New executive appointments for HGGC

The private equity firm HGGC announced that it was making more addition to its executive staffs. These additions are meant to enhance the operations of the firm which has been leading in the leveraged buyouts industry for many years. The company has formulated a new investment strategy and therefore, it is look8ng for professionals who can assist in executing it. Most of the new appointments come from the blue-chip financials brands. There also are those that have proven record in implementing such strategies and therefore, they underline the desire by the firm to stay ahead of its competition.

A growth trajectory

To keep up with the demands of the growth trajectory that the company follows, it is essential to bring on board some of the best brains in the industry, and this is the reason these executives have been hired. The company has always insisted that they focus on fostering value creation in every portfolio of the company. In line with this goal, they have been searching the industry to find experienced and talented professionals who can help steer the new objectives. Looking at some of the names that have been brought on board, you will agree that HGGC has made the right choices.

The appointments

Colin Phinisey is the new principal responsible for controlling the capital markets of the company. These markets include transactions that cover leveraged buyouts, acquisitions and mergers. In addition to that, there will be a new executive director called Christopher Guinn whose primary focus will be on working actively with various departments in HGGC. Another executive to be added to the company is Zachary Dams. If you look at these appointments, you will notice that they have many years of combined experience. They have also worked with various leading companies in the same industry, and therefore, their input is likely to steer the growth agenda of the company.

There several other appointments at HGGC all of whom have a great background. What remains to be seen is the impact that they will have on the operations of the company. Analysts already expect to see an increase in growth when they settle in their new positions.

Peter Briger A Self-Made Venture Capitalist

Peter Briger a Self-Made Venture Capitalist

Peter Briger has an impressive career as well as reputation in the financial sector. He has a wealth of experience primarily in investments as well as finance that he has acquired over the years. Peter Briger has quite a number of accomplishments in professionalism as well as leadership positions chief among them being made partner at Goldman Sachs. While at the firm Peter Briger was able to attend various committees that include Japan executive committee, Asian management committee and many others. Other positions that he has held include co-head at Special Opportunities Fund and Asian Distress Debt. This provided an opportunity for him to gather experience in different fields as well as contribute immensely in the direction of the institutions.

His current position at Fortress investments as principal only signifies the invaluable expertise that he brings on when he works magic at an institution. The investment group deals with long-term high probability investments that are geared toward profitable returns with minimal risk. Peter joined in 2002 and started with a position at management committee. He rose steadily from there to create a credit business line within the institution. With a team of over three hundred handpicked employees, they were able to fill a market niche that required the company to check into their distressed credit investments that existed in the firm.

He began financial career after graduating from Princeton University and later proceeded to acquire a master certification at the Wharton school of business which is part of the University of Pennsylvania. He has many affiliations with other firms that make him well connected and insightful in the financial world. He attributes his success to being able to listen and identify niches in the market that are not visible to many. His passion and patience serve him well as he has become a notable individual in the business arena.

Peter Briger has another side of him that he loves equally to business and that is philanthropy. His main areas of interest include helping the less fortunate through alleviating poverty in needy communities. He also supports educational ventures that are aimed at equipping children with learning materials.

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OSI Industries Success Recipe

Good policies and visionary management are the two key drivers of any company. OSI Industries is fortunate to have them both. The company is one of the most well run the USA private companies scene. Under the leadership of the visionary David McDonald and the chairperson Sheldon Lavin who is also the company CEO. The current leadership has expanded the company to reach new markets especially in the potential Asian market and Europe. They have concentrated explicitly on mergers. The private company is now one of the major food producers in the world. Thanks to OSI Industries traditions, Sheldon Lavin was able to implement new strategies in the mid-1970s that would later see the company catapult to international markets.

With the help of state of the art technology and new strategies, it becomes possible for OSI to increase its efficiency and improve its impact on the environment and community. The growth and success of OSI Industries have been recognized through several international awards like Global Vision award, the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor, and the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award. These awards crowned Sheldon Lavin’s career. It also made him receive international recognition as a visionary leader. David McDonald also played a huge role when it comes to the success of this industry.

OSI started as a neighborhood butchery in Chicago with the name Otto $ Sons. It later became one of the significant McDonald meat suppliers. Upon making a name for itself, it began concentrating on the technology and improving its management. One of the things that Sheldon Lavin concentrates on is sustainability efforts. Sustainability efforts have made it possible for the company to have plenty of international plants in different parts of the world.

These plants have also received recognition for not only creating employment but also influencing the environment in a significant and different manner. Some of their international industries include its Philistine based industry recognized for efforts in training animal welfare officers. It’s Taiwan based industry that found a way to re purpose and recycle wastewater. This industry has also been involved in animal care and conservation of resources. Visionary leadership and partnership also made it possible for it to expand its market to other parts of the world and acquire other industries under their banner. With the growing success of OSI Industries, there is a lot more to expect in the future.

