Gareth Henry’s Life Story

Gareth Andre Theodore Henry is a professional male Jamaican badminton player. He was born on 20th October 1977 in Mandeville Jamaica. He is also an activist for gay rights, social justice, and HIV/AIDS.

Gareth Henry was born to a teenage mother and had no relationship with his mostly absent father. He spent most of his childhood with his grandmother in a single-family home. During his teens, Henry realized that he was attracted to other guys.

Because of the harassment faced by gay men in his society, Henry was unable to share this with anyone and remained to be lonely.

Shortly before his 〖16〗^th birthday, Henry was able to move away from his family, and it was only then that he felt liberated and was able to come out openly as gay.

In 1997, Gareth Henry started as a volunteer for Jamaica AIDS Support for Life (JASL). Here, he got the opportunity to interact with other gay men.

In December 1998, Gareth began volunteering for the newly founded J-FLAG, which aimed at serving the needs of homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgender people in the community.

In the year 2004, Henry did a press interview on the murder of Brian Williamson, who was J-FLAG’s co-founder and spokesman, when very few people were interested in taking over to be the organization ’s public face due to the homophobic danger which most people believed had caused Williamson’s death.

By the end of that year, Henry had become J-FLAG’s lead advocate and the new director. Over the four years that followed, Gareth lost 13 of his friends to homophobic attacks.

Henry also found himself the victim of several homophobic attacks from police officers. An angry mob attacked on 14th February 2007, Henry and some gay men at a pharmacy.

Police were called to the scene but they instead verbally and physically attacked Henry and his friends. In January 2008, Henry was forced to flee and seek refuge in Canada due to the increased attacks and harassment from authorities in Jamaica.

His family was also eventually forced to relocate to Toronto following threats in Jamaica. Gareth began working in Toronto with the AIDS Foundation. He became interim director and is currently a service access manager.

Gareth Henry also works with Rainbow Railroad to help to relocate LGBTQ people facing danger and oppression all around the world.

In sports, Gareth Henry was part of the national team that won bronze at the 2018 Pan Am Men’s Team Championships. He also won the men’s doubles with Samuel O’Brien at 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games.

He also teamed with his sister Geordine Henry and won the mixed doubles title six times at the Jamaican National Badminton Championships.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Receives Prestigious Award

Sameer Jejurikar is a Dallas-based plastic surgeon who believes that medicine is a science as much as an art. The board-certified surgeon received his medical training at the University of Michigan and undertook residency training at the same institution. After completing his plastic surgery residency, Dr. Jejurikar continued his education at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, where he completed his subspecialty training in aesthetic surgery. A Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Jejurikar is on the staff of a number of Dallas hospitals, including Dallas Day Surgery Center, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, and Texas Health Surgery Center.

Dr. Jejurikar is also a scholar-practitioner, having published in such medical journals as Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Aesthetic Surgery Journal, and Annals of Plastic Surgery. In addition, he is a member of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society, the international medical honor society, which he joined while still a medical student at Michigan.

Being a successful physician is more than just staying up-to-date, of course, and Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is always available to his patients for personal consultations. In fact, the surgeon was awarded the Compassionate Doctor Certificate, part of the Patient’s Choice program. The honor is bestowed on just 3% of practicing doctors annually and is based on feedback provided by patients to health websites. Dr. Jejurikar said that he was honored to have been chosen as a Compassionate Doctor and thanked those who took the time to provide their positive reviews.

Paul Mampilly: Biographical Details as well as Information on Podcasts

Paul Mampilly, started out in 1991 working for a company called Bankers Trust. This was in position of an assistant portfolio manager. He has also made frequent appearances on different soures like Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News, and CNBC. As he went on to get experience and knowledge with investing, he got vital posts at legal firms. Examples are ING and Deutsche Bank. After viewing how Mampilly could be an asset to the business he was enlisted by corporations worth a billion dollars. At Kinetics Asset Management, he processed the hedge fund and increased assets of the company to $25 billion.

Soon, Wall Street’s fast pace got tiring for Paul Mampilly. He got tired of making money for the wealthy. Instead, he wanted to be at home more with his family. However, he is still in the world of finance and has a job as an analyst for research and investment. HE has an enjoyment for assisting everyday people create money. He attempts to teach them how to get a lot for their money so that the can thrive better. A lot of the newsletters he writes give resonate advice and tips of investment that helps common people move forward. Getting educated on how Mampilly gets some questions answered gives the public a view at his choices of jobs. On top of that them impacting his life.

