Matt Badiali is a Man of Many Talents

     World travel is a dream that many people have but few people are afforded throughout their lifetime. Often work and the daily grind of life keeps people grounded in their hometown with only the occasional vacation sprinkled in. But what if your job took you to all corners of the Earth? This is exactly the case for mining and energy expert Matt Badiali. Badiali has traveled all across the globe to see first hand the prospects for natural resources in dozen of countries which include but are not limited to Turkey, Switzerland and Haiti. The investing expert wholeheartedly believes that in order to put your hard earned dollars into an investment it is imperative that you see that investment in person and know exactly what you are getting yourself into. By investing in only what you have heard about from others and not physically seen you are greatly increasing your risk and probability of seeing reduced returns on your investments. Badiali is also very astute at studying geologic surveys. Instead of relying on others to give him their best estimate of what the potential for natural resources in a particular area are he instead opts to do the research for himself. It is reasons like these and many more that Matt Badiali has been named a Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing which aims to provide investors with the best possible information so that they may make the most informed decision about how to invest their money. Prior to the world of investing Matt Badiali worked as both a geologist as well as an environmental consultant. Due to the nature of mining natural resources, Badiali has always felt that it is of the utmost importance to create the least amount of damage to the environment as possible while still gaining access to some of the most valuable natural resources in the world. It is the well rounded nature of all aspects of the mining guru’s career that has made him such a powerful investor and well respected individual in his field. Matt Badiali received his training for his career at The Pennsylvania State University where he received a Bachelor’s of Science in Earth Science and a Masters Degree in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. Investing has been a way for so many people to build wealth and if a few pointers can be taken from Badiali, we will all become more cognizant and aware investors.

Daniel Mark Harrison Is Changing the Business Industry

Daniel Mark Harrison is a successful businessman who lives in Asia. He is a journalist, the founder and the chief executive officer of Daniel Mark Harrison Company limited. The company was incorporated in 2015, and it is headquartered in Singapore. Daniel Mark Harrison’s company provides property developments and projects management services to investors. The company offers a variety of its services in Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Singapore. His firm has quality operations that is one of its kind. It has come up with exciting projects and has a professional management team.

Harrison also works as a managing partner at monkey capital, a Blockchain funding firm that has invested in blockchain systems. He is also a great and renowned author. In 2015, he published his books including; The Millennial Reincarnations and Butterflies, Metamorphosis tales. Millennial Reincarnations was ranked top position in Amazon bestseller books.

Harrison prides himself in scholarly achievements. His education journey started at Lancing College before studying theology at Oxford University. He, later on, did his undergraduate studies at BI Norwegian Business School. Additionally,he did his master’s degree in journalism at New York University.

As an innovator, he has created business solutions for entrepreneurs globally. He has made a great impact in the business industry, and it easier for others to invest.

His wisdom and knowledge in business and finance have made him a substantial contributor to Coin speaker. He has shared various articles for different types of prints in web publications, Forbes, The and online dailies such as Portfolio magazine and the Daily Dot. He has also featured in the business news such as Bloomberg, CNN, and Reuters. With an interest to focus and explore independently minded concepts, he developed the factory banking which is currently used for configurations model used in transactions and the internet of things economy. Harrison is currently working to improve the market evaluating models. Harrison writes for coin speaker, and he has written stories such as the end of Coin Desks proxy index. The other articles include how Bitcoin holdings already spent. He has served at different business companies with different capacities

Lawyer and Corporate Integrity Manager, Bruno Fagali

Bruno Jorge Fagali is one of the rising Brazilian lawyers. These are the lawyers expected to steer the future legal systems in Brazil. He is highly experienced having worked in the legal sector since 2009. Bruno possesses deep knowledge and understanding of the administrative law which has put him on a high pedestal as a lawyer. Bruno Fagali has made a reputation for himself as a lawyer who understands his job and always represents his clients to the best of his abilities.