Paul Mampilly Ideas On Blockchain Technology Application

Paul Mampilly is recognized for his dedication towards teaching people on the benefits of blockchain technology. The fact is that financial technology implementations of the blockchain are impressive. This new form of technology may also solve other issues in the society. Consider the problem of identity theft. Identity theft arises when the source and the ownership of financial resources and information cannot be identified. Blockchain technology has played a great role towards combating such kind of theft.

Paul Mampilly always stresses the significance of the blockchain immutable data record system. The primary advantage of technology is that blockchain well defines every resource and hence there is a very low probability that theft may occur. The third party is unable to identify the owner of the resource due to the lack of editing privilege. The ownership transactions can occur through smart contracts in case a person is truly interested in trading a deed or sensitive information. Blockchain may also employ to enhance government services in advance economics and developing countries.

Blockchain technology can also be employed to reduce corruption that prevails when federal grants are redirected towards local officials in the United States of America. For instance Title I grants. These grants offer donations to schools that are based in low-income societies. However, the disbursement of these funds is mostly set by the local leaders. A report by Dr, Nora Gordon who serves in the Brooking Institution showed that 90 percent of these funds never got to the intended school districts in a large sample. Blockchain can be employed to handle this issue of fund leakage in fiscal federalism. By making use of blockchain, these fund donations can be directly disbursed to respective institutions without the skimming of bureaucrats at every stage of the federal system.

Paul Mampilly noted that with proper implementation of blockchain system, the misapplication of funds donation can be highly reduced while boosting the confidence level of the public towards the government. Blockchain technology can also be employed in most of the day to day government activities. The blockchain immutable distributed ledgers make all transactions visible and impossible to hide. This helps in disposing all corruption acts to the public. Thanks to Paul Mampilly.

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Matt Badiali Shares His Insight On The Future Of Freedom Checks

As astute as he is benevolent, Matt Badiali, a renowned investment adviser, uses his vast expertise for the greater good, steering otherwise naive individuals towards prosperity. Though Badiali’s wisdom is undoubtedly innate, he acquired a keen understanding of his trade through personal experiences and an extensive college career. After earning his bachelor’s degree from Penn State University, Badiali attended Florida Atlantic University where he obtained his master’s degree. Receiving his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina proved a remarkable feather in Badiali’s cap, and he was officially poised for the business world.

Though Matt Badiali studied science, his financial capabilities proved too palpable to ignore. A friend urged him to pursue a career in financial domain, and Badiali acquiesced. In fact, he began to relish the prospect of becoming a successful investment mentor because he’d always seen his father struggle with such affairs. As an attempt to facilitate the matters he’d seen his father grapple with, Badiali vowed to help individuals make aggressive yet shrewd investing decisions. Badiali’s prowess as a financial counselor quickly became evident, and the public became intrigued by Badiali and his convictions. It’s for this reason why Badiali created a newsletter for Banyan Hill and began eloquently sharing his notions.

One up-and-coming trend that Matt Badiali propagates in his newsletter is freedom checks. Freedom checks offer a unique approach to acquiring wealth. Through a sequence of limited partnerships and low-risk investments, freedom checks hold the potential to reap substantial rewards. Individuals are loath to explore this avenue because of the seemingly daunting conditions, but Badiali’s expertise provides solace in knowing that freedom checks aren’t a sham. Badiali feels so strongly about the future of freedom checks that he even starred in a commercial that illustrated the benefits of them. Matt Badiali continues to bestow his knowledge onto others and has become a powerhouse in his domain because of it.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Taking Banco Bradesco to New Heights of Success

The banking sector in Brazil has been at the forefront of the economic growth that the country has witnessed in the past few decades. As one of the fastest growing countries in the world, Brazil has a very diverse and extensive banking and financial industry with Banco Bradesco being one of the leading banks in the country.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the President of Banco Bradesco and has been so for the past nine years and counting.



Under his leadership, Banco Bradesco has grown substantially, and some of the decisions he has made as the president has helped the organization consolidate its position in the banking sector. One of the keys focuses of Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the head of Banco Bradesco is privatization of the government and state-owned businesses and entities. It would help in more efficiency and performance and ensure that the revenue continues to increase with time.



Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi recently announced the next President of Banco Bradesco, Octavio de Lazari Junior. For the past less than the decade, Octavio de Lazari Junior has been heading the operations of Bradesco Seguro successfully. Luiz Carlos Trabuco said that it is essential for the Lazari Junior to work hard to carry forward the legacy and the hard work that his predecessors have put into making Banco Bradesco into one of the leading banks in the country. See This Page for more information



Luiz Carlos Trabuco also said that one of the areas that Lazari Junior would have to work on is pension reforms, which he believes would ensure that the backbone of the economy is not drained over a period. The treasury of the country is draining out fast due to the lack of pension funds with the people, and the demand for the credit has been soaring like never before. The lack of the growth of the working capital is the reason behind the rise in the demand for credit, and the primary reason behind it is the lack of pension reforms in the country.



