Geoffrey Cone Gives Advise Regarding Corporate and Domestic Income Tax Attorneys

Geoffrey Cone, one of the founding partners of the Cone Marshall Law Firm in New Zealand, has recently contributed his legal expertise to a local publication regarding the education of corporate and domestic income tax attorneys. In his published article, the established attorney discussed several frequently debated topics that currently plague the legal education field. Cone stated that legal educational facilities should primarily focus on helping future corporate and domestic attorneys to understand the practical implications of their profession, develop the ability to establish legal incentives that will produce propel their careers, and attain the meaningful experiences that will be required to sustain a career in tax law.


Understanding the Implications of the Corporate and Domestic Income Tax Industry

Geoffrey Cone is a major believer in the proper preparation of law students for a legal career. In his published article, Cone implied that most major legal educational institutions focus on preparation through textbook examinations to the detriment of the institution’s students. Cone suggests that practical legal education should hold a more prominent position in the education of future legal professionals. Cone also stated that practical training helps students to properly ascertain the potentially stressful realities that they may be entering upon their successful completion of the post-graduate program.


Developing Appropriate Legal Incentives

In his analysis of corporate and domestic income tax attorney training, Geoffrey Cone briefly discussed the development of significant legal incentives within a law firm in an effort to help future attorneys to create successful practices. Cone stated that legal professionals often graduate with little knowledge about the successful sustentation of a law firm. Cone described several legal incentives that new attourneys could use to attract new clients and help current clients to find tax initiatives and maintain the success of current accounts.


Attaining Meaningful Real-World Experiences

Geoffrey Cone’s most vital advise to future corporate and domestic tax attorneys was found toward the end of his published article. Cone stated that law schools must emphasize the importance of the development of real-world experiences among future attorneys. Cone noted the importance of practical and experiential legal education by describing the impact that his own experiences had had on his legal career. Cone discussed the fact that he began his carer in the early 1990s by working for an international trust establishment firm. The successful attorney discussed the positive way in which his career was shaped and developed through his experience.