Since completing his degree in law, Bruno has worked for various law firms. He has been able to practice different disciplines of law in the law firms he has passed through. Today Bruno Fagali has his own law firm known as Fagali Law Firm. He also serves as the Corporate Integrity Manager of Nova/SB. Nova/SB is a leading advertising agency in Brazil. Bruno was appointed to this role due to his spirited fight against corruption in the country’s public sector.

Nova/SB is an agency that signs numerous contracts with government departments every financial year. With corruption in the government being a concern for the public, Nova/SB has taken the extraordinary measure of ensuring any deal they strike with any government department is up to the integrity standards expected.

At Nova/SB, he is tasked with the role of developing an integrity program that ensures that all transactions happening in the agency are in line with the anti-corruption law. He also has the responsibility of ensuring that there is compliance with the program in the areas of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Bruno Fagali has a Masters in administrative law, state law, and anti-corruption law. Since starting his law firm he has been receiving an influx of cases that need his expertise. His career seems to be on an upward trajectory.

EOS’ Marvelous Product Driving Customers Crazy

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) is a company that deals with the provision of goods such as lip balms. About seven years ago EOS lip balm began to gain popularity because of their amazing flavors such as grapefruit and honeydew, view this site. The product flooded the shelf space at different stores like Walgreens, Walmart and then Target. Celebrities, for example, Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, and Miley Cyrus were seeing using EOS lip balm, and the product’s demand rose to a great extent. Recently the company brought to the fashion industry a remarkable product that amazed their customers. The product is a vegan and clear lip balm with the same rounded shape.

The new product is crystal clear to a point one can see-through the lip balm. People are having fun with the product, and they love the new launch. The new EOS lip balm is also vegan in that it is manufactured free of any animal by-product. Earlier products had beeswax as the only animal byproduct, but the new product does not have the ingredient. The Crystal Balm was launched on Aug.4 2017 and on that same day the product had been sold out. The product is classy and affordable selling at $5.49 each, see According to EOS website, the product can be found at Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and CVS at the moment.

Currently, the Crystal Lip Balm has only two scents, that is, Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid which are made with avocado, coconut, shea and other natural oils. The product has 17 ingredients only with a particular component included, a special shea butter which is transparent. The see-through appearance and vegan characteristics of the lip balm have made people go crazy. EOS has positively transformed the lip balm industry with their amazing products, which are sophisticated and affordable. The products are for anyone including the most influential celebrities in the world. EOS has grown and is on the verge of significant expansion.

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The president of Highland Capital, James Dondero.

The graduate from the University of Virginia Mr. James Dondero is the co-founder as well as the president of Highland Capital. He scored the highest honors from the school of Commerce and majors in Accounting and finance.

Since the year 1993, Highland Capital has been dealing with the development of Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market in addition to credit-oriented solutions. Mr. James has had more than 30 years of experience while working in the high-yield investing credit and equity markets.

The previous chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare as well as the member of the board at the American Banknote and MGM Studios, James, started his career in the mid-90s in the Morgan Guaranty training program as an analyst.

In addition to his education background, James has a recognition as a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). The title allowed him to obtain the rights to use the designation of a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Throughout his career life, he has been a very active and philanthropic individual that supports an assortment of programs in public policy as well as education among others.

President Dondero announced the company’s decision to award $ 1 million challenge grant to help Family Place. The leading Dallas organization, Family Place, supports family violence victims. With a target of at least $ 2.8 million to be raised for its Legacy Campaign in few months to come, it was an opportune moment for James Dondero and his team to support the organization.

Since the announcement of the Legacy Campaign on October 4th, the Family Place has already raised more than $200,000. Besides, the Highland’s grant of $ 100,000 will get matched with the amount. Indeed, it is clear that the Highlands role in seeing to it that the goal of fundraising $16.5 million gets reached with only $2.8 million at hand is so critical to the Family Place. Thanks to the leadership qualities of James Dondero.

Campaigns conducted by the Family Place Legacy made an immense contribution in support of the centralized Dallas Counseling Center construction. The Center provided counseling for people who had gone through violent situations at the family level.

