Glen Wakeman’s Personal Strategy for Business Success

Glen Wakeman describes himself as a business leader that improves his performance by constantly questioning his core ideas in business ideas and in life. He regularly reevaluates his decisions by asking whether he’s delivering a solution that meets the high standards of his customers, whether it is providing high value, whether his offering is different and if his product or service is adequately represented by a simple and clear message.


The Accomplishments

Wakeman’s approach to developing his business philosophy has produced some outstanding results. A veteran executive of GE Capital with 20 years of solid business experience, Glen Wakeman grew to become the CEO of GE Money in Latin America where he built a working business plan that generated $2 billion in income and employed 17,000 workers. In his earlier roles at GE Capital, Wakeman served as the General Director of the Global Insurance Ventures division where he grew the London-based operation’s assets by more than $3 billion. His business accomplishments drew the attention of the Board of Directors, who recognized Wakeman for his performance and him for his achievement as a Growth Leadership role model, see more.

A believer in the practical application of his education, Glen Wakeman’s academic accomplishments leading up to his success in the business world are equally impressive. Prior to earning his MBA from the University of Chicago, Glen Wakeman received his BS in Finance and Economics from the University of Scranton. He is also Six Sigma Black Belt certified, read here.

He has a penchant for bringing ideas together with money in winning combinations. The key is to create an execution plan from a business idea to create a business success.

A routine day for Wakeman often involves going over the previous day’s business results. These come from sources such as sales figures and capital figures. After reviewing this data, he puts together an action plan that gives his team their marching orders for the current day’s order of business. Wakeman ends the day reflecting over a cup of tea, a margarita or coffee.

His latest project Launchpad Toolkit allows Wakeman to reach a broader range of entrepreneurs with which to share his strategies, mentoring and leadership through a highly effective software solution, discover more.