E-governe Making Waves in Osasco

Managing state health and municipal health secretaries is one of the hard tasks performed by the public administration. However, with e-governe Health, the process will become easier, economical and functional. The strategy is to integrate all healthcare units, clinical, dental charts and state health secretariats. The integration will enable scheduling of appointments, and professional’s schedules as well as eliminate service queues and improve the quality of services provided to the community. The system will panel distribution of medicines from pharmacies scheduling of specialized examinations and consultations and application of vaccines. The system will control activities of the ambulances, hospital beds, and management of financial resources in the health sector. Governments which have implemented the system have achieved desirable results. They include:

  • Total control of inpatients from municipalities.
  • Efficient management of financial transfers.
  • Controls of the flow of patients between health units.
  • Dynamic dimensioning of health units.
  • Improved organization of work processes in the health sector.
  • Management of regionalized attendance.
  • Workable agreements among municipalities and the state.

The Brazilian municipality is integrating with ICI’s client portfolio in their e-governe system. The municipal of Osasco signed a contract with the Institute for the implementation of the e-governe Educacao school management system. Part of the agreement is that ICI will supply computer equipment, and install electrical network and also implement a call center in the Sao Paulo city. The e-governe of education in Osasco will cover the headquarters of the municipal education department, continuing education department and 138 school units in the city. The system is expected to deliver several benefits to the community. They will include minimizing or eliminating rework, ensuring availability of shared reports, allow access to the Internet and control access rights according to the security levels outlined by the administrators.

The city work is the fifth largest town in the state of Osasco; it has one of the highest index state development. The city is known for entrepreneurship of its population which is said to be more than seven hundred thousand inhabitants. Osasco has the 23rd GDP and the fifth largest population in Brazil municipalities. It is a thriving economy that gives access to the west of Sao Paul. The municipality presents a dynamic maintainable economy with a strong social progress. The area’s development was promoted by retail, wholesale trade companies, industries and service providers. They attracted important bodies, associations, and representation of productive activity into the city.

Executives of several organs of the municipality of Teresina will partake the training and implementation of the system. Miguel Oliveira, the president of Teresinense Data Processing Company, noted that meetings with individual representatives from several municipality departments has already been held and plans to optimize services have been discussed. ICI is spearheading the implementation of the system, and the first tool is directed towards management of human resources. City Hall now intends to expand the system to improve the services to the public. Mayor Silvio Mendes considers the function of the system in Teresina as essential as he expects many benefits to arise from the system. https://www.lovemondays.com.br/trabalhar-na-e-governe/avaliacoes