NexBank Puts Your Money To Work For You

NexBank is led by the John Holt and has made it possible to get over 346,000 new clients to get the financial services that they need online. You have the option of putting your money to work for you. They’re proud to participate in primary personalized accounts, industrial, and commercial account services. You will be glad to know that your account is backed with over $74.4 billion dollars in assets and FDIC insurance. NexBank is there for you if you’re fed up with your current financial institute. Don’t be fooled by banks that offer huge fees and not services.


Get The Help Of NexBank Services


– direct deposit

– no fee ATM’s

– free checks

– IRA accounts


– money marketing accounts

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You don’t have to worry about an automated support system with NexBank. They allow their clients 24×7/365 support with their account including live access. You can get your questions and concerns addressed right away. Learn more about their customer service by visiting their 800 number. Plus, you have access to online financial support.


Are you in large student loan debt? The federal government has left many people without the support they need for college expenses and have left them in knee deep debt after college. The NexBank financial group hews allowed their clients to take part in private student loans. In fact, a merger with College Savings Bank in New Jersey has allowed them to offer over 1,200 college savings programs to help you with college tuition and other expenses. You can also own a home for the first time by visiting their mortgage tab listed on their website. The goal is to help low income and moderate income local residents to realize their dreams of owning a home for the first time.

Robert Ivy, FAIA, honored with lifetime achievement award

Robert Ivy, FAIA, honored with lifetime achievement award

AIA EVP and CEO recognized by Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters

Washington, D.C. – April 11, 2018 – The American Institute of Architects (AIA) EVP and Chief Executive Officer Robert Ivy, FAIA, is being awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL).

This marks the first time an architect has received the Polk Award, which is given to living Mississippi-connected artists and art patrons whose body of work over a lifetime of creating, performing, and/or supporting art is extraordinary and worthy of special honor. He joins a small list of distinguished Mississippians to be so honored, which commenced with the writer Eudora Welty (2001) and includes actor Morgan Freeman (2007), writer Shelby Foote (2004), the late artist Walter Anderson (1989), and singer Leontyne Price (2000).

“When it comes to making architecture more accessible to the general public, there’s really no one else from Mississippi like Robert Ivy,” said MIAL President Nancy LaForge. “As a writer, author and commentator on architecture worldwide, Ivy now takes his rightful place in an acclaimed list of Noel Polk Award honorees.”

“As the CEO of AIA since 2011, and as an author, editor and practicing architect, Robert Ivy is a worthy ambassador for our profession,” said AIA President Carl Elefante, FAIA. “This award comes as a crowning personal and professional achievement for him as a native of Mississippi. On behalf of the AIA, I am truly delighted to congratulate him on this unique honor.”

Ivy was formerly Editor-in-Chief of McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record prior to joining the AIA in 2011. Under Ivy’s leadership, Architectural Record became the most widely disseminated architectural journal worldwide and garnered numerous awards, including the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. Ivy also led McGraw-Hill’s design and construction media during its explosive growth in China—where he launched a Mandarin version of Architectural Record—and the Middle East.

Ivy’s authoritative biography Fay Jones: Architect was published in 2001 and is now in its third edition. The book showcases the work of the American architect who was a devotee of Frank Lloyd Wright. The Art Library Society of North America cited Fay Jones: Architect for “the highest standards of scholarship, design, and production.”

At the AIA, Ivy has significantly grown the global footprint of the Institute, which is at its highest membership level in its 160-year-old history. Today, America’s architects are practicing around the world, aided by seven global chapters of the AIA, including new chapters in China and Canada.

Ivy was previously honored by the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi, for his effectiveness in communicating the value of design. He shares the designation Master Architect with iconic architects such as Mies van der Rohe, Richard Buckminster Fuller, and I.M. Pei. He is one of seven to receive this honor in the fraternity’s 100-year history and the only architect selected in the 21st century. In addition, in 2017, Ivy received the Dean’s Medal from the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture.

