born in London, Ontario, Canada and was educated at Ridley College and then moved on to the University of Western Ontario where he then majored in Economics.

Shortly after finishing his education Gregory Aziz then joined in with his family’s wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods, in 1971 and helped the company grow for over 16 years in which he helped it to become one of the world’s major importer of fresh foods from Central as well as South America and Europe for distribution in markets within the United States and Eastern Canada.

During the late 1980’s and through into the mid 1990’s Greg Aziz kept busy by working on several investment banking opportunities in New York. He was leading the proposal to purchase National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994. When he made the purchase Gregory J Aziz had the goal of transforming a dwindling and failing rail car business into one of North America’s foremost rail car manufacturing companies.

Throughout his career Greg James Aziz has always pursued excellence above all else and it is due to this passion of his that National Steel Car is one of the most reputable rail car companies today. NSC is always striving to do better, to manufacture new and innovative designs for safety and efficiency within the world of rail cars. NSC is one company that is devoted to its home headquarters of Hamilton and donates resources to the community. See This Page for additional info.

Transforming the Classroom Experience

Since its release ClassDojo has been transforming the classroom experience for students, teachers, and parents alike. The goal of using the app is simple. Those who utilize the app are aiming to create a more tailored classroom environment for the students involved. Thus, ClassDojo encourages parents and teachers to communicate in a more effective manner so as to provide the best learning environment for the individual students. Parents and teachers are able to achieve this level of communication through out the day. One strategy for continued communication between parents and teachers has been for parents and teachers to send pictures through the app. Further enhancing the communication between parents and teachers the app allows for private messaging. These messages can then be translated into any language. While communication between parents and teachers is one of the app’s essential features it is only one step towards achieving the overall goal.

ClassDojo also aims to increase the participation of students within the classroom. The app provides numerous features allowing for the success of students. One such feature is to allow for the students to share their own photos and videos of their experiences. As the student builds confidence in his or her abilities to complete the assignments offered in the classroom, the child will more likely share their moments throughout the app and in the classroom. In addition to this, ClassDojo also offers a section to help students focus on and improve key areas of learning such as active listening, working hard, helping others, and leadership skills. This feature allows for students and teachers to identify the skills that the child is struggling with and actively aim to improve them.

In short, ClassDojo is a wonderful app that allows for better communication between parents, teachers, and students. It is transforming the classroom.

Meet Don Ressler and his Role at JustFab

By doing a shallow digging over the internet, you will realize that yoga pants are taking over the cloth line industry.The primary reason as to why has always been uncertain. However, the fact remains that millions of individuals across the borders are more than willing to trade their pair of jeans for a piece of yoga pants. This trend explains why the athletic apparel stores are opening every day. Stats predict that in the US, the athletic apparel market will have risen by over 50 percent.


From a customer’s point of view, athleisure is no longer a trend. It’s a lifestyle. As professionals often say, the appareling is a motivator to lead a healthy life. In other words, the yoga pants accompaniments our busy lifestyles as they are more flexible and envision a feeling of wellness. Thanks to the likes of JustFab Inc., currently TechStyle Fashion Group, today the fashion game has shifted to the next level.


TechStyle Fashion Group is among the few but smart businesses that utilize the power of the internet to carry out their dealings. Besides the athleisure line, TechStyle also deals with a selection of shoes, jewelry, denim, and handbags for the ladies. Since inception, TechStyle has remained focused on the clientele and has continued to be a top-priority for many customers due to their personalized shopping experience.


Techstyle Group is broad and has brought various companies to the limelight. The enterprise is a parent company to five notable brands such as JustFab, FabKids, ShoeDazzle, and the famous Fabletics that retails women’s sportswear. TechStyle was founded in 2010. Although being in the industry for a short period, its reputation surpasses that of the old players in the game. As many would say, the company was founded by talented individuals, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Besides, the company has brought on board talented members to the team such as Kimora Lee Simmons and Kate Hudson, all who hold a great business vision.


Don Ressler is among the few fellows in TechStyle whose contributions can never go unnoticed. The talented chap serves as the CEO of Fabletics. When it comes to experience, Ressler takes pride of being in the e-commerce industry for an extended period. His journey in the e-commerce ventures dates back to his young ages and has been involved with many startups all through his grand career.


Don Ressler is the founder of, his first startup. After some time, Ressler sold the company to Intermix Media which he would later join to work at Alena Media. Under his tenure, the company achieved greater margins hence attracting the attention of other businesses. It did not take long before News Corps acquired it forcing Ressler to leave in search for growth.


After the Intermix’s experience, Ressler went ahead to launch Intelligent Beauty, a firm that specialized in cosmetics. According to Ressler, Intelligent Beauty played a significant role in sharpening his marketing skills through the online platforms. It is Intelligent Beauty that saw both Ressler and Goldenberg establish Techstyle Fashion Group. Ressler monitors the company’s talent, customer experience, vision and together with Adam they are driving the company towards unimaginable margins.

White Shark Media: What You Need To Know About PPC Management

Are you searching for a reputable advertising agency to handle your PPC campaign management? Do you want to present your business or product in a positive light and get increased sales? If you are serious about reaching your target audience cost-effectively, then get in touch with White Shark Media right away.