EOS Puts Out Fruity And Minty Lip Balm Flavor Options

EOS lip balm is available in a mix of flavors, and those who are looking for a lip balm that is minty and fresh will appreciate the Sweet Mint lip balm, click This lip balm comes in a light colored package, and it is something that gives lips a refreshing boost of moisture. Those who want a lip balm that will help them to feel clean and ready for anything will find that this mint option is something that can work out well for them. The Sweet Mint lip balm is something that is suitable for use every day.

EOS lip blam has put out a variety of fruit flavored options, and one of the most fun options that they have available is the Strawberry Sorbet flavor. Those who are fans of desserts that feature strawberries will love this lip balm and its sweet taste. This lip balm is something that can be used as a treat, or that can be utilized on a regular basis. If a person enjoys sweet lip balm options, they will enjoy the Strawberry Sorbet flavor from EOS.

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The lip balms that EOS puts out are made with safe and high-quality ingredients. The EOS brand is committed to putting out products that consumers can use without fear, and they avoid parabens and phthalates in all of their products.


Michel Terpins Success In Rally Championships

Michel Terpins made his debut in motorcycle category in 2002; he and his brother Rodrigo Terpins later made the team, and he was sailing for him in cars. He and Rodrigo were made to develop by the MEM Team in the last four years. His current partner Justo from Taubate (SP), has participated in over 11 rally competitions and events. Michel Terpin who is 40years and his brother Rodrigo Terpin who is 44years driving force into joining the Rally was their passion for speed and off-road racing. They have participated in the Brazilian cross country Rally championships and also the sertoes Rally.

Michel Terpins has made an extraordinary team with Rodrigo Terpins and Maykel Justo. They have remained focused on the rallies. They lead In the Prototype TI (13h52min47) category. The team has a two hours advantage compared to the group that followed their lead. Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo recently faced the biggest rally special in the state of Goias, Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul in the Midwest. Michel Terpins currently leads the Brazilian cross country championships. The pair forms the second consecutive year from the distinct off-road routes.

Michel Terpins has had challenges in his years of competing in rally championships, He was recently involved in an accident which he has since overcome and was able to race in the Bull Sertoes Rally, and he was among the top ten in the competition. He and Rodrigo Terpins were able to climb the podium in the Setoes Rally. Michel also took the lead at the RallyCross Country and was the grand champion of Rally Rota championship in 2016.

In his recent tweets of the Sertoes Bull Rally, Michel Terpins said that though it was an awkward stage, the team made good stretches and managed to have an excellent pace which resulted in them having great results. The team faced extremely dangerous abysses and mountain region and was still able to take the lead. Michel Terpins and his team are confident after the last two wins. Michel Terpins has his seventh participation in the completion while piloting a T-Rex developed by the MEM team.

Brand New EOS Vegan Crystal Lip Balm

Evolution of Smooth, better known as EOS, took over the lip balm world eight years ago. Although they’ve been on the market for a much shorter time than many competitors, they hold the second place within the industry, view this site. This is, in large part, due to their use of natural and organic products. They also revolutionized the market with their packaging, offering lip balm in a pastel-colored spherical container. Although this seemed to be a subtle change, it provided a lip balm cased in a pot that could be applied directly to the lips without having to get your fingers messy.

According to, EOS has always used all natural ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E, and jojoba oil when making their lip balm. The company offers a wide variety of flavors among their different lines of lip balm. In past years, Evolution of Smooth has offered several different types of lip balm ranging from medicated lip balm to shimmer lip balm. They already offered organic options, but recently expanded their market with what they are calling Crystal lip balm.

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Crystal lip balm is packaged in the same little round dispenser, but when you crack it open you instantly notice the change. This beeswax-free vegan balm is clear through and through. The vegan balm is offered in two delightful flavors, hibiscus peach and vanilla orchid. EOS found a way to perfect the formula, ensuring that customers are still guaranteed to have that lasting and smooth protection that is always found amongst Evolution of Smooth products. EOS Crystal has already proven to be the greatest vegan lip balm on the market.


