Cancer Treatments Jump Into the Future With Help of Eric Lefkofsky

For those that have been diagnosed with cancer, any glimmer of hope is needed in what is often the darkest time in their lives. On top of the physical damage caused by the disease itself, not to mention the separate damage caused by the treatments employed to combat cancer, the financial strain, as well as the emotional strain leave patients looking for some sort of respite from the pain.

Often the potential to better treat the disease is hampered by the sparse ways in which it is treated. A lack of a unifying system that is collecting real-time data about the successes and failures of each course treatment leaves doctors and the patients charged in their care fighting a battle very much on their own.

Working to end that issue, Eric Lefkofsky founded his company, Tempus, with the goal of bringing together all of the data doctors would normally collect during the course of their treatments so that it too can aid other doctors tasked with fighting the disease. With each successive patient treated, the collection of data continues to become more useful and effective in fighting the disease. The systems created by Lefkofsky and his team at Tempus create more possibilities for each new patient that enters the system.

Though data collection and analyzation have been used in numerous ways across the world, from creating the algorithms that control traffic signals to discovering which demographics are at higher risk for cancer, this is the first time it is being actively deployed to help doctors.

The system works by gathering data from each individual patient and then using hat aggregate data to make connections between what treatments work most effectively and which only cause needless harm. So as each patient is treated they potential help countless others who will come after them.

The work being accomplished by Tempus and Eric Lefkofsky is certainly indicative of the heart and empathy inherent in its founder. To learn more please click here.