Guilherme Paulus Keeps Up with Industry Trends

The worlds of hotels and tourism are fast-paced, especially with all of the changes that technology is bringing to these fields and every other industry around the globe. As the head of the CVC Brasil’s and GJP Hotels and Resorts leader of their board of advisors, Guilherme Paulus is always doing his best to keep current and ahead of his competition. While his life may be busy, he is incredibly grateful for everything that he has had the opportunity to do and to achieve during his life.

While his career may have started in technology as an intern of IBM, he is now one of the most influential entrepreneurs in Brazil. His brand of hotels and resorts has more than 5,000 employees an has had at least 95,000 visitors at their upwards of 20 locations. In order to keep up with all of his responsibilities, Guilherme Paulus tries to stay organized by writing out is schedule and tasks for the rest of the week. This practice also helps to empower him as he is able to see a list of all of the accomplishments he has made during that week. Staying productive is an important part of the success of any business in any industry around the world.

Guilherme Paulus tries to get a good idea of how his businesses are doing in a way that can’t be done by just crunching numbers. While his locations may be throughout many big cities in Brazil, he still takes the time to visit them and talk to the people that are there. By asking employees and customers directly about their concerns and praise, he is able to quickly get the ball rolling when it comes to making changes that can better the company and each location on an individual basis.

While working in these industries can sometimes be difficult, Guilherme Paulus finds the work to be rewarding. He stays optimistic through it all and this outlook tends to be contagious among his staff. Interacting with them directly isn’t just a great way to get ideas, it’s also great for showing that he cares about his company, customers, and staff.

Heather Parry Celebrates the Artist.

When Live Nation, the live-entertainment management company, chose to jump into films, they named Heather Parry to be President of their film and television division, Live Nation Productions. Parry quietly left her seat as Head of Production at Adam Sandler’s film company, Happy Madison, the weekend prior to her move to Live Nation Productions. While with Happy Madison she worked on titles such as “House Bunny” starring Anna Faris and “Just Go With It” starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.

With her jump to Live Nation Productions Heather Parry set out with a focus on telling stories that stay true to the artist. They started by producing documentaries on a wide range of diverse musical talent. Coming out with “Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis” with Colin Hanks documenting the bands experience after the attacks in France. “Justin Timberlake and the Tennessee Kids,” on Netflix, shares Justin Timberlake’s live performance. In “Believer” Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds, works to change the view of LGBTQ people in the Mormon faith in an attempt to lower the rising suicide rate of teens in Utah. With “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story,” Sean “Diddy” Combs lets cameras behind the scenes to the show the family atmosphere of the Bad Boy Records roster. Lady Gaga reveals her hard work and spirited determination in “Five Foot Two.” With an expansive roster of documentaries under their belt, Parry and Live Nation Productions have now moved to scripted films, partnering with Warner Brothers for the blockbuster film “A Star Is Born,” starring Bradley Cooper alongside Lady Gaga. They also produced the comedy “The After Party,” starring Wiz Khalifa, French Montana and Teyana Taylor for Netflix. Heather Parry has made Live Nation Productions a strong choice in high quality music based content.

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Serge Belamant Holds Several Patents and is Always Doing More

Serge Belamant created the first blockchain technology in 1989, and he still holds a patent for it. He is an applications and software developer, and he was able to come up with this technology because of his dedication to his field. Blockchain technology is records that are linked together with cryptography. And it was created so that there would be more transparency in financial companies. And, it also helps with security for the companies and their customers and the data that they have.

Serge Belamant was born in France and moved to South Africa as a child. He learned to write in English, and in high school, he excelled at sports and his studies. He also was good at chess and won a championship of the game in 1972. He studied computer science and mathematics in college. Although he dropped out of college before he got his degree, he was able to use what he had learned later on in his career. He helped develop computer models and had many breakthroughs in creating graphics interfaces, digital mapping, and more. To know more about him click here.

