The food production mogul that is OSI Group

It is hard to imagine that someone is living in America who hasn’t heard of OSI Group or even saw the name on a pack of products. OSI Group is a global meat processing company that supplies meat to retailers and people in the food industry.

In the early 1900s when Germans inhabited a quarter of Chicago, one Mr. Otto Kolschowsky opened a retail market and a butchery to serve his community. By 1919, he had begun another one in Maywood, Chicago. In 1928, the business was named Otto & Sons, and it continued to expand to become an essential wholesale business or the American. In 1945, Oto’s sons agreed with a person called Ray Kroc. He was an employee of Richard and Maurice McDonald in their family restaurant. Kroc had just opened a second McDonald’s restaurant and agreed to have Otto & Sons deliver him meat for the burgers made at the restaurant.

After a few years, Kroc bought the two McDonald’s and expanded them using the franchise mode. At this point, Otto & Sons were one among a hundred suppliers of ground meat. However, the technological breakthrough in the late 60s made it possible for Otto’s sons to preserve their product at an affordable price. As a result of their close ties with Mr. Kroc, Otto’s business was able to supply meat to many of the McDonald’s restaurants hence making them among the top four suppliers.

In a bid to better handle their business with the McDonald’s food chain, they built their first plant dedicated to flash freezing patties for the McDonald’s hamburgers. They took up the name OSI Industries in 1975 as part of the expansion. As McDonald’s veered into the national platform, OSI Group followed suit. The growth of the duo was accompanied by many alterations that saw Mr. Sheldon Lavin become the CEO of OSI Industries.
Other changes that proceeded these include K&K foods from Taiwan and Nation Pizza and Foods (USA) among many others. OSI Group’s expansion saw them open other plants such as the LEED-Certified plant in Poland. OSI acquires UK’s Flagship Europe.

OSI Group diversified their protein production to include various types of meat, beans, tofu products and pizza among others. Recently, OSI Group had an estimated value of $6.1 billion and was ranked #58 on Forbes List of America’s Largest Private Companies.

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