After earning his Bachelor of Arts in English from Sewanee: The University of the South, Ivy attended Tulane University where he received a Master of Architecture degree. Prior to becoming an architect, Ivy served as an officer in the U.S. Navy.

At an event on June 2, MIAL will honor both Ivy and stained-glass designer Andrew Cary Young of Pearl River Glass Studio of Jackson, Mississippi, with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

In addition to the occasional lifetime achievement awards, each year, MIAL recognizes creative individuals with an award in their specific fields. Authors Walker Percy, Richard Ford, Barry Hannah, and Ellen Gilchrist are among those who have been honored in past annual cycles. A complete list of this year’s award recipients, as well as previous winners, is available on the MIAL’s website.

Supported by Mississippi Institutes of Higher Learning, MIAL is a privately funded, non-profit organization.

About The American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Founded in 1857, the AIA consistently works to create more valuable, healthy, secure, and sustainable buildings, neighborhoods, and communities. Through more than 200 international, state, and local chapters, AIA advocates for public policies that promote economic vitality and public wellbeing. Members adhere to a code of ethics and conduct to ensure the highest professional standards. AIA provides members with tools and resources to assist them in their careers and business. In addition, the Institute engages civic and government leaders and the public to find solutions to pressing issues facing our communities, institutions, nation, and world.

Krishen Iyer, Founder of MBS

Krishen Iyer grew up in Fresno, California and then moved to San Diego to attend college. He graduated from SDSU with a Bachelors of Arts in Public Administration. He has now earned a professional reputation for his expert knowledge in the field of marketing, specializing in insurance, product distribution, communication and advertising. Krishen Iyer enjoys spending time with his family including his wife and two children, as well as playing tennis, chess, soccer and learning about space. He also enjoys volunteering in his community, traveling and reading.


Krishen Iyer is the founder of Managed Benefits Services, which is a company specializing in health, life and dental insurance lead management and consulting. The company consults with other business and companies on how to structure contracts and how to market themselves to generate the most profit. Managed Benefits Services also designs lead traffic for certain markets and is unique in that they foster connections between companies who are seeking effective marketing solutions.


Iyer’s attention to detail and intellectual curiosity has helped shape his career. A typical day for Iyer involves building client relationships, marketing and technical development. He spends his first part of the day with clients, which allows him to carry out other responsibilities and needs of his clients later in the day. He brings his ideas to life through communication and asking lots of questions to diverse groups of individuals. One strategy that has helped grow his business has been collecting data, analyzing it and developing precise strategies to succeed.


As far as what the future holds for Krishen Iyer and his company, he is looking forward to seeing how well a new multi-layer platform performs for Managed Benefits Services. He believes this new platform will be extremely transformative providing amazing results for their clients. Managed Benefits Services continues to grow and is still full of incredible potential.

Bruce A Katzen is one of the best commercial litigants

The Kluger Kaplan’s trust and estate Practice group chairman Bruce Katzen graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor’s degree in law, and, a certified public accountant. His early training in matters of finance enables him to handle technical issues in commercial litigations. He is capable of understanding the problems, examines experts and witnesses more precise and advances the position of the client zealously. Bruce A. Katzen accountant and legal training demonstrate the passion he has in commercial law, and, as well, a confident personality on what he wants in life.

A highly skilled, and, experienced in commercial litigations lawyer, Bruce A.Katzen is one of the most respected personalities in the legal profession. Throughout his career, Bruce, mostly, litigates on disputes arising from estate and trust. It is recorded that, more than half of his cases touch on financial fraud, probate, franchise disputes, and trust. However, Bruce also litigates on matters relating to business and securities.

Since his admission to the bar, back in 1984, Bruce A. Katzen has an outstanding legal profession. In 2004 and 2005, he was in the limelight as one of the most recognized attorneys. His articulate handling of complex financial disputes drew the attention of many, emerging as one of the best lawyers. Since 2005 up to 2012 Florida magazine, ‘legal elite’ has featured Bruce A. Katzen as a capable, and, a character that goes the extra mile during representations in courts of law. He has also featured in the Florida super lawyers magazine, and, between 2011, and, 2018, he has been ranked as the best lawyer in the United States of America.

Bruce Katzen is an icon in legal practice and mostly in commercial litigations. It is not easy to face such a character who has technical knowledge in finances. Any expert invited as a witness meets an equally qualified professional who has extra training in legal issues.

Trabuco Bradesco: CEO of Bradesco Bank in Brazil

     Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born in Marilia, Brazil, and he is the present CEO of Bradesco, which is one of Brazil’s biggest banks. For the last 40 years plus, Trabuco Bradesco has been functioning in Bradesco. His wisdom, persistence, and professionalism have seen him undertake a very successful career route.

Trabuco Bradesco began his banking profession when he was merely 18 years back in 1969 at Bradesco Marilia’s sector. After two years, Trabuco moved to the bank’s central office. There, Trabuco Bradesco career route shot up the ranking levels. In 1984, Trabuco became the deposit account director of advertising. From 1992 to 1998, Trabuco worked as the administrative director and head of Bradesco’s private annuity firm. In 1999, Luiz became the executive vice president and in 2003 became the head of the insurance firm. He also worked as an associate of the bank’s panel of administrators between 1999 and 2005.

Trabuco Bradesco productive work at Bradesco’s Insurance Group in 2003 saw him progress to the presidency. Bradesco’s management doubled the insurer in size and blended its control in Brazil. The insurer later became the biggest in Latin America with a 25% market share.

Trabuco has a philosophy social class from the “University of Sai Paulo” as well as a postgraduate social rank in Socio-psychology from the institution of Politics and Sociology of Sao Paulo. His philosophy degree makes him unique from other bank leaderships who are degree holders in administration, accounting, economics, and engineering.

Leading by example, Trabuco Bradesco arrives at the bank at around 7:00 a.m. and performs till 6:00 p.m. He extends his trade working hours across business dinners. His most notable recognitions and awards include being nominated the “Insurance Person of the Year” in 2006 and 2007. His name also found its way into the register of the 100 influential Brazilians. Still, in 2015, he was named the “Entrepreneur of the Year” in the funds’ category.

Trabuco is determined on moving Bradesco to the highest levels. He also wants to make it the biggest Brazilian bank. He has already operated at the bank for many years and is an expert who has what it takes to take it to the next level.

Stansberry Research is a company that provides financial information in many subject areas and is an endorsement of the versatility of the helpful resources available for their readers and subscribers.

Stansberry Research publishes opinions, strategies, recommendations as well as daily and weekly publications. It is a privately held company, which provides opinions and editorial commentary concerning economic and financial news, and ever available trading opportunities. Stansberry has additional offices in California, Oregon, and Florida.


Stansberry Research Premier Services include their Macro-Level Services, Complete Portfolio Solutions, Specialized Investment Research, and some of their free services like Health & Wealth Bulletin, Daily Wealth, The Crux, and their Investor Hour Podcast.


Stansberry Research remarks on their company website that their experienced consortium of analysts, who provide their own individual and unique style in terms of mantras and strategies, drive their franchise brands. Stansberry Research also stated that they believe in transparency and accountability as well as providing unmatched customer service and no-risk subscriptions.


For potential clients and stakeholders, Stansberry Research provides software and subscription-based services to millions of investors, globally. Stansberry Research stated on their website that they are directed by two straightforward principles: Work to give customers the information that they would desire if the roles in this business relationship were switched. In addition, hire analysts whose guidance and approaches they would desire their own relatives follow.


The newsletter, Stansberry Research, is a publication that includes useful information for its readers, and also provides helpful information in areas of cryptocurrency and speculative investing. With a base of 500 thousand subscribers worldwide and a 70 thousand lifetime subscriber base, Stansberry Research has built up its subscriber base since its founding in 1999.


