Rocketship Education Non-Profit public school system

Rocketship charter school have locations in the Bay Area, Milwaukee, Nashville and Washington DC. Rocketship Education is a non-profit network that consists of public elementary schools. Rocket schools are mostly located in low income neighborhoods where children do not have access to a quality education.

Rocketship charter school in the Bar area is located in the center of silicon valley. The Bay area location is the first established location for rocketship charter schools. There are currently ten rocketship charter schools located in the San Jose area. With an area rich in diversity and immigrant populations, rocketship charter schools seek to provide an education opportunity for those who are wanting high quality educational instruction. In addition to the ten San Jose charter locations Rocketship also has one location in Redwood City and another in Concord. Rocketship charter schoold educate roughly six thousand students and have an additional 1,200 on an established wait list.

Rocketship charter school was founded in 2007 and 75% of their students from kindergarten to fifth grade are ELL. They have continually been in the top ten percent of school districts in California that educate low income families. Rocketship charter schools refers to their students as rocketeers and they create customized learning plans for each student to meet their specific needs. While the main focus is the childrens education, rocketship also engages their teachers. Teachers are provided with leadership programs and dedicated coaching to help them grow both on a personal level and in the professional work place. Irregardless or their level of experience, these services are provided to all Rocketship teachers.

Parents are a key factor for the rocketeers at Rocketship charter schools. The schools believe that parents who take an active roll in their childs education will create a positive impact on that child. Rocketship encourages parents to be active at home and in the classroom through volunteer opportunities.