White Shark Media has been in the business of helping clients achieve tremendous growth and increased revenue. This renowned advertising agency has the resources and a great team of advertising specialists, to help you reach the right audience for your business and increase your sales and profits.

PPC puts customers and businesses together, at the exact moment that the potential customer is interested in making a purchase. PPC services allow you to advertise your products and present it to the right audience. In other words, with PPC strategy, you can reach people who are actively searching for what you are selling.

As a leading PPC advertising firm, White Shark Media and its team of specialists have numerous clients around the globe and can help you set up and implement profitable campaigns. Their campaign management service is designed to free up your time so you can focus on other areas of your business.

PPC advertising is a proven method of getting targeted traffic quickly and making sales. There are many PPC management firms out there but not all of these companies are created equal. White Shark Media has an established history of rendering excellent advertising solutions to small and mid-sized businesses and has numerous satisfied clients.

Simply put, experts at White Shark Media do PPC advertising and related tasks all day long and they know more about the industry than most marketers and companies. They have a good understanding of the industry. They can take advantage of changes in the industry, act upon trends, and produce great results.

These professionals take the time to study their clients’ business, and implement effective strategy to meet their needs. Their service also allows you to scale your PPC advertising up or down on demand. With White Shark Media handling your PPC advertising campaign, you can rest assured that your business or product will get noticed in the marketplace.

Contact the advertising management specialists at White Shark Media to discuss your project and learn more about the various ways they can help you gain customers and increase your sales and revenue.

Rick Smith’s Exceptional Leadership skills

In July 2008, Securus Technologies was lucky enough to have Rick Smith as the company’s new CEO. Rick Smith has excellent expertise and the experience to steer the company towards huge profits making it more attractive. Since then Securus Technologies has been the leading company when it comes to providing prisons and corrections facilities with high-quality technology. The company has managed to be ahead of the competition with other businesses providing the same services such as the Global Tel Link. Rick is equipped with skills and experience acquired from working in other areas such as telecommunications, operations, business development, and finance as well.

Rick Smith has his excellent education as an added advantage. Rick holds an associate’s degree which he attained at Rochester Institute of Technology. Rick has also done engineering and has a bachelor’s degree in engineering as well as a master’s in engineering from the same university, that is, the State University of New York at Buffalo. To add on that, Rick has an MBA which he earned from the University of Rochester’s Simon School. The education, skills, and experience make Rick’s leadership capability exceptional. Rick has also worked for other companies such as Global Crossing North America Inc, Frontier Information Technologies, Eschelon Telecom Inc, and Midwest Telephone Operations. In all the companies he was in the top ranked positions, and he managed to make the companies’ profits rise.

Securus Technologies is located in Dallas in Texas with its headquarters at the same location. The company serves 2600 corrections, public safety agencies, more than 1000000 inmates and law enforcement agencies. The technology and different services provided by the company are meant for communications, investigation, incident management, public information and emergency response. Securus also serves the society by keeping people away from the crimes committed by the inmates in the prisons. Recently Securus acquired Jpay, a company providing technology to the correction facilities and prisons. JPay is a famous, well-established company and is among the companies leading in serving the prisons with digitalized payments. JPay makes communication between the inmates and their families possible via means such as emails.

The transaction will benefit Securus in many ways because JPay had a good reputation and served over 33 state prisons. The deal will widen the products range of Securus Technologies making them have the suitable technology to run a modern prison. Rick is excited about the transaction as it will also improve the quality of their services and products. Rick Smith received emails and letters from individuals who were showing their appreciation for the great work Securus has done for the society. The gesture was received with gratitude and Rick replied to the emails and letters reassuring the people that Securus will continue to keep them safe and happy.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Old-Fashioned Rise To Modern CEO

Few people in today’s globalized, socially stratified societies are able to meaningfully transcend the classes that they were born into. It’s for this reason that, when we see someone who does, it makes a strong impression. Such is the case of Bradesco CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s rise from a lower-middle class Brazilian kid to one of the most powerful CEOs in Latin America. It seems that the so-called American Dream is alive, even in Brazil.

A modern Horatio Alger story or one of forbidden fruit?

While Trabuco’s story is, in some ways, a feel-good example of hard work, talent and grit propelling a worthy individual to the top, in other ways, it is also a tale of the imperatives of modern corporate life implacably demanding that all those who operate within it conform to its ways.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born in Marilia, Sao Paulo, in 1951. He had a working-class upbringing, not poor, by Brazilian standards, but certainly not rich, either. By the age of 18, Trabuco had graduated from high school and was looking for a job. Lacking sufficient funds to attend college, he got a job at what was at that time a local bank with just a few branches throughout Marilia. He was hired on as a bank teller.

His first year at Bradesco proved that Trabuco had what it took to learn new skills quickly and get the job done right. He was quickly promoted to shift manager, then branch manager. By the late-1970s, Trabuco was overseeing an entire district for the now quickly growing firm. He had, by this time, earned a master’s degree in social psychology from the University of Sao Paulo. He was moving up fast.

