Prolific Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky Steps Up Fight against Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky has been a huge supporter of cancer research. The influential Chicago tech figure had in the past made huge monetary contributions to fund the search for a cure to cancer. However,   Eric Lefkofsky took his contribution in the field a step further and co-founded Tempus; incorporating smarter technology to fight cancer.


Tempus is a technology company that has constructed the largest database that contains molecular and clinical data. It is regarded as the world’s biggest library of its kind and incorporates the use of an operating system to enable access to the data.


Once the data is accessible, it becomes useful, especially to physicians. They are able to quickly analyze a large amount of data that is available. Quick and accurate analysis enable doctors to plan more effective treatment plans for patients.


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Tempus’ approach to diagnosis makes use of genome and transcriptomic sequencing alongside deep machine learning in their labs. This process produces a comprehensive report on each tumor exhibited by a patient. Thus physicians come up with more personalized treatment options after such a thorough analysis of the molecular and clinical data.


In previous reports by the Chicago Tribune, Eric Lefkofsky was quoted comparing Tempus to an operating system for oncologists. The company avails all the necessary data that allows them to figure out the next course of action.


Genome sequencing not only guides the immediate treatment options for a patient, but it also encompasses the future treatment options too. The advantage of this is that it lowers the chances of patients receiving treatments that may not work. Physicians see this as something that will ultimately improve survival rates.  Based on


Tempus has collaborated with physicians, researchers and even health providers such as the Mayo Clinic. This collaboration further advances the development of cell culture and novel automation technology which is vital in the medical field combating cancer.


Various therapies will be therefore evaluated in synthetic models or animal models instead of patients. Tempus Health Inc. office has incorporated a genomic sequencing lab. This facility has the capacity to offer its services to more than 50,000 patients annually. as such, it has received a lot of credit globally.


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