Perry Mandera – Brilliance in Serving

As a veteran who has served in the reserves of the Marine Corp, Perry Mandera learned disciple and the chain of command from this one move of entering the military. When military training is combined with the give back memtality of Perry Mandera, there is massive potential for huge things.

The discipline from his military service and his actually assigned training in the military as a truck driver allowed Perry Mandera to expand his entrepreneurial career in the trucking industry into the civilian world. Following the end of Perry Mandera’s military duties, he first worked for several trucking companies. He then formed his own transportation business. This shows the difference between mind. Some would have been honorably discharged from the military and they would have become a truck driver. Perry Mandera started a multi-employee transpotation business.

After Mr. Mandera sold his transportation business which he had built, his former business went on to support his entire community in jobs and in service. Following the sale he went into office. The youngest person to ever serve was Perry Mandera and he was elected into office for Chicago. He served there for a span of 4 years. The mind of Perry Mandera is one that continues to develop great ventures after great ventures that serve in a great ways.

Perry Mandera’s, The Custom Companies, Inc, was born. The Custom Companies, Inc. provides detailed management services in the transportation industry. It serves everyday customers as well as very high level executives. The Custom Companies, Inc. is an amazing job creator. Mr. Mandera is now a Board Member of the Illinois Transportation Association due to his exemplary service.

Perry Mandera has a heart for family, veterans, people in general and for religious service. His companies have served hurricane victims, children, families and much more. Charity is the ultimate give back result for Perry Mandera. The Custom Companies’ charitable arm is named Custom Cares Charities ( Perry Mandera and The Custom Companies, Inc. are pillars of their community and beyond.