NGP Van’s Progressive Software Empowers Local and National Organizations

NGP Van is a cutting edge software company based out of Washington D.C. This revolutionary institution is changing the ways that local grassroots organizations and major political campaigns are constructing canvassing techniques. The operation of canvassing inflicts a variety of time consuming challenges on organizers and volunteers. Such as, volunteers have to contact and travel to the physical locale of the local or national organization. This process is a time burden, social media managers have to categorize, distribute, and print out turf assignments, while pinpointing the most likely voters for their intended causes.

Taking into consioncess all of these cumbersome logistics of canvassing, NGP Van has facilitated a software program that helps organize and distribute canvassing information. The innovative program simplifies and reduces the amount of steps for field organizers and volunteers to conduct a canvassing campaign. Field organizers are supported by NGP Van’s software ability to categorize and distribute canvassing information to volunteers and colleagues. The new MiniVAN smartphone application, now available, allows volunteers from anywhere in the country to access their organizations canvassing information. The MiniVAN app specifies to volunteers the locations of their most likely desired voters, and creates an easier platform, from received canvassing data, to be relayed back to the institutions’ field managers. Lowering the number of steps in canvassing liberates everyone involved to focus more time on other areas of the organization.

NGP Van’s successful history starts with liberal Democratic leader Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008 and Hillary Clinton’s in 2016. This organization also buttressed Bernie Sanders progressive presidential platform in 2016. Having these historic credentials speaks for itself. Another way this extravagant software institution propels campaigns is by sequestering consenting protesters information, so they will be informed about where and how to involve themselves in their desired campaign. NGP not only uplifts major political campaigns but it uplifts local non-profit groups as well.

NGP Van is changing and progressing the way all groups and organizations are proceeding in future canvassing efforts, campaigns, and causes. What’s next for this above and beyond institution?

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