Susan McGalla Shares Advice As a Leader That is Very Useful

A lot of people who represent a disadvantaged group are going to try to empower the group. However, they tend to do it in ways that are not quite so empowering. Among the things they do is cater to the plight of the group. At the same time, there are no goals or pieces of advice that can help the group overcome. Instead, a lot of emphasis is placed on the idea that they are victims of the system and that they are owed by society. One of the issues with that is that it teaches the disadvantaged group to just sit down until someone finally gives them the ultimate handout.

Susan McGalla takes a different approach. Check her on  She understands the way the system works. Therefore, she is willing to talk about a different way of moving forward. She advises women to work. This is not to say that she believes women should slave away. Instead, she believes that women should do more of an intelligent type of work that will get them ahead and able to support themselves. She offers plenty of useful insights that tell them how to relate to others. She also lets women know what to avoid in the workplace.  Read more about McGalla, click on

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Susan McGalla is a lot of positive things. One thing that she does not encourage people to adopt is an entitlement mentality. This is the type of mentality that takes people nowhere. Unfortunately, a lot of leaders tend to have a combination of entitlement and self pity. Susan McGalla did not allow time to deserve better or be entitled to what she wants. Instead, she has understood for the most part that everyone works for what they have. Therefore, she takes the time to do everything she can to get ahead in an honest and productive way.