Ted Bauman has a New Warning for Elderly Investors about Telephone Scammers

Most times when you think about fraud and phishing scams and how millions of people are ripped off by evil scammers tricking them into handing over their hard-earned money, they usually think of emails, online chatbots and ads that go taking them to fake websites intended to steal identities. But what’s happening now is something even bigger and worse that’s causing more and more people to give out information; and it’s phone call scams. This is because more and more information about scam emails is out there, and spam filters are making it easier to weed them out. But as newsletter writer Ted Bauman of Banyan Hill writes, more and more scammers are using the phones now because phone calls can be a lot more convincing, and there’s also number spoofing to make it look like they’re coming from legitimate agencies.

One of the most recent victims of these scam calls that Ted Bauman mentioned was a woman who took her own life because she had been tricked by a scammer who said she owed back taxes to the IRS, and she paid them off using a home equity loan and emptying her retirement savings. But she isn’t the only one. What Bauman says needs to happen is new technology must be implemented by the telecom companies to weed out spoofed numbers and protect innocent hard working Americans. The mobile providers have been largely reluctant so far, but Bauman says he will provide information to investors on how they can get them to act.

Ted Bauman primarily writes “The Bauman Letter” as an editor at Banyan Hill. This newsletter has a variety of information on diverse investments and how investors can keep their portfolios growing without high risk. Prior to joining Banyan Hill, Bauman was an executive director at Habitat for Humanity where he managed housing operations around the world. He was also a consultant and researcher for various UN led organizations and other humanitarian non-profit groups. Ted Bauman spent many years from his college days into his adult life in South Africa where he helped work with government and non-profit housing committees and even helped start Slum Dwellers International. His newsletters reflect a lot of information he has gained from traveling.

Paul Mampilly Encourages Investors to Consider Homebuilder Stocks

Senior Editor of Banyan Hill, Paul Mampilly has almost 26 years of expertise and work experience in the investment industry managing hedge fund portfolios. He worked directly with prestigious firms including Bankers Trust, Kinetics, Deutsche Bank, and Common Sense Publishing. Paul held positions as an assistant portfolio manager, senior portfolio manager, consultant, and senior research analyst. So, in the global markets and investment opportunities, he is on top of the latest trends with valuable information. In October 2018, he informs over 60,000 subscribers about a housing shortage for the millennials.

The millennials are the largest generation in American history who are the ages of 35 years and younger. It’s difficult for them to find houses that meet growing demand, especially in San Francisco and New York, Paul Mampilly stated in his article. He says the housing markets have been increasing for many years and purchases have declined because millennials are experiencing price-out. Paul Mampilly believes the solution to the problems in the market is homebuilder stocks and the construction industry. He advises investors to consider the home construction ETF because homebuilder stocks are coming back.

Paul Mampilly recommends home construction ETF almost three years earlier. He said the shares were down by 30 percent since the beginning of this year. He also suggested in August that ETF investments for holiday season are amplify online retail, Vanguard Consumer, and S&P Retail. Despite the challenges the new millennials face, Paul has faith in the rise in homebuilder stocks. When this happens, they will have opportunities to shop the markets that with reasonable prices for new and older houses.

India-born Paul Mampilly came to the United States and worked many years for Wall Street enterprises. Since joining Banyan Hill in 2016, his subscribers rose from 40,000 to over 60,000 by the end of 2017. He is Editor of Profits Unlimited, a popular newsletter published by Banyan. The publisher releases the weekly newsletter and mails to the subscribers with updated information about investments and stock performances. He also reminded his subscribers to stick with his advice for homebuilder stocks he recommended two years ago.

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Peter Briger and his Career Growth

He is a financial guru and has been working in the industry for many years. Mr. Briger was named as one of the elite 400 businesspersons by the Forbes Magazine. At Fortress Investment Group, he works as the president also chairs some of the board meetings. Peter Briger contributed a lot in the process of transforming the firm into public-owned. He is tasked with overseeing two divisions, the real estate and credit fund businesses. He has worked for the organization for almost two decades now. Earlier in his career, he served as a partner at the Goldman Sachs and Co. for 15 years, and this provided a perfect opportunity to gain the necessary experience needed in business. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania where he acquired an MBA and a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University. During his tenure at the Fortress Investment Group, he has transformed it into one of the most reputable players in the market today.

Fortress Investment Group has grown over the years to the current level where it has assets worth more than $65 billion. The firm caters to the needs of both private investors and institutions. Peter Briger has succeeded in the transformation of distressed debt into cash at Fortress. His colleagues respect him and they value his insights on various issues. Many organizations around the globe have experienced financial constraints due to the economic crisis that has hit many countries. Mr. Briger has helped some of the markets to raise the required capital and that has earned him global recognition.

Peter Briger’s vast experience in leadership positions has led to his appointment to serve on the boards of large firms. Making profit is not his only goal, he has participated in many philanthropic initiatives that have benefited thousands of people. One of his most notable charitable activities is the donations of over $600 million meant to maintain the Central Park in New York. He is also passionate about improving the quality of education and helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their full potential through training and mentorship programs. Mr.Peter Briger hopes to makes a greater impact in the society in the future.

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