A couple months ago Paul Mampilly received the opportunity to be on Entrepreneur Podcast Network. He was interviewed by Eric Dye. In the interview they talked about what’s distinct about the current state of the stock market. There’s grave mistakes people make when they make the first trades and people admired by Paul Mampilly.

Paul Mampilly described in the interview that he had a comprehension of Wall Street that the standard investor doesn’t contain. For instance, he’s served as manager of a trading desk. He’s also served a post as an analyses. Lastly, he took time with the management of money. Those are example of activities the normal investor hasn’t been getting done around the years.

Steve Ritchie Moves to Rebrand Papa John’s Pizza

Steve Richie is the new CEO of Papa John’s Pizza. He is still young at 43, and can look back on his humble beginnings when he worked as a customer service rep for the company. Richie became a franchise owner in 2006. Four years later he moved up the ladder and the company increased his responsibilities to lead and be more involved in operations. On their website, it says that the company promoted him to the position of COO in 2014, and in 2015 he became the company’s president.

Steve Richie says taking on his new role is a humbling experience. It will be his team members that will assume the role of delivering a world-class experience to customers. The company also embraces the idea that anything can be achievable with the right dedication, training, and support. He states that future leaders are delivering pizzas from one of the company’s 5,000 locations at any given moment in time. Nearly all of the company’s managers received promotions from hourly positions.

Most recently, to move the company moving in the right direction due to recent actions of its former CEO, Steve Richie sent out an apology to his customers laying out the steps to regain any credibility the company may have lost. He explains that the company is more than a single individual. The company will bring in an audit team from outside to examine its culture and diversity practices.

Papa John’s is at a turning point and it is the job of Steve Richie to make sure that it expands globally and that digital and customer service experiences expand. Exceptional digital marketing and technology are the keys to success. A very competent CIO and Digital Officer were also brought on board to lift the company to its next level of success. The company’s main focus will be on its team members.

Papa John’s operates its headquarters out of Kentucky. The company, at present, is the third largest that delivers pizza. It rates tops on customer satisfaction.

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Alternative disposition Solutions Globally-Equity First Holdings

Equity First Holdings is one among the leading disposition monetary establishments within the world. The institution provides different credit resolution to its customers globally. The financial organization focuses on the margin and stock-based loans, and it’s been of nice facilitate to borrowers World Health Organization need to lift capital instantly further as those people World Health Organization cannot qualify for a loan. The borrowers have a chance to use the in public listed shares as collateral.

Recently several banks have tightened their rules and rules on loans giving Equity First Holdings a chance to fill the gap and serve the globe with their distinctive services and product. in step with the founder and also the Chief officer of Equity First Holdings Al Christy, the employment of the in public listed shares as security for loans is AN innovative borrowing different for people seeking instant capital. Stock-based loans square measure best-known to own a high loan-to- price magnitude relation compared to the margin loans and also the loans supply a set interest rates that offer inevitableness throughout the group action amount. The stock-based loans offer a hedge to borrowers therefore lowering their risk of finance within the lower market. The stock loans even have a non-resource characteristic that permits the recipient to run off from the loan at any group action purpose.

On the opposite hand, any recipient World Health Organization desires a margin loan should be pre-qualified for a loan and also the money borrowed should be used for a specific purpose. The margin loans have AN interest loan that’s variable, and also the recipient expects the interest rates to vary between 10-50%. within the event of a demand the disposition instituo0n will liquidate the collateral while not notifying the recipient.

Equity First Holdings was established in 2002 by its founder and also the Chief officer Al son. Christy. the first mission of foundation the institution was to supply their shoppers another monetary resolution. the corporate is dedicated to ensuring its customers meet their short and long-run goals further as their personal and skilled goals. Since the inspiration of Equity First Holdings, it’s been increasing staggeringly and has been recording a growth of regarding half-hour annually. Equity First Holdings has completed over 700 transactions. The organization has its Headquarters’ in Indianapolis, Indiana and different location offices in nations together with Singapore, Sidney, Perth, Hong Kong, Bangkok further as Australia.

Model Of Excellence In Health Care: Sussex Healthcare

When patients seek out healthcare facilities, there is a concern about whether or not the service will be good. There are also concerns about whether or not the staff of the facility will best treat each patient with urgent care and concern. Arriving on the scene is Sussex Healthcare. Why has Sussex taken the world by storm with its state-of-the-art facilities?

