Eric Pulier – An Insight into the Life of a Brilliant Personality

Eric Pulier is best described in one word: brilliant. He has shown great enthusiasm in his passion for changing the world since his childhood, and now that he has the capability he has been doing his best to make a positive impact where he can. Here is the man behind the name.


A Brief Insight into Eric Pulier’s Childhood

Eric Pulier was born in New Jersey. He was a brilliant child in school as he had already started programming computers in fourth grade. His interest in computers would stick with him forever as he already had an impressive database computer company by the time he graduated from high-school.


Such a brilliant mind as Eric Pulier’s was meant for the best schools, and not surprisingly he was admitted to Harvard. His impact was felt here too as he soon became the editor of The Harvard Crimson, where he was not shy of covering all the important topics no matter how controversial. Pulier finished his higher education and moved to Los Angeles in 1991 where his success as a technologist and entrepreneur took off.


A Successful Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier has started and successfully run several companies since his high-school days. Some of his most notable entrepreneurial projects include Akana and its SOA software. Pulier developed one of the best SOA software of the late 90s and early 2000s; in fact, it was so successful that he spent most of the 2000s acquiring SOA vendors. He eventually sold the company to Rogue Wave Software in 2016, for a handsome price, of course.


He is also notable for establishing XPrize, which is considered one of his most revolutionary startups. He designed the program to motivate individuals to bring out their fullest potential by setting up competitions and awarding prizes to those who pushed themselves to the limits. XPrize mostly focused on teenagers, but it was also inclusive for adults.


A Generous Philanthropist

Eric Pulier has a soft heart for children, and he makes the best use of his resources to brighten their lives. He is especially passionate about kids suffering from chronic diseases. Painted Turtle, one of his foundations, sponsors camps for kids suffering from all sorts of chronic diseases.


Pulier donates more than just money towards his philanthropic projects. For starters, he spends a considerable amount of his time with the kids he sponsors. Additionally, he has designed software to aid the kids to deal with the conditions, including one that allows these kids to interact and encourage and empower each other.