Luiz Carlos Trabuco believes that the broad knowledge that Lazari Junior has in the insurance, as well as the banking sector, would help him solidify some of the reforms for the pension front.



Octavio de Lazari Junior was one of the few choices of top-tier executives that were considered to become the next President of Banco Bradesco, and the board of directors finally chose him over the others due to his vast experience, impeccable performance, and extensive expertise in the banking and insurance sector. Luiz Carlos Trabuco also worked with Bradesco Seguro before becoming the President of Banco Bradesco. The performance of Bradesco Seguro under him and how he helped double the asset valuation and holdings of the organization under his leadership is what made him the President of Banco Bradesco eventually.



Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the fourth President of Banco Bradesco and he has helped in making it one of the largest banks in the country, and in Latin America. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi hopes that the next President would continue his legacy and ensure that Banco Bradesco continues to remain one of the top banks in the nation.



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The Oxford Club Helps Its Members Choose Wise Investments

The Oxford Club is home to a stable of market experts who have deep analytical and research skills. Their investment products are powered by these qualities and members can build a winning portfolio with this edge. The quest for financial freedom is made easier when relying on talented professionals with many years of experience and success behind them.

1989 saw the founding of The Oxford Club and they began with a small circle of investors and entrepreneurs seeking ways to invest more intelligently. Today, they are a private network with over 157,000 members across the world. They have members in over 130 countries and they are all seeking the most lucrative investment opportunities in hopes of achieving financial freedom.

One important aspect of The Oxford Club and their methods is in networking. This was an original focus that they have maintained over the years because of its effectiveness. The original members found that the best way to join early market trends was to utilize professional contacts with specialized industry or sector knowledge. This improved their performance and is still practiced today with their conferences for members.

The drive to enjoy a full life that goes beyond money is a primary motivation for members of The Oxford Club and financial independence can make this possible. The chance to have more time for friends, family, and community can be very fulfilling when it becomes a reality.

There are three membership levels available at The Oxford Club and they each offer a growing range of benefits. The Premier membership is an annual subscription to one of their expert monthly newsletters which give investors a leg up on the most lucrative trade ideas and market trends. The Director’s Circle gives complete access to all three newsletters on a lifetime basis. The ultimate membership is the Chairman’s Circle and it gives access to all publications and special website features for a lifetime.

The Oxford Club is also home to 12 trading services that utilize market experts to help members maximize opportunities that are set up for substantial gains. These cover different market sectors that are popular with investors like the energy segment.

David Giertz Talks To His Advisors About Social Security

David Giertz is hammering home the point of Social Security at his firm. He is aware that Social Security is an important part of a retirees financial package. Giertz has a great deal of knowledge on the subject and wants his constituents to pay close attention to the details that go along with Social Security. David has noticed an alarming trend with agents not briefing their clients on Social Security. Financial Advisors tend to look past Social Security when counseling their clients because there are more than 2700 rules that need to be explained within the Social Security ledger. However, Giertz has done official studies which show that retirees are leaving the agency if they feel their advisors are not knowledgeable about social security. Social Security is a very sensitive matter and retirees stand to lose a great deal of money if they do not apply the benefit properly. This is why it is important for advisors to be thoroughly trained on the topic.

David Giertz has a great deal of experience in the financial services industry. He has worked in the field for more than 30 years and applies a high level of strategy that promotes profitable growth. Giertz was the President of Nationwide Financials Sales and Distribution Organization where he pushed company from 11 billion to 17.8 billion dollars in revenue. Giertz continuously exceeded expectations at the position and offered wholesale strategy to the private sector as well as mutual foreign funds and annuities through banks. Giertz is a highly seasoned business coach who led the Financial Institutions Bank Channel to acquire the Warehouse Distribution Bank Channel in 2009.

David Giertz became a member of the Nationwide team in 1999. He took on the role of Regional Vice President. David’s offices were based in Miami Florida when he raised the revenue by 40% in his territory. David had a region that covered seven states as well as Puerto Rico. Giertz worked at Citigroup before joining Nationwide. He was there for 10 years and began as a Financial Services Advisor. David went on to become an Area Director. He then graduated to the position of Executive Vice President.

David Giertz is a prominent figure in the community. He works with organizations such as the Board of Trustees at Millikin University and the Budget and Finance Committee at Millikin University. He is a standing board member of the Girl Scouts Broward County.

David Giertz has an excellent educational background with degrees from the University of Miami and Millikin University.