From Math Wiz To Leader In International Biz

In the field of finance and economics the world at large is the playground. The elements that make up wealth has become so vast one must look for opportunities everywhere they can. Having a company that has trained product mangers in this sector is a must for global ties. It not only gives the balance sheet a boost but with a healthy track record the attention paid to you is endless. Take Fortress Investments Group Managing Director Gareth Henry as an example and his outlook on global markets.

Gareth Henry is a mathematics wizard who turned his attention to global economics. After graduate from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland his job at Watson Wyatt in management research helped prepare him for his next set of research jobs. His time at Schroders in money management paved the way for him to take on the alternative assets management job at Fortress Investment Group. Gareth’s focus is now markets overseas from the U.S. and how to raise capital and investing in those parts of the world.

Right now Gareth Henry has his eye on Brazil due to the upcoming election. With thoughts that the president title may change hands, the conditions may open up prime investments in the region. The equity markets of the region are showing real promise and have been all year post election. Gareth Henry has also cited Japan as a good investment due to the economic stimulus programs rolled out under Prime Minister Abe. Scotland is also on his radar of upcoming investments as the Brexit fallout continues. The independence situation with the country is presenting opportunities for investors as things become clearer. Gareth is encouraging people to focus on the global picture for the next year. It is no longer local economies anymore to make great investments. The world is all connected in today’s markets.

Gareth Henry started career in 2000 and now is an executive for a company with $63 billion in funds under its watch. With 18 years in the business his advice is taking seriously as an investor and math wizard.

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