Serge Belamant is one of the founders of Zilch Technology Unlimited, and he is involved in developing more blockchain technology for his company. He is based out of London and South Africa. Serge Belamant is known for his smart work with technology and how he is above most of the other technology and application developers out there. He holds several patents for his useful technology inventions. His work in many positions, and the curiosity that he has always had when it comes to technology has helped him to become a success. He learned a lot when he was a child, as he had to adapt to a new culture and a new language, and he has always been eager to learn and grow.

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Impressionable Facts About Richard Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu Qiangdong is still a guru when it comes to technology and other internet-based issues. He has focused his career on using technology to help people reduce labor and easily carry out their activities.


Richard Liu Qiangdong’s company that is based in China is among the world’s largest internet companies that have not only brought a revolution in the entire globe, but it has also made things fast and easier for its clients. The duo has over the years relied on his vast knowledge in the field to ensure that he avails all the products that his clients to request. Richard Liu’s ability to multitask and also maintain great relationships with his customers and other executives in the market has also profoundly contributed to his today’s successes.


Richard Liu is also a leader that has shown exemplary behavior in everything that he does. The duo has never got negative views to form other people overcome his strength to keep moving and working harder towards meeting his successes. He also strives to engage others in his work, and he aims at mentoring people and proving to them how easy it is to make it in the industry.


Richard Liu believes that people who use strategic approaches that are unique and extraordinary fall higher chances of making it in the industry. According to the budding entrepreneur, an individual that is looking to thrive in the competitive industry should forget about looking for freedom and instead seek ways he can get himself engaged and busy looking for ways to make his startup better and bigger than it was when it was launched. He believes that a committed leader should never let freedom overcome him but rather come up with better ways to improve his knowledge in his work and also develop impeccable problem-solving tactics. Refer to This Article for related information.


Additionally, being the CEO of his own company;, he also believe in the strength of saving time and observing one’s schedule. He insisted that a leader who ignores his plans falls high chances of failing and leading his company to its death bed. His advice has saved the lives of many people as well as boosted production in a vast number of companies throughout the world.


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OSI Group’s Current Global State

All over the world, consumers are going to the supermarket to pick up their food. They will always get their foods and brands without a care in the world, but a few have realized just how few companies there are in the global distribution networks. The global economy is always moving, and the players are always fighting for dominance.

OSI Group is the newest company to join this battle for supplying the global population with food. They are currently headquartered located in Aurora, Illinois, near where the company was founded. A recent Gazette Day expands on the origin and future ambition of this raising global company.

The story of OSI Group begins as a grassroots operation in Chicago over a decade ago. The economy was good and the population was booming. A German immigrant believed this economic state to ripe for a business opportunity. What began as a slaughter shop, quickly expanded over the following decades. In the 1950s, a deal with the future McDonald owner forever reshaped the path of OSI Group. The company began distributing meat across the country, and soon to other parts of the world. Present CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald joined the company during this period. They saw the high growth potential of the company’s operations.

In the recent years, the main target region of growth has been Europe. OSI Group has made massive strides in bringing their food products into more countries. The first step was acquiring Baho Foods. This purchase was quickly followed up by Flagship Europe. Combined, this gives them access to 17 countries with an even wider influence much of the world. Economic experts have been impressed by the sustained growth of the company. The CEO and President are careful to remain firm in their position, while always reflecting on their small origins.

OSI Group has become one of the world’s biggest distributors in recent years. The CEO and President both bring unique skill sets that give the company an edge over the competition. They have grown substantially over the past century, and still have no end in sight.

Sussex Healthcare Hires Qualified Caregivers

Sussex Healthcare has been expanding since it entered the market decades ago. Due to the expansion, at times they add qualified caregivers from different locations. Some of the vacancies you can get at the company include administrative staff, nurses and therapists. It has various homes located in the UK, and when they add new people to their team, they have to ensure they undergo the right training. Although they may not consider experience in their hiring process, they want people who are ambitious and have the right attitude. They offer the proper training to staff before they can start offering services because they want all the services provided to be standard.

