Honest Review Of New EOS Lip Balm

The Evolution Of Smooth has done it again. They released a fresh new addition to their organic line of lip balm that was an instant hit with EOS lip balm fans. EOS, Evolution Of Smooth released the new vegan flavored lip balm that pleased their fans tremendously. In fact, the lip balms were sold out on the first day that they were released. Women simply adore the new clear vegan crystal flavored lip balms because they are organic, beeswax free, and you can see through to the bottom of the container. EOS was simply thrilled and overwhelmed with the positive response from fans over the new addition to the lip balm line.

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What’s Your Favorite EOS Flavor

Of course, EOS fans tend to have a favorite EOS lip balm flavor and tend to stick to that flavor, while others simply enjoy changing up their lip balm flavors every chance that they get. Clearly, the new vegan crystal flavors are destined to become the favorites of millions of EOS fans. The good news is that it is possible to get your hands on the new flavor at local retailers and online. The not so good news is that the new brand tends to sell out as fast as they restock the supply.


About EOS

EOS or the Evolution Of Smooth produces one of the most popular brands of lip balms available today, refer also to blogwebpedia.com. The New York based company was founded in 2006. However, the first EOS product was not released to the consumer market until 2009. The company still remains small even though they produce a highly recognized and popular lip balm.

The company strives for perfection with their organic line of lip balms. They include only nourishing and healthy ingredients that soothe and heal the lips. The company also produces several other high quality, organic products.

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