NGP Van’s Progressive Software Empowers Local and National Organizations

NGP Van is a cutting edge software company based out of Washington D.C. This revolutionary institution is changing the ways that local grassroots organizations and major political campaigns are constructing canvassing techniques. The operation of canvassing inflicts a variety of time consuming challenges on organizers and volunteers. Such as, volunteers have to contact and travel to the physical locale of the local or national organization. This process is a time burden, social media managers have to categorize, distribute, and print out turf assignments, while pinpointing the most likely voters for their intended causes.

Taking into consioncess all of these cumbersome logistics of canvassing, NGP Van has facilitated a software program that helps organize and distribute canvassing information. The innovative program simplifies and reduces the amount of steps for field organizers and volunteers to conduct a canvassing campaign. Field organizers are supported by NGP Van’s software ability to categorize and distribute canvassing information to volunteers and colleagues. The new MiniVAN smartphone application, now available, allows volunteers from anywhere in the country to access their organizations canvassing information. The MiniVAN app specifies to volunteers the locations of their most likely desired voters, and creates an easier platform, from received canvassing data, to be relayed back to the institutions’ field managers. Lowering the number of steps in canvassing liberates everyone involved to focus more time on other areas of the organization.

NGP Van’s successful history starts with liberal Democratic leader Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008 and Hillary Clinton’s in 2016. This organization also buttressed Bernie Sanders progressive presidential platform in 2016. Having these historic credentials speaks for itself. Another way this extravagant software institution propels campaigns is by sequestering consenting protesters information, so they will be informed about where and how to involve themselves in their desired campaign. NGP not only uplifts major political campaigns but it uplifts local non-profit groups as well.

NGP Van is changing and progressing the way all groups and organizations are proceeding in future canvassing efforts, campaigns, and causes. What’s next for this above and beyond institution?

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End Citizens United Confirms that the GOP Tax Bill is a Gift to Its Mega Donors

The recently approved GOP tax bill has created panic among the common people with its target and where the Trump Administration is directing. End Citizens United, the group that fights uncontrolled money in the campaign system and politics, expressed its disappointment in the new tax bill that is against the wishes of the electorates. Earlier, ECU had campaigned against the tax bill and exposed how it is going to affect the common people while it grants gifts to mega-donors. Many financial analysts have already communicated the dangers associated with the tax bill that is brought by the Trump Administration. The bill is expected to make far-reaching consequences to the ordinary people and the American economy in the coming years.

The President of the PAC, Tiffany Muller released a statement, after the Senate passed the bill, with disappointment and grief. She said that just before the holidays, the GOP members served a gift-wrapped bill to the mega-donors of their party. It was a shameful act that showed the extent of the rigged system in the country, in which political parties get funding and sponsorship from dark money groups, and in return, the parties introduce legislation that benefits the interest groups. Muller specified that the bill is a massive blow to the middle-class citizens of the United States – the backbone of the country.

She further added that the voters would not forget this deceive of GOP members who ignored the electorate. Since the 2018 elections are nearing, End Citizens United will take the message to the people and make the GOP members responsible for reckless acts. Muller continued that seventeen GOP representatives who are targeted by ECU by a campaign called Big Money 20 have voted for the bill. An investigation of ECU has shown that these representatives have collected $11.7 million in the form of benefits for facilitating the tax reform possible. ECU confirmed that the Big Money 20 is a set of 20 most notorious representatives known for backing dark money groups. The PAC started campaigns to defeat these members in the upcoming elections.

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee established to fight the consequences big money makes in the politics. A group of liberal political activists established it in 2015 to refrain the money groups from interfering campaigns by pumping money. The PAC wants a meaningful campaign reform amendment to restrict the dark money groups and make it more representational to the voice of the ordinary people. With that mission, it wants to elect maximum reform champions to the houses of the Congress to introduce the amendment. The PAC actively touches the American people through social media and mobilize them to be part of a historical move that brings back the ultimate power of voice to the people.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez Becomes A New Participant In Venezuelan Government

Jose Manuel Gonzalez became a new member of the assembly in his home of Guarico, and he wishes to be the person who invites more of his countrymen into the assembly. The profile of the Guarico state is quite poor, and the state is attempting to recover from high crime rates and unemployment. Jose Manuel Gonzales is deeply-concerned about the young people in his area, and this article explains how he wishes to become a more active participant in his local government.

#1: Venezuela Is Sinking

The Venezuelan economy is sinking slowly, and Jose is opposed to socialist measures that were taken by the government. He wishes to be in the assembly to help the government find a new direction, and he brings a wealth of experience from his life in Guarico. The state may recover with Jose’s help, but his ideas must be taken seriously by the balance of the government.

#2: There Are Quite A Few Issues To Resolve

The crime and poverty rates in Guarico are quite high, and Jose believes young people must be put to work to keep them out of lives of crime. Addressing crime and employment in the state will help ease concerns about young people in the region, and there are quite a few people who will benefit from new social programs created by Jose and his comrades. The few people who are new to government are coming together to create new ideas.

#3: Jose Is Not A Career Politician

Jose is not a career politician, and he prefers to remain that way. He is not willing to spend the rest of his life in politics, but he prefers to balance his personal experience with the political views he carries.

Venezuela has the opportunity to grow its economy with aid from assemblymen such as Jose. He is a businessman who prefers to separate his business from politics, and his sole desire is to help the suffering people in his state.