Stansberry Research’s Alpha Strategy Makes the Most of Market Volatility

Today’s investors have a right to be concerned. Volatile global markets are challenging conventional financial wisdom and investors need quality information to grab potential opportunities before they’re gone. Stansberry Research, a highly-regarded investment publisher, helps subscribers get the targeted and timely advice they need to choose a winning growth strategy.

Stansberry Research, founded in 1999 by financial advisor Porter Stansberry, relies on a team of skilled analysts with backgrounds in every financial field to give readers comprehensive investment analysis within a framework of different newsletters geared to diverse financial goals. Subscribers seeking maximum capital gains and rapid growth opportunities can not only view a critical breakdown of the most recent news and market changes, they can access specialty trading services to help build their portfolio (Dailywealth).

Alan Gula, a former database expert at Goldman Sachs and Barclay’s Investment Bank, has joined Stansberry Research founder Porter Stansberry as a contributor to the Alpha, a growth-based newsletter and trading service that help investors generate enormous gains by taking advantage of an aberration in the volatile options market.

In a recent edition of the Stansberry Digest, a daily news update for subscribers, Gula describes how the Alpha investment growth strategy uses both put and call options as a type of insurance policy against a stock decline by creating an artificial long position that offers the flexibility to exploit wide swings in investor sentiment.

“When the VIX spikes above 20,” Gula said in an interview for the Digest, “it shows investors are rushing to buy downside protection. They’re bidding up the prices of put options as they panic…we then go in and sell short some expensive put options on a particular stock. And we use a portion of the “premium” we receive from selling the puts to buy call options on the same stock (”

If the time has come to build an effective growth strategy, investors can look to the advisors at Stansberry Research to continue to forging ahead to give growth-focused subscribers a complete and in-depth analysis of where big gains can be found in today’s market. Learn more now.