EOS’ Vegan Lip Balm Receives Positive Reviews

EOS Lip Balm has made a name for their selves in the lip balm industry. However, they are not stopping at that. They are adding more products to the market. One of their latest products is the vegan flavored lip balm which has left everyone wagging their tongues. For EOS loyalists who have not been fully enjoying the brand due to some ingredients, this is the best product for them. This vegan and clear lip balm has a global appeal and has seen a lot of demand than it can be produced.

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EOS lip balm products are well known for their unique little round dispensers. The addition of the new vegan crystal flavors has added to the company’s image. The lip balm still comes in the same shape as the others and is easily recognized by its enthusiasts. The vegan flavors are completely organic and are animal byproduct free.

The company sold volumes and volumes of the vegan flavor the same day it was released. In as much as EOS expected positive response to the new product, they didn’t expect such a huge response. The product was wiped from the shelves within the very first day of its release.

This positive response was facilitated by the lower prices of the product and other factors. Going for only $5.49 a packet, vegan lip balm flavors were more affordable for most folks, check here.


About EOS Lip Balm

‘EOS’ stands for Evolution of Smooth. The company was co-founded by three like-minded entrepreneurs who had the vision of helping the style conscious millennial women of between 25-35 years find something that takes care of their needs. The entrepreneurs were: Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky. Since its founding, EOS has taken great strides in the lip manufacturing industry. The company is currently the second-best lip balm manufacturer and seller in the United States. EOS lip balm produces different flavors of lip balm products.

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