One of Stansberry Research’s key members includes the editor of the S&A Resource Report, Matt Badiali. Mr. Badiali’s report focuses on energy, natural resources, metals, and other investments. In 2005, Badiali was hired by Stansberry research. He has an educational background that fits the needs of Stansberry. Badiali earned a degree in Earth Sciences from Penn State and a Masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. Dan Ferris, who has been an editor at Stansberry Research since 2002, provides information about safe stocks, steep discounts, and good businesses, edits the Extreme Value newsletter.

Infinity Group: Global Financial Advice Leaders

Dedicated Professionals Can Reshape Their Finances With The Infinity Group


When you’re having a difficult time getting out of debt, ready to retire, or need financial advice the Infinity Group (IG) can help. The Infinity Group is proudly based in Australia, and they offer a range of exclusive financial services. They work with personal and business account holders. Their financial experts are committted to improving your chances of wealth by helping you overcome debt. They’ll provide a comprehensive business model that can help their clients make better financial choices. As a business owner, maintaining your finances is very important to your success.


Why Choose The Infinity Group For Financial Advice


Many Australians are stuck with a faceless financial institute that promises to have a financial plan for their personal or business goals, but rarely deliver. Their clients have been able to use the Infinity Group fitness plan to reshape their finances. Their financial advice will help their subscribers create wealth and secure your future. Enjoy personalized attention from a team of supportive professionals with the tools to money management. Get the help you need to improve your money management behavior with the help of the Infinity Group. They take pride in helping to build your personal wealth, and shaping the future business leaders of tomorrow.


Infinity Group Business News


The Infinity Group has come up with a wealth solution plan to help their clients realize their dreams of living a good life. Clients no longer have to believe wealth is out of their reach. Personal account holders don’t have to feel left out with incentives that will help you pay off your mortgage in half the time specified in your mortgage deal. An IG retirement plan lets you live a comfortable future when you get older.


They approach your debt with compassion and integrity. Their clients receive a 30 minute in home financial assessment. Clients also receive an office visit with one of their Wealth Strategist. Take a free 5 minute financial health check up on the Infinity Group website. When was the last time that you checked the health of your finances? They help you access your situation with sound financial advice. Their online financial test will give you immediate results. They deliver a program that really allows you to take charge of your unstable finances.


You’re invited to visit the popular Infinity Group online for more details on a secure money management plan that includes your personal income. They can monitor your assets because they want to see you build true wealth. Join the premiere Infinity Group and change the face of your finances today. Learn more:


Sujit Choudhry Dedicates A Whole Chapter To One Tweet

If governments – any type, size, location, etc., of government – are not unbiased, invested in justice, and otherwise deeply concerned with bringing equity to their respective constituents, they’re likely corrupt. The main idea behind why we need governments is because we most likely couldn’t get organized without them, at least not very well. As such, governments should strive to serve their constituents, not the other way around, based on

Sujit Choudhry knows a lot about government corruption, laws that form countries founding legal documents – constituents – and practically everything else related to law in general, especially as the United States is concerned. Sujit Choudhry, along with everybody else, believes that governments must be held accountable for their actions – whether those actions are objectively good or far from it.

In the United States, the Department of Justice is the head of the judiciary branch, one of three separations of the legal system – it’s split into executive, judiciary, and legislative branches – that is responsible for throwing people in jail and swallowing the proverbial key, making judgments on the interpretation of laws, and other aspects of courts of law not related to the creation of laws or voting, refer to (

The President of the United States – right now that office-holder is Donald Trump, the longtime businessperson and television personality – is responsible for appointing more than 1,000 people to key positions across all three branches of government and their countless respective agencies, bureaus, and departments, including the Department of Justice’s very own special counsel, additional info ( Currently, Robert Mueller is serving as the Department of Justice’s special counsel, a position that is responsible for looking into potential crimes perpetrated by or involving people within the ranks of any of the nation’s 50 state governments or its overarching federal government, you could look here

Some people have thought for months that U.S. President Trump has been on the verge of kicking Robert Mueller to the proverbial curb. If this were to happen, the likes of former Attorney General Eric Holder urge the American people to not tolerate it and make a fuss about it. Choudhry talks about this exact tweet in his most recent book chapter.

