Graeme Holm: Co-Founder of Infinity Group Australia

After college, Graeme Holm went to work at one of the Big Four Banks in Australia. He began by processing payments, but soon found himself holding several different positions as his talents were recognized and he was promoted. He always stayed close to mortgage and lending, and in his ten years at the bank he noticed a trend that disturbed him: Most of the mortgages and loans issued to individual borrowers were basically bad deals.


The banks had no motivation to offer any type of financial counselling to their borrowers, and therefore they didn’t. This resulted in most borrowers not being aware of their many options for deductions, credits, renegotiation’s and other options they had under the law and under their loan agreement to save themselves money. Indeed, there seemed to no stable or reliable source of this type of information for the general borrower.


Holm spent six months analyzing the market and testing the viability of starting a firm that would offer this kind of financial counselling. His conclusion was that it was a needed market that wasn’t being met. So, along with his partner Rebecca Walker, founded Infinity Group Australia out of their home office in 2013. Over the past five years Infinity Group Australia has grown rapidly. They now occupy an official office space in Bella Vista, New South Wales, in Sydney, and have a full staff of office personnel and counselors on hand.


Infinity Group Australia offers their clients counselling and assistance for a variety of needs. In addition to helping with debt reduction, both on the principal amount and the monthly payments made by their clients, they offer budgeting, investment, retirement planning and other services as well. Their business model is very client-friendly, as Infinity Group Australia doesn’t collect a fee until and unless their clients start saving money and reducing debt. IGA doesn’t just give their clients a folder of information and some wishes for luck sticking it to it: Their counselling is ongoing, with monthly reports, quarterly reports and continuing counselling for a changing situation. By assigning each client their own broker, IGA helps keep the clients experience as consistent as possible.


With an average debt reduction of $41,000 per client, Infinity Group Australia often helps their clients pay off more of their mortgage debt in three months than the client did in the previous 12 months by themselves. Boasting a nearly 100% success rate, Infinity Group Australia is making a profit for themselves while helping Australians reduce their debt and increase their financial options, and they do in the near and long terms. Learn more:


As a five year old business, Infinity Group Australia is making waves. Australian Financial Review named them the 58th Most Innovative Business in 2018. The prestigious award list is selected from thousands of businesses across Australia and New Zealand and is issued annually. Holm himself was named on of the nation’s Top 100 Brokers by the MPA. Holm continues to operate Infinity Group Australia as it continues to expand.

Ara Chackerian Advocates for Conservation of Wildness for Human Benefit

According to the renowned conservationist Ara Chackerian the wild plays a major role in human existence. He has experience in utilizing forest resources in a way that sustains the wild and maintains biodiversity. Chackerian says that the wilderness is a complex resource that must be conserved for the sake of human comfortable existence. He points out that forests are also important recreational areas. They also allow human activity including avenues where athletes engage in their practice. Ara Chackerian is a committed forest conservationist who has committed his time and expertise in helping the various partners, clients, and enthusiasts of nature to protect forest resources. He believes in carefully balancing the usage of the resources and preservation. He says that it is important to maintain a certain balance for the flourishing of the forest resources and wilderness in general.




Prudent Management of Forest Resources



Ara Chackerian observes that there is a host of interested experts and nature lovers who have committed to help in the conservation of forests. Mr. Chackerian says that if trees are curated carefully, populations of wildlife and other living organisms benefit all humanity. Ara Chackerian believes that the greatest gift that the current generation can bequeath the generation that will come after is undisturbed nature. He says that every generation owes it to the next one to leave a more habitable place for existence. Mr. Chackrian observes that there is a need to implement forest techniques carefully so that wildlife diversity is guaranteed. Such an approach will also prevent deterioration of the wilderness including protecting it from natural threats such as fires, drought, and severe storms. Chackerian points out that wilderness is as diverse as it has individual species. Thus he advocates for custom programs that focus on specific forest and wildlife areas. Ara Chackerian is a forestry expert in Michigan. Check out for more details.




The Need for Public participation in Forest and Wilderness Conservation



Mr. Chackerian observes that including the public in the planning of conservation efforts will enhance the forest preservation programs. He says that there is nothing better than an informed public when it comes to issues to do with conservation. Revenue generation is one of the main, but often unseen, benefits of forest conservation. Mr. Chackerian explains that the modern logging techniques, wood improvements and advanced paper manufacturing, targeted projects in harvesting forest resources benefit both wildlife, and also generate the finances required to champion conservation efforts further. You can visit for more info.