It was during this time that Trabuco was given his first real executive role. He was placed in charge of the company’s marketing department. Drawing from his own banking experience and academic knowledge of psychological precepts, he began radically transforming the way in which the marketing department operated. By 1992, sales had gone through the roof and Trabuco’s marketing strategies had been at the core. In that year, he was appointed head of the firm’s financial planning division.


But it was here that he began to show a tendency to not only conform to global corporatist standards but to positively embrace them. It was in the financial planning division that Trabuco, who had worked his way up the ranks of the company from one of the lowest positions, began filling key positions within the department by recruiting proven talent from outside the firm. While this angered some within Bradesco, there is little arguing that it turned out to be a highly effective move.

He also quickly did away with some of the quaint old ways in which the bank had always operated. One of these was the idea, long espoused by all the bank’s departments, that all of Bradesco’s customers should be treated equally, no matter their value to the company. Trabuco, now with extensive knowledge of the global banking market, knew that to attract high-value clients, he needed to offer exceptional services.

He created Bradesco Prime, a line of personal financial products for high-net-worth clients that include separate, luxuriously appointed facilities, lavish rewards and on-call, personal banking staff ready to attend to the client’s every need. This strategy began showing immediate results. Within a few years, Bradesco had attracted not only many of Brazil’s wealthiest clients but also those from across the globe. Trabuco continued having similar successes in other areas of the business.

But to some extent, Trabuco’s rise is a statement of his ability to conform to the imperatives of global finance, not to buck them.

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Here is what you need to know about the Madison Street Capital

• About Madison Street Capital

Following the great technological advancement in the 21st century, the corporate world has tripled its need for professional business assistance. Madison Street Capital has always been there to build its top-notch reputation by coming in to provide the most genuine and reliable customer services to such organizations
Having been founded in 2005 by Charles Botchway, who is now the CEO; the company has done an amazing job in providing various key business solutions. Regarding the client feedback, it is lucid that there has never been such an honest and courteous organization before; which is why Madison Street Capital has earned such an excellent reputation within a short duration.

• Work and Achievements

In 2014, MCS was proud to report that it had provided great services to one of the companies based in the Illinois. Since the medical manufacturer was in need of some business assistance, it came to recognize the presence of MSC. The Company, which is known as the Vital Care, managed to grow its production in terms and quality and volume owing to the financial and managerial advice it received from the MCS.

In 2015, a certain organization by the name National Association of Certified Valuators did select the MNC co founder, Anthony Marsala, for the under forty award. This program is normally meant to identify young business managers and owners who have managed to garner reputable accomplishments within a certain duration. This was a remarkable achievement for the MNC, and it helped to build the overall image of the organization.
In 2016, MNC managed to accumulate some more awards as it continued to render its professional services to various organizations. Such awards include being M&A Awards Finalist which is an award that companies receive when they manage to accomplish some level of impressive financial acquisitions. In January of 2017, MNC again managed to take home the turnaround award which came due to its amazing financial restructuring in the previous year (2016).

• Charitable Donation(s)

There has always been a belief that a good organization is one that gives back to the society. MNC is not an exemption since it has manifested some philanthropic nature in quite some occasions. An outstanding example is when it made donations to cover the damages caused by severe weather in Midwestern and Eastern United States back in 2011. This article is available and can be accessed on



Eric Pulier’s Mentorship Programme To Budding Entrepreneurs

Unless you have been watching American corporate sector keenly, you won’t notice that Eric Pulier is the brains behind over 15 successful enterprises. His businesses are shaping the global economy. To many, Eric Pulier is known as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author of motivational books but beyond all these titles is a man who’s learned how to couple hard work and passion in his endeavors.

Eric Pulier has made a lot of fortune for himself by helping businesses and individuals solve their problems. Some of the famous enterprises that are associated with Pulier include, Desktone, Media Platform, TM Forum and Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council. Eric Pulier has a lot of interests in the tech world. As a venture capitalist, he has funded various start-ups in this field.

Eric Pulier is also a family man who firmly believes in the fundamental unit of society which is family. When Pulier is not working, you can find him having fun with his family. Pulier has a father of four children.

In the sector of Philanthropy, Eric Pulier has always been on the frontline in helping children who are living with various medical conditions. The entrepreneur helps kids with chronic medical conditions access therapies. Through his charity, the Painted Turtle Foundation, he has impacted on the lives of many people.

So far, Eric Pulier’s most successful venture is vAtomic Systems. Most businesses are beginning to recognize how automation of several aspects of an enterprise can significantly contribute to efficiency. Sometimes it’s very tough for Eric Pulier balance between family and work. His ability to source for skilled personnel enables him to delegate some of his duties.

One thing that Eric Pulier derives a lot of joy from is his ability to come up with great ideas. Whenever he comes up with a sketchy idea, he drafts it on a paper and refines it over time. Eric always encourages young people to venture into business to learn more

In the midst of all challenges, Eric Pulier encourages budding entrepreneurs to hold on. Success requires a lot of commitment and patience.

About Eric Pulier: