Rocketship Spark Finally Gets The Green Light

Parents in the Franklin-McKinley area are desperate for a new option for their elementary learners. While the area has several local public schools, parents are starting to realize that the quality of education could be better. Majority of public school educators face challenges often outside of their control, which influences their ability to truly reach their students. The large classroom sizes and lack of resources available also pose threats to students academic success.

Citing the success rate of the new Rocketship Education network, more than 700 parents worked together to push for the Franklin-McKinley district to approve a new Rocketship school within their community. Potential parents worked alongside Rocketship Education officials to request a new charter, from the school board. While the Franklin-McKinley school board originally denied the schools application for charter, Rocketship Education and the determined parents of the Franklin-McKinley refuse to take no for an answer.

After years of pleading with the school board, parents received the news they had been waiting for. Rocketship Spark was approved for charter in the Franklin-McKinley district, and children now have access to quality education, regardless of location or financial status.

Founded in 2007, Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of elementary charter schools committed to providing quality education to all students. When Rocketship founders John Danner and Preston Smith first launched Rocketship Education, their “school” was a makeshift classroom in an old church basement. Each student receives their own personalized learning plan, to help prepare them for the next step in education and to encourage them to set and reach goals. Today, the network successfully operates sixteen schools across the United States. Rocketship Education is committed to breaking the barriers between low-income families and quality education. By working closely with parents and the community, the network continues to experience significant growth and success.