George Soros: The All-Time Philanthropist and Influencer of American Politics

George Soros and American politics are one and the same thing. Not a single major political event in America passes without an input from Soros, the big time philanthropist, author, and billionaire. For over 30 years, Soros financial support has influenced many political events and social concerns in the U.SA.

The Hilary Clinton Donald Trump Duel

Not a man to just watch the American politics and remain inactive, Soros put $25 million to backing Hillary Clinton and her Democratic Party candidates in the historic Hilary Clinton- Donald Trump duel. As a result of Soros’s finances, Clinton and her GOP allies were able to launch a vigorous campaign against Trump, with Hilary winning the popular vote.

According to Politico, the willingness by Soros to fund the Democratic Party in the 2016 elections is nothing but an impressive show of “George Soros Rises Again”. There should be reasons to see Soros as making a comeback in the arena of political financing. In the 2004 campaigns, Soros gave $27 million to try and defeat George Bush. The spending spree on politics resurfaced unabated in 2016 for Soros was the main sponsor of Democratic politics.

Hail George Soros the Legendary Investor

George Soros, a Hungarian-American investor, was born of Jewish parents in Budapest, Hungary, on August 12, 1930. Having survived the Nazi-Germany occupation of Hungary, he relocated to England in 1947 where he graduated with a bachelors and masters from the London School of Economics. He is famed for having made a $1 billion profit from the sale of $10 billion worth of pound sterling to the Bank of England in the 1992 Black currency crisis. As of May 2017, his net worth was 29.4 billion putting him as one of the 30 wealthiest people globally. Learn more about his profile at

George Soros Philanthropy Unlimited

As a well-known believer in American progression and American liberalism, George Soros is committed to uplifting the lives of underprivileged communities. Through his Open Society Foundations, approximately $11 billion has been given to philanthropic causes in 1979-2011.

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Money Fighting for Civil Rights and Freedom

That Soros is a liberal democrat who believes in civil rights for all the Americans is never in doubt. The Washington Times details how George Soros was at the center of the Ferguson protests. Soros’ financial support and influence was seen when thousands of people poured on the streets to protest the shooting of an unarmed Michael Brown by the police officer Darren Wilson. The liberal business magnate and owner of an investment empire in Europe have also developed a political machine associated with American nonprofit foundations thus influencing American politics and social policies daily.

According to the Washington Times, Soros’ several years of funding the civil rights groups across America can explain why the Ferguson protests gripped several major cities. In one year alone, the businessman gave $33 million to groups promoting grassroots activism. The financial aid from Soros is the fuel that spurs the civil rights movement thus ensuring that every American enjoys the rights enshrined in the constitution. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Hussain Sajwani: An Illustrious Career for An Amazing Man

Hussain Sajwani, chairman, CEO and founder of the DAMAC Group, has led an illustrious career and has led his company to the heights of success. Not only has he done business with well-known people, such as, Versace and Fendi, but he continues to be a part of profitable ventures with known names. One of these people is Donald Trump and The Trump Organization, which manages and maintains the golf courses that sit in DAMAC Properties’ luxurious golf course communities. Donald Trump recently referred to Hussain as, “A very, very, very amazing man,” and also had him as a guest at his Mar-a-Lago estate for a new years celebration. The Trump Organization plans on continuing to do business with Hussain and the DAMAC Group going into the future.

Under Hussain Sajwani’s brilliant guidance, DAMAC Properties has won a slew of awards and these include Top Real Estate Companies in the Arab World 2016 – Forbes Middle East, Best Hotel Interior for Paramount Tower & Residences, Best Golf Course Development for the Tiger Woods Design golf course at AKOYA Oxygen, Best International Residential High-Rise Architecture for DAMAC Heights / DAMAC Residenze, Best International Golf Development for AKOYA, Best Developer Website (, Best Interior Design Apartment (DAMAC Residences), Best Residential High-Rise Development (Al Jawharah), and many others. As a luxury property developer, the company has built over 17,900 homes and has a portfolio of more than 44,000 units in different stages of planning and progress.

Hussain Sajwani family not only heads up companies, but he also makes wise investments in many business ventures. One of these investments is Al Jazeira Services, which has made over $110 million USD and is listed on the Muscat Securities Market. Hussain knew when the company was first listed in 1997 that it would be a market leader, and he has stuck with it as it has thrived in an ever-changing market.

As a world-renowned philanthropist, Hussain Sajwani supports numerous charitable causes and one of these is the Emirates Red Crescent, which helps to clothe and keep warm millions of children who have been deprived, all around the world. He donated AED 2 million to the charity and hopes it will help as many children as possible.

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