A Look On Jim Toner’s Recent Articles, “The Limits Only Exist In Your Head.”

Jim Toner, a real estate guru and a man known for his wise nature and an incredibly exciting grass to grace story, recently posted an article on medium, something he regularly does as he is also an author. As usual, Jim always has something that is not only catchy but also leaves his readers in deep thought thanks to the life lessons he imparts in them in a unique, yet twisted manner.

In this article, Mr Toner compares our society today to the late 1980’s sci-fi classic movie dubbed, “They Live.” The film revolves around a character named Roddy Piper who happens to be like any other ordinary person except that, he lacks meaning in life and wanders around aimlessly until he comes across a pair of sunglasses on a sidewalk. These glasses are extraordinary and allow him to view life from a different perspective and see the world in black and white. Piper discovers the truth about various matters affecting not only him but the world at large. For instance, he learns that the government and the press both have a lot of secrets which are kept from the public eye to stay ordinary Joe under its control forever. He also discovers that the elite or high profile individuals are aliens seeking to take over the world.

According to Jim Toner, the movie is a twisted fictional representation of our world today. He believes that 90% of the media is used by the powerful and the wealthy in our community as a tool to make the rest of the population fit in their goals, so they can amass even more power. In other words, they use the media to brainwash the general population, and the sad thing is that they are winning. Jim Toner goes on to prove this fact by stating that in our society today, most people have been brainwashed into believing in the American dream which involves studying to secure a good job and using it as a platform to reach the apex of success. And because almost everyone is following the rhythm, those who fail to do so end up thinking that they are failures something that entrepreneur Jim Toner believes is a misconception.

According to Toner, life is not about living the American dream. This pattern only limits us if we allow it to do so and his life experiences are the perfect example of that. If Toner was to believe that the only way for him to make it was to dance to this rhythm, then he’d probably have a meaningless life like Roddy Piper. However, he went against the odds and is now the force behind various successful businesses and is even considered a high rider. In other words, Jim Toner uses this article to help us see that limitations only exist in our brain and they are there because we let the media and the government get to our heads with their agenda. If you want to know more about financial independence, continue reading.

In respect to that, he goes on to add various tips on how anyone seeking success can achieve this goal. Jim says that to accomplish it, you have to first evaluate your current position in life in all aspects from health, finance to relationships. Next, consider what you want and stop believing that you are a loser. Instead, have confidence in yourself and stay away from social media as it often molds you into thinking that you are a loser when you see how well other people are doing. Make yourself a priority and work on yourself because once your better everything dances to the rhythm.

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Hussain Sajwani is Dubai’s Leading Real Estate Developer

Through the leadership and keen business knowledge of founder and chairman, Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Properties has retained its position as one of the largest property developers in the Middle East. Damac has created thousands of homes in many different countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, the UK, and their home, UAE. The company currently employs 2000 and is publically traded on the Dubai Financial Market.

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, uses some new marketing to get many into Damac’s luxury apartments like offering them free Lamborghinis and Bugattis. Mr. Sajwani’s guidance as the company’s chairman and founder has proved to help the company succeed. In 2013, Mr. Sajwani and Donald Trump collaborated on the Trump International Golf Club. Damac helped Trump build the apartments for the entire project. Hussain Sajwani was even awarded the Top CEO award in 2017 for his hard work. The relationship with the Trump organization continues to this day. Their wives also exchange emails.

Mr. Sajwani received his education from the University of Washington and started in business by working as a Contract Manager for Gasco. After leaving Gasco, Mr. Sajwani started his own catering business in 1982. In the Mid 90s, He helped build hotels in the growing Dubai city for all of the company that flowed in the country. When UAE began to allow foreigners to own property, Damac Properties was founded in 2002. The company now deals in engineering, construction, architecture and real estate. Hussain Sajwani currently holds a Net worth of over 2 billion dollars.

This wealth has enabled Damac and Hussain Sajwani to help those that are less fortunate. Mr. Sajwani donated AED two million to the Emirates Red Crescent to help cloth 50,000 children. Mr. Sajwani believes that children are the future. He has continued to look toward the future by putting together a field trip for 50 masters students from London’s Kingston University. Hoping to help future construction business people and the next entrepreneurs.

Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) is helping Dubai and UAE grow every day with his business expertise. He is ready to continue the growth of the Damac brand and wants to work with the Trump family. Donald Trump, himself, considers Mr. Sajwani to be a beautiful person.

Sajwani talks about the opportunity he saw: http://www.arabianbusiness.com/property/393676-did-i-foresee-what-would-happen-no-but-i-saw-an-opportunity

The Rise to the Top with Hussain Sajwani

Many people only concentrate on what successful people are doing after they get to the top. They miss the important part of what they did to get there. The process is important as we can always trace to see ourselves in their journey. The lessons learned can help the young investors know mistakes that they can avoid, as well as learn techniques to facilitate the growth of their businesses. Hussain Sajwani is among the successful individuals who the young entrepreneurs can take notes from for their companies.

Hussain Sajwani is the owner of the DAMAC premises. The DAMAC Company is most prestigious real estate firm in Africa, CIS, and Dubai. The firm was founded in 2002. Hussain had always had the passion for real estate from when he was in the University. He, however, had to wait for the law to legalize the ownership of property by foreigners in Dubai.

Like all over investors, Hussain began small. After school, he found a job at GASCO Company. Here he worked as a contract manager. He describes this as the toughest job he has ever done. During his work at GASCO Company, he learned the importance of employees in every organization. He says employees have valuable lessons that can transform the face of the company.

After two years in the company, he quit and decided to become his boss. He began the catering venture, which is currently serving more than 150000 meals every day. The catering firm has over 200 projects. In the 1990s, there was population inflation in Dubai as a result of the many business people who came to conduct business in Emirates. Hussain saw this as an opportunity and built some hotels to accommodate the population. Later in 2002, he saw the potential of real estate in Dubai and began the DAMAC properties.

Hussain is famous for his relationship with Trump. Their business relationship is set to continue despite him assuming office. The Hussain Sajwani family has a personal relationship with the Trump’s family, and they frequently share meals. Besides, Sajwani being a successful business person he is a humanitarian. He recently donated AED two million to help keep needy children warm around the world.

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Jason Halpern’s JMH Development Announces Topping Off At Aloft South Beach

For more than one decade of professional experience in the real estate industry, JMH Development has worked under the leadership of Jason Halpern to gain experience and develop high-end properties well-positioned in many parts of the United States. Jason Halpern, through his knowledge of the real estate environment, has worked to determine the numerous ways in which he can make business better through his skills and knowledge. He has worked to encourage his partners and employ the best people to work in his companies finding expert knowledge has been his primary duty ever since he took leadership in the enterprise.

Jason Halpern, Thomas Hansen

Jason Halpern has also announced that the company has attained their main goal for the season. The topping off the Southern Aloft Beach is one of the biggest platform managerial positions achieved through their service criterion. According to the plan of the company, they wanted to ensure that the hotel was open y the beginning of 2015. This is a project handled by the management of two companies namely the Madden Real Estate Ventures together with JMH Development. According to the plan of the structure, it is an adaptive re-use of a historic structure previously known as the Ankara Motel. It also has the inclusion of the eight-story tower which gives rise to the development components which make it beautiful scenery.

According to the plan of the construction, the building process in the structure will be handled by Plaza Construction. For this reason, they have also worked to issue the architectural process of the construction of the management of ADD Architectures. For this reason, the company will work to ensure that all the construction work in the building adheres to the planned architectural design. The Southern Aloft Beach, according to their plan and schedule, will become the first constructed property in the Miami Beach to attract many people to its site because of its strategic position in the heart of Miami Beach. As compared to its competitors, the new company will also offer significant prices in the developmental workings of the company. Their rooms are bigger than all the hotels in the region.

According to Jason Halpern, he is very excited to become part of the managing partners of the company through the development of the topping off of the Southern Aloft Beach. For the company, this process does not mean any big issue. However, it is viewed as a process in which all people can make a better place in the community. The company has worked, to achieve the topping off of the Southern Aloft Beach. For this reason, they have also made it their mission to ensure they develop high-end structures which meet the expected standards of excellence in the region. They want to complete and move forward to serve other citizens in their capacities.

Jason Halpern