Foreign exchange tips from Grey Secker

If you have been looking ways to start foreign exchange trading otherwise called Forex market then its time you rethink it again. Grey Secker is a master trader and an entrepreneur in the Forex market. He is also an international speaker that will answer all your questions pertaining foreign exchange tips. Grey Secker defines foreign exchange trading as a place where global currencies are exchanged all hours in a day and five days in a week excluding weekends. Unlike the stock market, foreign exchange trading does not have a centralized market. Everything on foreign exchange trading is handled via computer networks.

Grey Secker argue that it is the right time to invest in forex market now because the worldwide economy is not stable as well as it is unpredictable. Forex market relies on movement of market trends and job numbers that is why Grey Secker recommended it now. Grey Secker highlighted simple benefits of forex market as easy to start, it is available anytime and anywhere, it is very popular and a flexible form of trading. Grey Secker highlighted simple tips such making use of demo account and starting with a small investment.

Grey Secker was born on January 18th,1975. He founded Knowledge Action Group in 2003 which consists of several companies such as Learn to Trade, Smart charts Software, Capital Index and FX Capital. All these companies deal in providing education to clients as well as currency brokerage. He also started Grey Secker Foundation Group a non-profit organization that helps disadvantaged people in the region through support, education and coaching strategies.

Grey Secker started his early career at Thomas Cook Foundation and later moved to run a VD business which deals exclusively with foreign exchange business. He later became the Vice President of Mellon Foundation Group. He now runs his company, Learn to Trade which holds offices in South Africa, London, Philippines and Australia. More than 20, 000 people have been educated through workshops and seminars.