Perry Mandera Does It Right, His Thoughts Behind His Company

There are numerous charities in the world, serving various communities. They are aimed at giving back to the less fortunate and helping the ones in need, such as cancer patients, people with disabilities, and children. There are numerous CEOs and Executive Officers of different companies and Non-Profit organizations, respectively, that take on the aforementioned projects, but not quite like Perry Mandera. Perry Mandera, of Chicago, IL, is the Founder and CEO of Custom Companies, Inc (Customcares). He is also the Founder of Custom Care Charities, through which a number of other organizations that target specific demographics (i.e. children, underprivileged, illnesses, etc.) receive funding and support. Well-known in the state of Illinois for his charitable spirit, Perry Mandera is no stranger to sacrificing his time for the greater good of others (

Throughout his life, Perry Mandera has served in the Marine Corps Reserves as a truck driver, as well as a committeeman for the Republican Party in Chicago. Mandera has also owned a number of businesses and has also sold quite a few. The main genre of business that Mandera is known for are his transportation companies, which can be linked back to his days as a truck driver in the Marine Corps Reserves. It is through these companies that Perry Mandera has prospered the most, to the point of being dubbed one of the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium”. However, the most good has been done through his Custom Cares Charities, which has given its support to organizations such as: MADD, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the ALS Foundation, the National MS Society, and a host of others. Perry Mandera has definitely performed his fair share of charitable donations and sponsorship for the community, and can definitely serve as an example for others, no only in Chicago, but across the globe.