Securus Technologies: Preventing Crimes and Improving Inmates’ Quality of Life

A good man had been shot for doing his job well. This good man was shot a total of six times in the chest and stomach, and his life has never been the same since then. The doctor already told his wife and family that he would not survive after the accident, as the bullets hit vital parts of his body, causing great damage, but he had other plans.


This man is Robert Johnson, a civil and criminal justice correctional officers whose primary task is to confiscate illegal contrabands in the prison he is working in such as improvised weapons, cash, narcotics, cellphones, and others. Robert was doing so good in his job that he earned the ire of several hardened inmates, and this almost cost him his life.


One morning, Robert Johnson heard a loud sound on his door, and he knew it was a hit ordered by an inmate using a contraband cellphone from inside the facility he’s working at. This almost cost him his life, but even after he survived the hit, it only made him more motivated to stop contraband items, especially cellphones inside prisons. One particularly disturbing incident motivated him more to continue this line of work. It was a hit, again ordered through contraband cellphone inside a prison, to kill a baby because that baby’s uncle did something that the inmate didn’t like.


Robert Johnson now is more passionate than ever to stop inmates’ use of contrabanded cellphones inside prisons, but he knew he couldn’t do it the old way. He knew that there should be a more efficient way to prevent criminals from doing more crimes inside prisons, and that’s when he started working with Securus Technologies as a consultant.


Securus Technologies is the leading technology provider for correctional facilities across the United States, and they have become known for their effective Wireless Containment Solution which is used to prevent contraband cellphones from being used for calls or internet.


Securus Technologies has prevented more than 1.7 inmate calls using contraband cellphones across the country. Several search and arrest warrants also have been issued with the help of systems provided by Securus that led to arrests of criminals outside the facility and even prison staff collaborating with inmates.


The company has developed many useful technological solutions for the prison environment, and their biggest strength is in the communication sector, where they improved the quality of the telephone services in many agencies and developed a tool for monitoring calls that had already been performed.


Another useful tool developed by the Securus Technologies is the Wireless Containment Systems, where they allow for law enforcers and owners of the prisons to control the wireless usage and keep track of the IP’s that connect.


This specific environment was changed when the entrepreneur responsible for the company almost died.



Keeping Contraband Out of Our Jail with Help from Securus Technologies

The battle to keep contraband out of our jails is a never-ending battle. Inmates will do just about anything to get people on the outside to risk everything for the sake of them being able to get the items they need. I work as a corrections officer whose job it is to stop the flow of illegal contraband from getting into the jail, and everyday is a battle with these inmates.


The one thing we do everyday is to not only physically check each visitor that comes into the jail, we just them through a scanning device too. Even with all those precautions, the visitors have found some very creative ways to get the items the inmates need into the jail. Many of these visitors are low-level gang members who would gladly risk jail time in order to help their brothers on the inside.


We always surprise the inmates with cell inspections each day, and although we do net a large amount of contraband, it still doesn’t put a dent into the flow. Recently when Securus Technologies updated our inmate communication system, we knew we finally had a resource we could use to really choke off the flow of these illegal items.


Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas TX, and 1,000 employees and the CEO Rick Smith all believe in the company motto, existing to serve and making the world safer for all. That is exactly what their LBS software is doing to help stop contraband in our jail.


We use the monitoring system to pick up chatter from gang members who order outside soldiers to come to the jail and divert away attention while bigger score slip by. Now we have the resources to pick up these gang members on the outside before they even get a chance to pass the items to their brothers.


Securus Technology being praised for its effectiveness in preventing and solving crimes

Picture this scenario, you are the person in charge of a certain correctional facility, and you start suspecting that there could be some inmates that are planning illegal activities with the help of people on the outside. In as much as you would like to make the accusations, you will need strong and conclusive evidence that supports your claim. This is where companies such as Securus technologies come in. The company has been around for the past four years and for the time that they have been there, they have been offering services such as monitoring, surveillance, reporting, background checks and related services to people that need the services.

The people that have used the solutions that are offered by Securus have nothing but praises for the team. They are happy about the cutting edge technology that is used in their tracking processes, the accuracy of the data collected and the speed with which results are achieved. One of the people that used the services stated that they were for a long time suspecting that one of their employees was engaging in illegal activities. When the company was called in, they were able to put in monitoring devices and have the administration monitor what the person was doing without their knowledge. They discovered that the man had been trying to introduce contraband to their company. With the evidence that had been gathered by Securus’ Cameras, they were able to confront the person, an arrest was made and he was brought to justice.

This is one of the many cases of customers that are in love with the services Securus is offering. The company has been serving more than 20,000 in correctional facilities across the country. They have invested millions of dollars to get state of the art technology, their call center has permanent staff and their service is superior to that of all other service providers.


Securus Technologies wins customer service award

Securus Technologies, the leading provider of prison telephony services in the U.S., has recently been nominated as a finalist in the prestigious Stevie Awards for Customer Service. This honor is bestowed on companies who demonstrate a track record of excellent customer service and unyielding compassion for their clients.


The award is another milestone in the company’s recent history, which has seen it go from a controversial services provider embroiled in public disputes with critics to one of the most respected and admired players in the prison communications industry.



Customer satisfaction starts with great products


One of the ways in which Securus has won over the hearts of its customers is through the provision of world-class products and services. An example of this is their innovative video visitation technology. This Skype-like service offers inmates and their families ways to stay in touch that were never before possible. Not only can inmates in jails and prisons with Securus video visitation stay in nearly constant contact with their loved ones, the costs of doing so are tiny fractions of what outgoing phone calls cost just a decade ago. Through high quality video feeds, cross-platform functionality and extremely low costs, Securus Technologies’ customers are some of the most satisfied anywhere in the U.S. prison industry.


But there are other hit products as well. Securus offers a line of prepaid collect calling and traditional calling cards that allow inmates to make nearly unlimited outgoing calls for some of the lowest prices in the history of the U.S. prison system. This has been enabled by the advent of VoIP technology, which has drastically lowered the per-minute costs of outgoing phone calls. All this adds up to inmates staying in touch with family, making a very tough life situation a little less harsh. Securus continues to deliver value to its customers through innovation and compassion.