“No Poo” Shampoo Will Save Your Hair!

“No Poo” shampoos are those that are lather free. Believe it or not, the “no poo” shampoos are the best ones to use for your hair. They are sulfate free. Sulfates are bad for your hair because they contain harsh chemicals that can do more harm than good. Sulfates contain acid and strong detergents. Shampoos that contain sulfates can strip your hair of natural oils and can have your hair looking and feeling dry. You will experience irritation of the skin, eyes, scalp, and face if you use sulfate filled shampoos. Your hair may also become tangled.

The benefits of using “no poo” shampoos, of course, is for the overall health of your hair. They are more gentle to the hair but at the same time will clean your hair. It usually makes the hair more softer. If you need a “no poo” shampoo, WEN hair by Chaz are the products you should try.

WEN by Chaz is a well known hair care line that provides sulfate free products. It was created by hair stylist Chaz Dean. They offer shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangling and leave-in conditioner. Their products contain natural ingredients that your hair will love. Their products will clean your hair but at the same time, will leave it feeling soft. WEN by Chaz will also leave your hair looking healthy and full of shine. Chaz Dean is dedicated to providing women with products that will leave their hair feeling fabulous and healthy.

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