It’s a race to the top for Michel Terpins.

As the 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally drew closer, it became clear that the Bull Sertoes Rally team would be looking to improve on their 24th edition’s results. The team of Michel Terpins and navigator Maykel Justo riding the T-Rex #322 would once again team up and give any potential competition a run for their money. The 24th edition had been a relatively successful outing for the duo, and they had managed to come in position five overall having won the second stage of the rally.

The 25th edition, however, is expected to be more challenging and will test the resolve of the two to the limit. The distance is expected to be longer with a total of 3300 kilometers expected to be covered. The race will cut through three states which are Goiás, Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul. The three states are expected to give the drivers a taste of every available terrain and test their skills to the core.

The T-Rex has been fitted with some new improvements to help it cope with the longer distance as well as, the rougher terrain. Rodrigo Terpins has had the T-Rex for the last five editions of the Sertoes rally and has stated that MEM Motorsport has been able to improve its performance and handling a great deal. This is a car that during its first race had a fatal gear breakdown that almost saw the team abandon the race entirely. In the editions that followed they were able to take recommendations from Michel as well as his brother Rodrigo and make improvements in the areas that they felt were lacking. As Michel takes part in 10th participation, he wants to ensure it is one to remember. His navigator Maykel Justo has been quick to note that their chemistry has greatly improved and they are now able to work more harmoniously. You can visit


Michel has a history of performing well in competitive sport as he is the former Cross-Country Champion. He was able to raise his profile in the sport in quite a short amount of time and rallying has enabled us to understand why. Check out for more.


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