Luis Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s Incredible Leadership in Brazil’s Banking Industry

     Banco Bradesco SA is considered one of the largest banks in Brazil. In 1943, Amador Aguiar who was an entrepreneur founded the bank. It was located in Sao Paulo which is a small town in Brazil. Through its operations, it employed successful and honorable executives. It has 4 chief Executive Officers and 2 presidents. Its oldest executive was Mr. Lazaro Brandao who is a former president. At the age of 91 years, he served the company until when he stepped down. He held the post since 1990 and was the bank’s second president. To fill the space, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was appointed. He was expected to serve in the same capacity until March when the annual shareholder conference was held.

Throughout the past ten years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi served Bradesco well. He was on the executive team since 2009. The organization recognized his efforts were he served them effectively in his entire career. When he was in charge of Bradesco Seguros, he enhanced the growth of the organization’s shares from twenty-three percent to a quarter of the market. Luis Carlos Trabuco Cappi led the financial institution where the insurance segment in Brazil relied on his expertise to function. The country is further ranked fifth in terms of population in the whole world. Seguros brought into the company 26 percent of Bradesco’s profits. However, he increased the organization’s net income to 35 percent after he increased the profits.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi began his career as a bank teller. In 1969, he worked at Bradesco’s Marilia branch. Later, he was transferred to the bank’s corporate headquarters which were five hours from his previous workstation. He demonstrated his dedication to the bank’s success hence his transfer.

In 1984, he was appointed the bank’s director of marketing. He was involved in how the bank could reach out to the clients. During his career, Banco Bradesco targeted its clients while at the same time it segmented its consumer base. Its aim was to meet the needs of its customers while it maximized the profits. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi helped the banking industry in Brazil where he populated the practice. For his bachelor’s degree, he studied Philosophy at the University of Sao Paulo. Before his university education, unlike his peers, he graduated earlier in his high school studies. Later, he earned a postgraduate degree in sociopsychology from the school of sociology. The two degrees were instrumental in his leadership at Banco Bradesco. He is the best-paid executive in the banking sector in Brazil.

Bruno Fagali Provides Clients With Excellent Service

Are you searching for a top rated lawyer in Brazil? Then consider Bruno Fagali – a leading Administrative attorney in Brazil. There are many lawyers and law groups out there advising and guiding business owners, corporate executives and organizations on a wide variety of legal matters. If you find yourself in a difficult legal situation in Brazil and need a good advisor by your side, it’s crucial to hire a competent lawyer.

Bruno Fagali is one of the most reputable attorneys in Brazil and he is passionate about delivering top notch service to clients. Bruno has a good track record and he can provide the guidance you need to succeed.

It is important to know that you there are experts that can help you address various aspects of your business or organization. For example, if you get involved in a legal dispute or disagreement, a competent lawyer can provide the advice or guidance you need to get the matter resolved effectively.

If you have decided to run a successful business and are looking for the right lawyer, you’ll need to do your home work. This is an decision if you want to protect your organization, and achieve success.

Getting help from professionals who have expertise in areas that you’re weak in, is a great way to improve your chances of success. You need an attorney like Bruno Fagali to review your business processes and provide legal advice on how to protect against lawsuits and other legal problems.

When starting a new business, a lawyer can help choose the right legal structure for the entity or organization. With Bruno guiding you through the steps in setting up the right legal structure for your organization, you can rest assured that you will reach your goal. When your organization’s legal issues are being addressed properly, you can focus on what you do best – growing your business or organization.

Bruno Fagali has great expertise in Urban Law, Administrative Law and Ethics. Bruno also handles legal matters related to Compliance and Regulatory Law. Numerous clients turn to him for help with their tough legal issues.