How it is working as a caregiver at Sussex Healthcare

When it comes to choosing caregivers at Sussex Healthcare, they do this with a lot of care because they do not want to comprise the services they have been offering. For example, the company has a mission to provide all residents with high quality care. It means that they have to look for caregivers who are compassionate, friendly, and warm as well as being passionate about their work. They want to work with caregivers who can interact with residents and understand each of them. Also, they look for creative individuals who can learn about the company and suggest great ideas which can help in the development of the organization. Caregivers must always be alert to ensure they provide the best care based on the set standards at the company.

Apart from the ability to interact with residents at Sussex Health Care, you must work with other staff members without issues. It is the best way to ensure things are running smoothly at the company. Since the company started, it has been working with staff members who value commitment and working with others as a team. The leaders at the Sussex Healthcare are committed to evaluating each staff member, and they are always ready to highlight excellent performance. Workers must understand their essential contributions at the company and strive for exceptional performance. Teamwork is the best way to ensure they are consistent and they offer reliable services.

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Dick DeVos: A Philanthropist

Most people have seen the DeVos family in the news. Known for their political contributions and philanthropy, as well as business acumen, both Dick and Betsy DeVos have shown political aspirations. Now that Betsy DeVos has won the 11th office of the US Secretary of Education, her husband has also moved to Capitol Hill. He now is working with the FAA on a new project.


The Management Advisory Council was set up by the FAA in 2017 to help the agency with upcoming changes to policies, regulations, budgets, and new plans for growth. How does Dick DeVos plan to help with that? For one, he has been working with aviation leaders for many years, especially in his hometown’s airport. Throughout the 2000s, he has worked tirelessly to expand the Grand Rapid airport, which completed a $45 million expansion in 2018.


The new expansion brought in technology and a new business traveler’s area to go with the audience that the airport has attracted over the past two decades. In 1999, the airport wasn’t doing nearly as well. That’s when it relaunched as the Gerald R. Ford International Airport and started getting more attention but not necessarily more ticket sales. Dick DeVos stepped in to help. As someone with a lot of connections in the business world, he was able to help the CEO of the airport by talking to the executives at AirTran Airways in the early 2000s.


He convinced the CEO of AirTran to open up new destinations at their terminal in the Grand Rapids location. The idea was that if they could start bringing in traffic from business travelers, that they would be able to put Grand Rapids on the map as a business destination for conferences and conventions. DeVos had already just finished building the DeVos Place Convention Center downtown, and he was planning on bringing in other companies and business leaders to create more economy in his hometown.


In addition to the business travelers, DeVos has worked with many companies to improve aviation at the airport. He has also co-founded an aviation academy where students can train to become pilots. All of this signifies that he is a great candidate for the FAA’s new council, which is a civilian board. It’s made up of 13 members from transportation authorities to former airline executives. DeVos will be meeting with the council once every quarter for the next year.


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Paul Mampilly is a Successful Entrepreneur and a Finance Expert

Paul Mampilly is one of the prominent investors who has gained lots of knowledge about the finance sector over the years. After graduating from the university, Mampilly has worked in multiple organizations where he has held different roles. He has ever worked at the Bankers Trust where he was an assistant portfolio manager.

Legal firms such as the ING and Deutsche Bank have also benefitted from the financial expertise of Mampilly. With time, Paul saw that he had great potential since he has influenced the profound growth of numerous companies. His significant achievements are such as turning the Kinetics Asset Management into a multibillion-dollar corporation.

About Paul Mampilly

Mampilly’s resolution to become an entrepreneur enabled him also to spend more time with his family. Since he is well versed with matters about finance, Mampilly is currently working as a research and investment analyst.

His investment advice always comes in handy since he teaches people how to make the most out of the capital that they have. He issues investment advice through a newsletter. Mampilly is also featured on Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, and CNBC frequently. When you observe the manner in which Mampilly answers the questions directed to him, you will learn more about how his career choices have impacted his life.

