Victoria Doramus Conquers Digital and Print Marketing

Technology has positively transformed every aspect of our lives thereby bringing formidable powers to the workplace. Art has also been impacted by this revolution that affects creation as well as dissemination. With the evolution of the internet, e-books in addition to other digital devices and the way of conducting business have changed. Inspired by the multiple opportunities that the digital revolution has brought into the world, Victoria Doramus has joined the industry to help business professionals create revolutionary brands.

Telling her Story

Doramus is a perfect example of a strong woman who has overcome challenges in life. If asked about her profession, she might have to narrate a long story coupled with many career successes.

Working as a Marketer

As such, Doramus boasts of having more than five years of experience in marketing trend analysis. She understands how the global market, as well as consumer retail trends, impact the marketing world. Moreover, Doramus has an extensive history in media and creative work where she worked for Mindshare, Creative Arts, in addition to Trendera. Other than that, Doramus has also worked as a personal assistant for Peter Borg, the prominent film director.

Conquering Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Doramus is well defined by her endless stream of delivering different pitches for prominent make-up firms while celebrating her success. But, that is not all from this budding entrepreneur as in the past, she encountered challenges while growing up. For years, she battled drug as well as alcohol addiction. She checked into a rehabilitation center and eventually overcame her struggles. Her ordeal with drugs was life-threatening, but she survived her misfortunes and became stronger. Having recovered, Doramus is now sharing her true-life experience with the youth who are struggling with drugs. To her, addiction is not the real issue. What matters is how it is handled and the eventuality of being successful.

Being a Communication’s Expert

Doramus is a communications expert. She took a degree in journalism from the Colorado University in Boulder. Also, she has extensive skills in art and history. In 2012, she took a semester to study history and development marking the contemporary beginning of the Greek.

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