Gregory Aziz Loves the Arts

For all the time that Gregory Aziz has been overseeing National Steel Car, there has been a jump in employment availability. This may be one of the most important things to come out of his management, since employment is very critical in people’s lives. When people don’t have jobs, their quality of life becomes worse. People suffer, physically and emotionally, on so many different levels when they are unemployed. When so many people are desperate and unemployed, society suffers. People are more likely to be off balanced and do destructive things, either to earn money or just because their negative feelings drive them to do certain things. All of a sudden, in a society where people are jobless, people who are innocent start to suffer from the actions of people who are more desperate and/or willing to do destructive things. These destructive things can be anything. It is very disparaging to have no job. The fact that Greg Aziz created more work for people in the community is a fact to be highly cherished.



However, it isn’t only the workers that are benefiting from the management of Greg Aziz; it is also the impoverished souls who live in the community outside of National Steel Car. Gregory Aziz takes a conscious effort to use the power of National Steel Car to help those in the community who are not in the best of times. A drive for aliments is run during the cheery Christmas season. The people who take part in this are coworkers.


From this drive, the good thing isn’t just the fact that poor people are being fed—it’s the fact that coworkers are being brought together for a common, virtuous cause outside of their workplaces. The food goes to local food banks in Hamilton.


Gregory J. Aziz also philanthropically sponsors organizations such as Theatre Aquarius, the Salvation Army and Hamilton Opera. It is quite obvious that Greg Aziz greatly loves the arts and is ready and willing to preserve them. Go To This Page for more information



Greg Aziz also supports agriculture and those who are involved in agriculture by supporting the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is an exciting event where people from every type of agriculture come together to compete with each other in shows and competitions. In the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, there are cheese people, animal people, vegetable people and wine people. You will see everything from goats and cows to fine wines there.



National Steel Car Stamps its Authority as the Best Manufacturer and Supplier of Railroad freight and Tank Cars Under the Keen Watch of Greg James Aziz

National Steel Car has cemented a positive reputation in North America for being the leading and rapidly growing manufacturers of advanced railcars. The company boasts more than a century of commitment to top-notch quality, excellence in engineering, and production. The foundation of this manufacturing heavyweight is its people. The firm treasures the contributions of each of its stakeholders towards success. Due to the role played by the management, employees, investors, clients, and investors, National Steel Car is currently unique, diverse, vibrant, and driven by values.


National Steel Car engages in activities and projects that aim to raise its bar. It remains committed to its goals and operates based on its core values. Thus, this company is recognized and trusted by its clients to manufacture sophisticated railcars with considerably higher on-time delivery performance. After receiving the ISO 9001:2008 certification, National Steel Car became the most trusted manufacturer of high-quality rolling stock. The firm has taken home the high-status TTX SECO award for over ten years in a row.


Brief history


Dofasco purchased National Steel Car in 1962. However, it started giving up control of this manufacturing business in 1990. In 1994, Dofasco resolved to sell the firm to Hamilton Corporation National Industries, which is owned and managed by CEO Greg Aziz. Six years later, Gregory J Aziz had transformed this manufacturing giant from a 500-person to a 3000-person entity. Its production capacity rose from 3,500 railcars to nearly 13,000 railcars. Currently, National Steel Car develops and distributes a wide array of rolling stock to clients based in Canada and America. Most of its customers are commercial rail operators and railway operators. Since the 1960s, it has concentrated on producing freight cars such as tank car, coil car, gondola car, intermodal cars, and hopper car.


Gregory J Aziz


CEO James Aziz is in charge of the daily management of National Steel Car. He acquired this firm in 1994 and took up the CEO post. He values the hard work and contributions of every person he has worked with since he took over the leadership of National Steel Car. See This Article for additional information


Gregory Aziz pursued his higher education at the University of Western Ontario. His maiden job was at the Affiliated Foods, a leading wholesale food business owned by his family. He also has an extensive experience of working as an investment banker in several prominent firms in New York.