Richard Blair Expert Tips in Investment

When Richard Blair decided to start a company called Wealth Solutions, he had the best interests of the investors. The businessman had watched as people lost their wealth just because they did not have adequate skills of managing it. The professional who were in the market at this time were offering their services at very costly rates, making things difficult for individuals who wanted to spend little in the expert services. Wealth Solutions has made a huge impact in the American society. The company is helping customers to protect, grow and the same time manage their assets without challenges. Investors from all over the country have been fortunate to find a very resourceful, understanding and knowledgeable partner in Richard Blair.


As the founder and leader of the investment advisory company, Richard Dwayne Blair has remained the most influential personality in the large company. Apart from being experienced, the businessman has the perfect academic qualifications, having attended some of the leading institutions in the United States. Richard Dwayne Blair has certifications such as CFS, CAS, CES and RICP. It can be difficult to acquire all these credentials in the modern times. However, the businessman worked hard to acquire these certificates so that he can be sure of the advice he is offering his customers. Wealth Solutions main companies are found in Texas. The company is currently famed to be the leading Registered Investment Advisory Firm in the United States. Getting to this position in the tight market has not been a walk in the park. Blair has worked so hard to acquire his position in the market.Find Related Information Here.


When a customer comes looking for services at Wealth Solutions, Blair has to follow a certain procedure so that he can be assured of success at the end of the day. People who want to pursue their financial goals have to be given freedom to choose the plans they are using so that they can be comfortable all through. As the leader of the company, Richard Blair allows his customers this freedom, and he has offered the best wealth management services to the people living in Texas. Richard Dwayne Blair has also been vital in the provision of retirement planning to customers in the United States. His company is believed to be performing so well because of the expert advice he has been offering since the company was established several years ago. Blair is looking forward to expanding his company services and at the end of the day impact more lives.



Innovative Lending Alternatives Emerge at Equities First Holdings, LLC

Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH) is a financial service company that provides lending solutions for businesses that have a high-net-worth and are looking for a non-purpose capital. The firm was founded in 2002 and has its head office at Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition, its branch office is located in New York City. It offers loans based on its assessment of risks and future performances of treasuries, stocks, and bond.

Since its founding, Equities First Holdings has enabled individuals and companies to obtain alternative funding against publicly traded stocks. As a result, the firm has transacted more than 650 applications that are worth over $1.4 billion. Furthermore, the funds provide clients with high loan-to-value rates, a lending risk assessment ratio that is examined by financial institutions before approving a mortgage, at minimum interest rates.

Margin Loans versus Stock-Based Loans

Equities First Holdings has increased its transactions in margin loans and stock-based loans. However, Al Christy, Jr., the founder and chief executive officer of EFH, notes that borrowers have difficulty in distinguishing margin loans from stock-based loans. In the case of margin loans, borrowers should be pre-qualified before applying for it. This is because; the bank may need to know the purpose of the loan. Additionally, the interest rates on loans are variable, and the loan-to-value ratios are between 10 and 50 percent. However, the bank can liquidate the collateral without notifying the borrower in case of a margin call, when a broker demands an investor to deposit more money to compensate possible losses that may arise.

Stock- based loans allow the borrower to use the money for any purpose; thus, the loans are non-recourse. Moreover, the borrower is offered fixed interest rates, an interest rate on a liability like a mortgage that remains the same during a loan period. It also provides the loan-to-value ratios that are between 50 to 70 percent. for more.

Services Offered by Equities First Holdings

Just like modern businesses, Equities First Holdings has capitalized on the mistakes of other businesses to offer quality and unique services. The company was established years ago after financial institutions tightened the lending criteria making it difficult to acquire a loan for a normal person. This move saw a migration of customers from margins loans to stock-based loans. Equity First Holding specializes with the customers that are in need of quick capital but does not meet the qualifications that have been put in place by the banks. EFH US is based in the US city of Indianapolis, Indiana with other offices in big cities like New York and Chicago. The chief executive officer of this company is Al Christy, and he says that plans are under way to expand its services to other cities in the United States.

Since its inception in the year 2002, EFH has managed to expand its operation in other parts of the Globe such as Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and London. As a result, the following subsidiaries have come into place; Equities First Holdings Hong Kong, Equities First Holdings London, Equity First Holdings Singapore and Equities First Holdings Australia. All these subsidiaries offer the same services offered by the EFH US.

One thing has remained constant with all the branches. They continue to operate with the highest level of transparency and integrity. Customers are guaranteed that their stocks will be returned at the end of the deal. Over the years it has been operational, Equity First Holdings has managed to conduct over 700 transactions that have on the other hand earned the company over $1.6 billion. Their loans have low interest rates and are also fixed. The borrowed money can also be used for any purpose, and one can choose to walk away from the loan without further obligation. for more.

Who is Kevin Seawright?

Kevin Seawright is a big name in the world of finance and leadership. At the moment, he holds two management positions as he holds the position of executive vice president and chief financial officer. He holds these positions at the Newark Economic Development Corporation.

Since he started his career, he has experienced great success as a leader and an entrepreneur. Many organizations and business owners have come for his advice, and he is always ready to advise them accordingly.

He has worked consistently in the financial management and administration. His career has been fulfilling, and he is still succeeding in various leadership positions. Though he has accomplished a lot in life, he still lives a life that is public and interacts with people through their daily lives.

He is active in Social Medial and is popular on Twitter with many people following him because they want to see the knowledge that he shares through those platforms. His career has flourished in both public and private sectors since he has also worked for the government.

Though working in the government in Maryland and other private organizations, he has gathered a lot of experience. While working with the government, he succeeded in various programs.

According to Crunchabse, Kevin Seawright also used to work for a construction company still it a success and got a lot of experience. He has worked with a passion for transforming small companies to big organizations and small cities to large urban centers. Newark CEDC saw the excellent services of the talented entrepreneur and decided to hire him for his services. Learn more about more Kevin Seawright:

The organization aims at ensuring the development of the small organizations and helps them achieve their goals. Kevin Seawright is the suitable person for the position because he has always had passionate about developing and guiding business owners to obtain great things in their business.

So far they have achieved a lot under his leadership. There is the rapid development of communication network since that is one of the agendas of the Newark community.

They have also created human resources and helped much small business to achieve their missions. The organization knew that by seeking the leadership skills of Kevin Seawright, they would make a lot. He knows that to succeed in what you do, you should have the passion for doing it.