EOS’ Marvelous Product Driving Customers Crazy

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) is a company that deals with the provision of goods such as lip balms. About seven years ago EOS lip balm began to gain popularity because of their amazing flavors such as grapefruit and honeydew, view this site. The product flooded the shelf space at different stores like Walgreens, Walmart and then Target. Celebrities, for example, Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, and Miley Cyrus were seeing using EOS lip balm, and the product’s demand rose to a great extent. Recently the company brought to the fashion industry a remarkable product that amazed their customers. The product is a vegan and clear lip balm with the same rounded shape.

The new product is crystal clear to a point one can see-through the lip balm. People are having fun with the product, and they love the new launch. The new EOS lip balm is also vegan in that it is manufactured free of any animal by-product. Earlier products had beeswax as the only animal byproduct, but the new product does not have the ingredient. The Crystal Balm was launched on Aug.4 2017 and on that same day the product had been sold out. The product is classy and affordable selling at $5.49 each, see amazon.de. According to EOS website, the product can be found at Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and CVS at the moment.

Currently, the Crystal Lip Balm has only two scents, that is, Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid which are made with avocado, coconut, shea and other natural oils. The product has 17 ingredients only with a particular component included, a special shea butter which is transparent. The see-through appearance and vegan characteristics of the lip balm have made people go crazy. EOS has positively transformed the lip balm industry with their amazing products, which are sophisticated and affordable. The products are for anyone including the most influential celebrities in the world. EOS has grown and is on the verge of significant expansion.

More information to read here on https://evolutionofsmooth.com/.