Sussex Healthcare provides group sessions for the patients. This will increase the patient’s well-being and even allow for the stress levels to subside. This is one way to aid recovery process of those who need it. Being in a group is a good thing as it allows for a communal spirit amongst the inhabitants, and it also builds a strong sense of belonging. Being in a group during exercise times is also good because each member has the potential to motivate the others to do additional exercises.

With its state-of-the-art facilities, Sussex Healthcare offers swimming pools for the clients. This improves the endurance levels in each patient, as well as increasing strength levels too. Some of the pools have predetermined currents in them that the swimmer can use as resistance to build up strength. Underwater treadmills are also available for the patients. This allows for the leg muscles to develop in areas such as the quadriceps, the calves, or the hamstrings, to name a few.

Each resident is given top-notch care and is also given assistance with setting goals by the trained and professional staff on-hand. Setting goals are one-way individuals can gradually increase the workout regime. Instead of trying to start off with heavy workouts, the patient is slowly led to a more rigorous routine by the completion of goals. Aside from setting workout goals, there are many nutritional goals that are set up too. With a healthy exercise must come healthy eating as well. This is one way Sussex Healthcare sets itself apart from other best healthcare facilities in the world today. The level of commitment to each patient is virtually unmatched.

The world of healthcare has been invigorated by the high standards that are constantly set by facilities such as Sussex. The patients are the benefactors of such wonderful treatment by skilled and professional experts who care.

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Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is the Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. Not to mention he is also the founder of “profits unlimited” which is a newsletter that is meant to help primarily younger crown in figuring out how stocks work, how and when to invest, and everything you need to know about being an entrepreneur simply. Paul used to be a wall street guy but it became a passion of his to try and help the average american in becoming successful in business. Paul Mampilly takes what he does extremely serious. He reads as much as he can about stocks to understand how every business is doing and tries to keep up to date with all the markets so he can see how that effects the stocks. This work ethic can speak a lot about his success.

For Paul Mampilly, one of his main tips that hes been very open about is to focus on the “internet of things”. Basically what he means is that the world is changing extremely fast and that there’s only going to be more advanced technology that the rest of the world will gravitate towards. Futuristic technology nowadays is so imperative nowadays that you’re basically forced to have to get with the program. Think about it, the majority of business deals and jobs rely on technology and computers. Not to mention who ever has the best technology usually ends up having the upper hand in most situations.

So in reality one of the smarter options to take would be to wait for the next biggest piece of technology to come out and then invest in it. At least this is what Paul Mampilly does! When computers and certain technology came out in the 90’s it had a major impact on society but Paul believes that technology nowadays will have an even greater impact. Nowadays we have smart appliances, cars, and engines. We have 3d cameras on phones, and not to mention 6g is right around the corner! We live in a technological world which means every time something more advanced comes into the market people will gravitate towards it. So the more people that buy something, the more value it has, and the more value it has the more the chance you can find success when investing into it. These are all things to keep in mind if you’re someone who’s interested in making smart investments that will help you become successful.

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Dr. Walden Works As a Female Plastic Surgeon in Austin, Texas

Dr. Walden is a plastic surgeon and author who has spent years working in both New York City and Austin, Texas. Dr. Walden attended the University of Texas were she graduated as a salutatorian. She then went onto attend a fellowship program at the Manhattan Ear, Nose, and Throat hospital. Dr. Walden worked for eight years in New York City as a plastic surgeon before moving back to Austin, Texas to live in her hometown.

Dr. Walden distinguishes herself by being a female plastic surgeon in a field that is male dominated. Plastic surgeons are only about ten percent female with there being only 851 board certified plastic surgeons in the United States. Dr. Walden credits this disparity to the amount of time required to become a plastic surgeon. A plastic surgeon has to attend five years of training following medical school. This can require a surgeon to put off having children. In addition, the culture of surgery is geared towards men. Dr. Walden believes that female plastic surgeons are needed in this role as ninety-one percent of all plastic surgeries are performed on women.

Dr. Jenifer Walden explores this topic more in her book “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery”. One major advantage of having female plastic surgeons is that most female patients are not trying to achieve male-centered ideas of beauty. Most female plastic surgery patients want to correct small imperfections, sagging, or the effects of aging. Dr. Walden was surprised by this issue when she moved back to her hometown to raise her sons as a single parent. She was quickly swarmed by a class of customers who wanted to work with a female surgeon to correct small issues rather than major breast augmentations or nose jobs. Dr. Walden hopes this experience will encourage a new trend in plastic surgery.

Victoria Doramus : Dedicated to Helping People in Need

Victoria Doramus is highly respected for her work in in digital and print media. However, she has an impressive resume in a wide variety of fields including personal assisting, writing, research and directing. She is currently doing philanthropist work.

Victoria Doramus received a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She credits her education with her success, especially in the field of writing. Despite her busy career, Victoria managed to dedicate plenty of time to philanthropy and volunteer work. She has done an enormous amount of work at the Amy Winehouse Foundation. The organization is focused on helping young people avoid addiction to drugs and alcohol. The organization was founded after the drug related death of Amy Winehouse.

In addition to helping at risk youth, the Amy Winehouse Foundation has also created addiction recovery homes for women. The homes were set up to help with addiction treatment and to provide shelter for women after treatment to prevent relapse. Studies have indicated that women have a tendency to relapse within a few months without proper support. Victoria Doramus (@victoriadoramus) and her coworkers have been instrumental in setting up these recovery homes for women.

Besides her involvement at the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Victoria also works with a few other charities to include: Room to Read, Best Friends Animal Society and Women’s Prison Association. According to Crunchbase, Room to Read helps underprivileged children to improve their reading skills. The charity helps children all over the world to include nations such as India, Jordan, Sri Lanka and South Africa.

Best Friends Animal Society helps to prevent animals from being killed in shelters. Annually, millions of animals are killed in shelters in the United States because there is no one to adopt them. The society has helped to drastically reduce the number of animals killed in shelters.

The Women’s Prison Association provides women in prison with support, education and training to prepare them for life after prison. The Association also helps women after they are released from prison. Read more about Victoria by visiting her website.


A Look On Jim Toner’s Recent Articles, “The Limits Only Exist In Your Head.”

Jim Toner, a real estate guru and a man known for his wise nature and an incredibly exciting grass to grace story, recently posted an article on medium, something he regularly does as he is also an author. As usual, Jim always has something that is not only catchy but also leaves his readers in deep thought thanks to the life lessons he imparts in them in a unique, yet twisted manner.

In this article, Mr Toner compares our society today to the late 1980’s sci-fi classic movie dubbed, “They Live.” The film revolves around a character named Roddy Piper who happens to be like any other ordinary person except that, he lacks meaning in life and wanders around aimlessly until he comes across a pair of sunglasses on a sidewalk. These glasses are extraordinary and allow him to view life from a different perspective and see the world in black and white. Piper discovers the truth about various matters affecting not only him but the world at large. For instance, he learns that the government and the press both have a lot of secrets which are kept from the public eye to stay ordinary Joe under its control forever. He also discovers that the elite or high profile individuals are aliens seeking to take over the world.

According to Jim Toner, the movie is a twisted fictional representation of our world today. He believes that 90% of the media is used by the powerful and the wealthy in our community as a tool to make the rest of the population fit in their goals, so they can amass even more power. In other words, they use the media to brainwash the general population, and the sad thing is that they are winning. Jim Toner goes on to prove this fact by stating that in our society today, most people have been brainwashed into believing in the American dream which involves studying to secure a good job and using it as a platform to reach the apex of success. And because almost everyone is following the rhythm, those who fail to do so end up thinking that they are failures something that entrepreneur Jim Toner believes is a misconception.

According to Toner, life is not about living the American dream. This pattern only limits us if we allow it to do so and his life experiences are the perfect example of that. If Toner was to believe that the only way for him to make it was to dance to this rhythm, then he’d probably have a meaningless life like Roddy Piper. However, he went against the odds and is now the force behind various successful businesses and is even considered a high rider. In other words, Jim Toner uses this article to help us see that limitations only exist in our brain and they are there because we let the media and the government get to our heads with their agenda. If you want to know more about financial independence, continue reading.

In respect to that, he goes on to add various tips on how anyone seeking success can achieve this goal. Jim says that to accomplish it, you have to first evaluate your current position in life in all aspects from health, finance to relationships. Next, consider what you want and stop believing that you are a loser. Instead, have confidence in yourself and stay away from social media as it often molds you into thinking that you are a loser when you see how well other people are doing. Make yourself a priority and work on yourself because once your better everything dances to the rhythm.