As a member of the Banyan Hill Publishing since 2016, the newsletter published by Mampilly has attracted more than 90,000 followers. His newsletter goes by the name Profits Unlimited. It consists of 8 pages.

Additionally, it is published on a monthly basis. After grabbing the monthly copy, you will learn more about the different stocks. Besides offering investment tips, Paul Mampilly is managing two elite trading corporations. The two corporations are as follows; True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. Since Paul Mampilly is an editor, he also publishes some columns for the Winning Investor Daily. Recently, the Enterprise Radio had the honor of hosting Paul Mampilly for an interview.

As the interview progressed, Mampilly was able to share some insight on his career life and his journey as an entrepreneur. Eric Dye from the enterprise radio was in charge of interviewing Mampilly. The interview progressed accordingly, and Mampilly had a lot to share.

Chris Burch: Creative Entrepreneur


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Christopher Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital, a private investment company located in New York. Mr. Burch is a entrepreneur who has over 35 year in experience as a investor. He uses unique skills with concrete financial applications to create, support and develop groundbreaking brands and different businesses. He is responsible for the upbringing of 50 companies or more. The success of Burch Creative Capital is run strictly based off of his philosophy and values along with market opportunities. Read more here on

Burch Creative Capital, was inspired by the knowledge that Burch had accumulated, he had the desire and readiness to help other entrepreneurs with the success of their future. They provide funding to bright ideas that bring unbelievable possibilities into existence. Burch Creative Capital is funding a variety of different borrowers and their products, ranging from home furnishings, clothing lines and retail to organic food, hospitality and technology industries. The portfolio of Burch Creative Capital has recently includes introductions Ellen DeGeneres’s Ed, Nihi Sumba Island, TRADEMARK and Cocoon9.

In he year 2012, Burch is also the owner with James McBride of both the Nihi Hotels and Nihi Sumba Island, they are both in partnership as well as CEO of the company, refer to ( The great investment made Nihi one of the world’s great resorts, it brought a great deal of financial gain and this was such a unique investment that it caused the hotel to successfully grow while remaining intune with the environment and balance of the Sumbanese people’s lifestyle.

Hussain Sajwani: How Is The Damac Owner Creating The 21st-Century Empire?

Hussain Sajwani doesn’t know defeat as seen in his personal and professional life. Right from childhood, he has always worked hard towards the accomplishment every goal he sets his sight upon. It would start with educational excellence at an early age that opened a scholarship door for him for a graduate program at the University of Washington.

Long after graduating, this resilience has earned him both recognition and influence at the global scene. He is however best known as the brains behind the fastest growing business empire in the world, the Damac properties. But how did get here?

Leaving employment for entrepreneurship

After graduating with a degree in Industrial engineering and economics, Hussain Sajwani returned to Dubai and secured a job in the lucrative oil industry. He would, however, resign soon after to start a catering company. His great entrepreneurial and marketing skills would see him land a contract with a local construction company.

His big break would, however, come years later when he won a contract to supply meals to the different U.S military bases in different countries across the Middle East. He would then use the fortunes accumulated here to start Damac Properties.

From catering to real estate

His catering company eventually morphed into an international hospitality company operating a chain of restaurants in the region and Africa. He used these proceeded to buy underdeveloped properties cross Dubai at a time when the city was still developing. He would then seek to set himself apart from the competition by only developing luxury properties in the acquired parcels of land.

The success he realized with this line of trade would immediately catapult the Damac owner into the leader’s position in the region’s real estate industry. More importantly, it encouraged him to do more and with time Hussain Sajwani expounded his company’s operations to cover the entire Middle East before moving to Europe and the United States.

The company continues to enjoy immense success in the field and is currently considered one f the fastest growing companies in the world by Forbes. Hussain Sajwani argues that he is currently eyeing the Chinese market that has for long remained closed to international investors in the belief that it still represents a large untapped potential.