An Overview of EOS Vegan Flavored Lip Balms

EOS is currently the leader when it comes to oral care products as per a recent survey by Kline research. EOS was launched close to a decade ago when the market flooded with chapsticks. Unlike other brands, the customer base grew due to its wide range of flavors it produced such Honeydew and Grapefruits. The product has been featured in fashion magazines as well as creating a positive reception by influential celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus.

Sajiv Mehra has a vast experience in startup and brand development from the early years working for PepsiCo and Unilever. Sajiv, together with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubinsky came along in pursuit of starting up a top brand. In society, lip balms are a unisex product but its demand to women use in their beauty regiments is high. The demand gave them an opportunity to tap into the lip balm market. An essential task according to the founders was developing a lip balm that was unique and one that involved all the five senses explicitly designed for women.

Today EOS lip balms have gained popularity in the market due to their unique little round dispensers. They have currently launched vegan crystal flavors of lip balm. The new brand unlike the previous is clear, organic and free from any animal products, purchase here. EOS was able to remove the beeswax from the lip balm which was the remaining animal by-product to make it more vegans. The Hibiscus peach and vanilla orchid flavors are the most popular flavors launched. They have active ingredients such as coconut, Shea butter, and natural oils; they also come packed with jojoba oil, vitamin E proven by dermatologists and petroleum free to give sweet, smooth and soft lips.

EOS lip balm new flavors had sold out within the first week because the crystal flavored lip balm retails at an affordable price, see The lip balms are available at all leading customer outlets including Walmart and Walgreens.