Chris Linkas financial post.

Chris Linkas heads the European credit at a company. This group is in charge of resourceful principal investments in the UK-Euro area. This region covers United Kingdom, France, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Benelux, Scandinavia, Ireland and Spain. The company invests in shipping, non-performing loans, renewables, commercial real estate, corporate loans, and securities (


On his financial post, Chris Linkas explains five facts and strategies that entrepreneurs may not be aware of. These factual points are as follows:

  1. Experts are not all-knowing.

Chris Linkas states that companies hire fund managers and professional investors to work on their portfolios fully. They also access the companies’ management units and financial information, but they still make mistakes. One of the errors that companies make is expanding on an investment that is losing. This mistake is primarily made by investors who feel that they are smart without checking the market state. Such entrepreneurs will have a high likelihood of failing. Chris Linkas recommends that companies should not rely entirely on their experts’ opinions. They should instead have solutions that are developed after studying the market state.

  1. News events.

Some investors move on to a new trade immediately after word spreads that the new venture is lucrative. This is wrong as it ends up confusing the company’s existing customers. He warns investors on rushing into the next trade before learning about its sustainability.

  1. Avoid ignoring stocks.

Many investors don’t get back to the company again once they make a loss on the stock. