David Mcdonald – OSI Group President

Who is David McDonald?

David McDonald is the president of The ISO Company which is based in China. The company is celebrating 20 years of being in operation in China where it has enjoyed significance growth and success. The company is focused on producing enough food supplies to satisfy the fastest growing demand in the world.

Education background

McDonald holds a degree in Animal Science from Lowe state University. Currently, He is the President and Chief Operation Officer at ISO Group LLC. Other positions held in this business include Director of ISO International Foods, Australia and a member of Directors board. Before his promotion, he served as a Project Manager for ISO industries. He has also worked in different capacities in other businesses like Chairman for North American Meat institution and Director at Mirfrig Global Foods S.A.

How David is helping in improving ISO company sustainability

The main catalyst of the success of ISO Company and sustainability understands the need to go local. Understanding the needs of locals has been a useful tool in ensuring products are designed to suit the needs of clients. Flexibility and understanding the local community has ensured proper policies are adopted to sustain the business. Working within the principles, entrepreneurial culture has helped the business in building a strong relationship and trust with customers. As the team leader, David has motivated his workers in ensuring the business is making a desirable impact to its customers from western nations who are based in China.

About acquisition of Baho Food

The purchase of Boha Food Company was a move that was agreed on by the board. It was necessary to improve the technical and operation aspects of the company due to the increasing demand for food products in the country. The growing market necessitated the creation of better facilities that aid in efficient production and lower operational costs. The acquisition of an already established plant was a great idea that enabled continued production since facilities were already installed and running.

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How Investing in a Product That is Made by UKV PLC Can Make Life More Enjoyable For You

     UKV PLC is a wine vintner that is taking some extra steps in their production stages so that they can truly notify their customer base that they are providing a product to them that is of absolute high quality. This is a guarantee that many vintners are not necessarily able to provide for their customer bases, as they are not taking the time and/or putting forth the effort to ensure that their wine products are truly high in quality.

An important aspect of the wine production stage is fermentation. If you are not wanting to invest in a wine product that is derived from a vintner that has their products undergo a full and total process of fermentation, then you are totally missing out on a good product/quality of wine. This is true because the fermentation process consists of converting the sugars of the fruits into appropriate amounts of alcohol. Unfortunately, this is a step of fermentation that’s often overlooked; however, it is one that is by far one of the most important of the production process. Another important process of production is sanitation. If the vintner that you are purchasing you wine product from is not taking the steps that are required to properly sanitize their production tanks, then you may be investing in a product that has harmful bacteria in it. Why invest in a product that could potentially have you ill? By investing in a product that is made from the UKV PLC vintner, you can have a strong amount of assurance in knowing that you will be taken care of in both aspects of quality and safety. Contacting the help desk representatives of UKV PLC will allow you to make the choice of investment that you need to land a quality product that has been made for you to truly enjoy and benefit from.

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The Success Of Wine Guides and Traveling Vineyard

     Many people want to work from home. Working from home gives individuals the freedom to do what they want within the confines of their home. There is no need for expensive gas bills or charges for work clothing. When someone works from home, they can wear whatever they want without worrying about putting the right thing to impress co-workers. Working from home also allows people with anxiety to make a living without worrying about going outside. Working from home is also great for stay at homes moms who desire to make extra money while taking care of their children. There are many ways an individual can work from home. Starting a business can be one way to work from home. Working with a direct sales company can also give individuals the ability to work from home. Traveling Vineyard is a direct selling company that sells tasty wine to people all over the United States. People in the United States have the ability to work with Traveling Vineyard, which gives them the ability to work from home. Individuals who desire a work from home opportunity with Traveling Vineyard contact the company for information. People who start selling wine with Traveling Vineyard are called wine guides.

Wine guides that are introduced to the Traveling Vineyard business model for the first time will be partnered up with an experienced wine guide to help them along the way. The experienced wine guide will take the new one to various wine parties to show them how to do the job. New wine guides will also get a success kit, that will cover their first two wine parties.

Traveling Vineyard has a strong presence on social media. Traveling Vineyard can be seen heavily on social media networks such as Instagram and Facebook. On these social media networks, they post photos of their wines and the people that enjoy them. The company also interacts with their followers on these social media networks.

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Talos Energy Forges New Ties With Mexico

The government of Mexico has undergone a sea change with their overhaul of rules regarding energy investment that has stood for nearly 80 years. Mexico is allowing foreign competitors back into its market with the commencement of a joint venture which is drilling an offshore oil well in its waters. Petroleos Mexicanos is the state-run monopoly which has been in existence since 1938. The oil industry was nationalized at that time and has been dominant ever since.
The new well is a joint venture which includes three partners, London-based Premier Oil Plc, Houston’s Talos Energy LLC, and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas. Drilling began on May 21 and may take up to 90 days to complete. The well is known as Zama-1 and is in the Sureste Basin from the state of Tabasco and is estimated to hold 100-500 million barrels of crude oil. The three companies actively bid for the rights to this project in 2015. The Mexican oil industry was in a state of decline when they voted to allow private investment back in to help boost its productivity.
Industry watchers will be monitoring this endeavor closely as a possible benchmark for the success of the Mexican reforms. An analyst at Edison Investment Research Ltd., which is based in London, considers the project to have a strong chance of success from a geological standpoint. Talos will be the operator of the well and holds a 35% stake in the project, while Sierra is a 40% partner, and Premier holds a 25% stake.
Talos Energy is an independent oil and gas company which is occupied with offshore exploration and production. They primarily work on the Gulf Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico where they aim to optimize assets.
Talos Energy relies on state-of-the-art 3D seismic data which nearly covers all the acreage in their portfolio. With this data at their disposal, they are able to optimize their drilling and better evaluate possible ventures.

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Bruce Bent II Creates Foundation of Double Rock Corporation

Bruce Bent II, Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation, also acts as the senior executive to Double Rock companies Access Control Advantage LLC and Island Intellectual Property LLC. Through his work at these companies, Bent became known as a successful entrepreneur and innovator. It is thanks to him that many asset management and cash related solutions for brokers and banks have been created and expertly handled. He had spent most of his life fine tuning his trade and is now seen as one of most experienced retirement and cash management experts in the business today.

Bent has greatly influenced the cash management and retirement sections of Double Rock Corporation. Double Rock is a financial technology company that currently provides the most advanced cash management solutions to brokers, dealers, banks, and retail marketers. Bent has worked hard to help Double Rock and now they consider his implementations to be the groundwork of their company. His work to develop the cash and FDIC-insured sweep programs has propelled Double Rock into great success and they are now worth trillions of dollars.

Bent previously held the position of President of The Reserve in New York, NY. The Reserve was the largest and most successful privet money-market institutions in the world. During his time at The Reserve, Bent expanded and improved their product lines and distribution markets. Overall, he was able to increase the company’s income by $126 billion in the 17 years that he worked at the company.

Bent attributes a great portion of his success to his stubborn personality. This trait has given him the tenacity to persevere through difficult times and always work toward higher success. Since failure is part of being an entrepreneur, he is no longer afraid of it and rather welcomes it as a chance to improve upon himself and build promising experiences from it. He believes the key to success is within a group of people. You might be able to accomplish something small on your own, but applying your expertise to the benefit of a group is far more rewarding and generally has more beneficial results.

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Sheldon Lavin: The Visionary Behind OSI Group’s Global Strategy

     When Sheldon Lavin first became a part of OSI Group’s operations, he had no idea just how big a role he was going to play at the company. But now even in his late years he’s taken a meat processing operation global and been a part of many partnerships that have brought quality food in many markets. If there was one thing Lavin would tell you he loves the most about this job, it’s working with people, especially his employees and managers. He wants to make sure people are treated right and encouraged to work hard in a positive environment. For this reason, many people who join OSI Group never leave it.

Sheldon Lavin was actually an investment banking advisor who guided top executives in various funds. But then he retired and started a consulting firm for small and midsized businesses. He was introduced to OSI Group when it was still known as Otto & Sons in the 1960s. Otto & Sons was a former butcher shop that had grown to owning several operating meat plants across Chicago and several other states, and in 1957 they had become a partner with McDonalds. They tapped Lavin for his skills in investing and financial planning, and with his guidance Otto & Sons was able to restructure their operations several times to meet customer demands.

Even though Lavin had not originally been interested in joining Otto & Sons full time, he was eventually won over by their commitment to family values and generosity in the community. So he soon was able to buy ownership shares in the company, and soon he joined McDonalds in expanding the company’s plants to overseas territories, and after it became an international company the name was changed to OSI Group. Lavin has not only been committed to making OSI Group profitable in the billions of dollars, he has also helped it maintain high safety standards. He is also an active philanthropist in the Chicago Community Foundation, the Jewish United Fund and Ronald McDonald House Charities. Lavin also won the Global Visionary Award at India’s Global Vision Academy.

See http://www.osigroup.com/wp-content/uploads/Lavin-RSM-McGladrey-Lifetime-Achievemnt-Award-2015.pdf for more.


