Sound Investment Advice from Laidlaw & Company

My observation is that the ratio of sound investment advice against bad investment advice is about 1:10. Why? I can argue from the fact that providing bad investment advice seems to pay off in the financial media compared to sound advice. Similarly, bad advice for the securities industry is much more lucrative and profitable than sound advice based on academic facts.


How does a bad investment advice look like anyway? Refer to a recent post by one of the most respected Canadian newspapers, The Globe and Mail. Most people are misinformed because they are always “following the money.” However, I personally find this painful to just watch it out since I am concerned about the welfare of investors.


For the financial media, providing Sound investment advice alone doesn’t generate the required advertising revenues. There is usually a lot of financial pressure, which causes reputable financial media to publish articles with bad investment advice. The article published on Globe and Mail features top stock picks with sound justifications.


While they may make sense and investors can use them to purchase the stocks, the truth is that the information given is dependent on what has already been disseminated to other investors trading those stocks. Stock picking is unreliable and therefore might not be the best source of sound investment advice.


Laidlaw and Company is an investment banking company that provides wealth management services to individual clients and institutions across the United States and the UK. Mr. Matthew D. Eitner is the current Chief Executive Officer of the company. Mr. James P. Ahern who is also is managing partner heads Laidlaw’s Capital Markets.

Laidlaw’s wealth management services include financial planning investment advisory services as well as portfolio management. It has its headquarters in New York City, NY. Laidlaw and Company also provide investment-banking services, which include advisory services on acquisitions, management-led buyouts, stock repurchases, mergers, fairness opinions, divestitures, strategic alliances, and joint ventures.

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