Mark Sparks Has Genius, and Moves To Genuine Locality

Author and Entrepreneur Marc Sparks of Timber Creek Capital, LP is changing his office to a new location that he says will create an environment for start-up productivity. Mark Sparks is the go-to-guy for wannabe entrepreneurs.

He has success and experience behind him, and the momentum to push a new business in to first-gear. He offers services which open doors to marketing and banking resources.

As owner of his private equity company, Mark has the knowledge to mentor a growing start-up company. He says the founding of a business must open with a model, and collect assets needed for its longevity. Timber Creek Capital can support three new businesses during the first stages of infancy.

As one who has started a quantity of start-ups, he is well suited to guide others on the same path. He dictates that an overall must-have is an excellent place to share ideas; he says it is one-fourth of the success-pie of good business. So when choosing a spot to call home to one’s business, the locality is a top priority he says.

Location, location, location is a popular chant, but can it be true? Mark Sparks says it is absolutely true. He advises newbie capitalists not to be stingy in the beginning, reminding his clients that they will be semi-permanent at the location once chosen.

Likewise, the choice of permanency could be the difference between winning and losing. Some office spaces give life, it increases teamwork and solidarity. While other workplaces diminish the flow of energy and is stifling, making one fell constrained or oppressed.

Not good. Consequently, Mark Sparks used his own advice and moved his office from a location that was in place for fourteen years. It was like uprooting a tree, but a necessity, and all for a greater good.

Mark Sparks doesn’t just give advice to his clients; he shares all his insights in his book called, “The Can’t Eat You”. He recaps all his ups and downs, the whole story of how one man made it up the ladder of success, and now invites others to step-up.

He gives a reality check to aspiring business start-up moguls. At heart, Mark Sparks is a teacher, a guru, he exemplify years of experience. He can dissect a new venture into specific stages of development, and nurture each segment for optimal efficiency.

So, on a personal side, who is this spark of genius? Mark Sparks boost that he wears many hats; he is an author, philanthropist, and serial entrepreneur.

He is proud to be the Chief Executive Officer of Timber Creek, LP. He supports Habitat for Humanity. He donates to American Can! Academy, a charter school program, and a homeless shelter called The Samaritan Inn.