Honey Birdette’s International Success

Launching a success lingerie brand is incredible difficult. For Eloise Monaghan, it was as simple as figuring out what type of lingerie to create. One night, while out with a friend, Monaghan came up with the idea for a luxurious and sensual lingerie brand. She grew irritated with all the different brands that didn’t meet her standards.
She set out to create a provocative lingerie brand that reintroduced sensuality into the bedroom. Honey Birdette lingerie is more carefully detailed and thought out. They also offer and range of high-end adult toys that easily inspire bedroom explorations. Honey Birdette is quickly becoming known for its Pleasure Parlor.
The customer experience when visiting a Honey Birdette store is just as important as the products. Every Honey Birdette boutique has a flirty, playful, and unapologetic sensuality. The atmosphere has a lush décor with a champagne luxury. Another element of the in-store experience is the Honey Birdette Honeys.
Since its launch in 2006, Honey Birdette has seen tremendous international success. Monaghan always planned to expand into the UK market, but the e-commerce success in the US was a surprise. Currently, much of Honey Birdette’s focus is on opening more stores in the UK. They plan on opening 40 stores by the end of next year.
Shortly after Honey Birdette launched its site, they experienced a 374 percent increase in US online sales. That prompted Monaghan to launch an US site. The US site offers better customer experience, easier returns, and a wider assortment of products that are more suited to the US consumer.
Along with the UK plan, Honey Birdette is looking into US retail stores. That plan is on hold until they’ve accomplished their UK plans. Currently, there are only three stores in the UK.

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Cassio Audi Understands Investment Markets

One of the mot interesting parts of the financial world is how different investment markets affect investments. An investment can be in one market literally halfway around the world but a situation in another country can affect that particular investment. The reasons why this can happen and does happen are varied. Markets are a part of the financial world that hold many keys to the success of investments.

Therefore, for people who make investment decisions, a big key to investment success is handling the market changes that will occur. Investment companies are often placed in decision making positions related to investments. In many of these companies, there are people whose primary job responsibility is to watch the markets. These professionals are placed with the task of following markets on a daily basis to determine what is occurring in the markets and what might occur in the markets that could possibility affect investments that are managed by the investment companies.

Decisions concerning markets and investments are made based on what these professionals decide. Investment companies put a lot of time and effort into following and understanding markets because the companies recognize the importance of the markets. In addition, all markets behave in certain ways based on situations but also based on location. The markets in Brazil will react to certain changes differently than other markets; investment managers and other investment professionals must understand the differences between markets.

Cassio Audi is a professional in the investment management field who has learned how to follow markets both locally and globally. Cassio Audi has worked in the investment profession long enough to discover the various characteristics of the markets that respond to specific conditions and situations. This knowledge has helped Cassio Audi to be able to make good investment decisions related to market changes.

As the markets change, investments tend to change based on the flow of the markets. Investment managers like Cassio Audi who have learned how to follow and recognize what markets do are in a position to make investment decisions that can save or make a lot of money.

Tarallucci e Vino Presents the Best of Italian Cuisine

Italy is a wonderful place to visit, but you don’t have to do to Italy to get the best Italian cuisine. Some people may not know it, but many Italians bring their very best dishes to America. That is how I feel about some of the restaurants in New York City. There are some restaurants that bring out the very best in food that is fit for a king and queen. I think that the Italian dishes are delectable, and many of the restaurants are known for serving great breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.

Tarallucci e Vino is one of the restaurants that has managed to stand out as the best in my opinion. This is a restaurant that has several locations, a changing seasonal menu and private rooms for parties. It can be a great first date spot or an intriguing venue for a wedding. The catering here is fantastic so couples cannot go wrong with the first date or wedding date where they show their love to the world.

Any party that I remember is going to be defined by a good menu. If the menu is not good I am not going to have nice things to say about the party. I have been to several Tarallucci e Vino private parties, and I have never been disappointed by the dishes that were served. So many people like to compare Italian food from one restaurant to another. Guests that have visited Tarallucci e Vino will see that there is no comparison. This is the best and that is why there are several of these locations around Manhattan.

Why Dining in an Italian Restaurant Makes You Feel So Good

I like the atmosphere at Tarallucci e Vino, and I think that many brides, soon-to-be mothers and birthday girls will not be disappointed with private parties at this location. It is the type of classy spot that has a nice decor in every room that is available for a party. I know there is even an outdoor area for big gatherings at one of the locations. That means that it doesn’t matter how big your party may be. Between the 4 locations there is going to be a Tarallucci e Vino restaurant that can handle the crowd size that you anticipate.

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I think that Italian restaurants are great ideals for parties because there is using going to be a diverse menu that caters to everyone. There are going to be people that like pasta that are naturally covered with an Italian menu. There will also be breads and pastries that can cater to another type of crowd. That is why I would prefer an Italian menu. It has the food that is filling for large crowds. That is what you will want when you have a lot of people that are attending a party. It is going to be essential to get these people to eat something that will keep them from going back for more and more. Italian meals can also be arranged exquisitely for photos. This is great for weddings.

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