An Insight Into Performance Management By Betterworks

Betterworks is a firm that avails performance software to different organizations regardless of their size. Organizations can easily set goals nowadays, and they can also keep track of their staff while also learning about the ones who are more productive than their fellow employees at the workplace. The Betterworks features include:

1. Building a feedback culture.

2. Goal tracking.

3. Goal tracking.

Setting Goals

Goals are important since they offer a sense of direction. They guide the employees and the company itself. A company can easily formulate long-term goals during the goal-setting process. Betterworks helps in such instances, and the goals can also be publicized. It is also easy to come up with sub-goals.

Tracking Of Goals

It is good to set, track, and measure the objectives that have been outlined within the company. After setting each goal, an organization has to come up with a plan that will help them to achieve these objectives. The progress of each employee can also be easily tracked. Additionally, it is easy to focus on all areas of the business. If some employees seem to be less productive, they can also be mentored, guided, and coached. As a result, they can improve their performance with time. 

Feedback Culture

Although your staff is good, it is good to always get continuous feedback as a way of ensuring that each employee is developing their skills. Betterworks makes it easy to access feedback with minimal discrepancies. Managers can always benefit from the direct reports, and they will help them to ensure that the organization is growing progressively.

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Betterworks Receives $27 Million Injection from Extended Series B Funding Round

Betterworks Systems Inc. was founded in 2013 with a focus on innovating quality human resources management applications, and it has achieved stunning success through its Continuous Performance Management program. The software development company previously received investor funding of $65 million from investors like Emergence Capital, Kleiner Perkins, and others. Through a recent extended Series B funding round, it raised an additional $27 million from these established investors and other seed investors. 

The company is a leader in its niche and competes actively against other HR management software firms. However, the competitors generally produce software that is designed to facilitate annual employee performance reviews. The Betterworks program is a cloud-based product that offers a robust list of features and has been continuously enhanced and innovated over the years. Its applications are accessible through an exceptional dashboard design, and these applications include performance conversations with nudges and cheers, in-application feedback, and goal creation. 

The company’s management states that the company’s exceptional success is driven by its desire to continue to innovate while focusing on meeting users’ evolving needs. The additional investment funds raised will be used to promote further innovation. As evidence of its results, the company generated 100 percent growth in each of the last two years in the area of program features’ accessibility. Through users’ improved and increased use of the program, they have seen an increase in talent retention, agility, and general performance. 

Headquartered in Redwood City, Betterworks Systems Inc. also has a New York City branch office. In addition, the software firm has had success with other HR applications. These include Glance and Goal Science, which facilitate goal production and monitoring of progression in different ways.

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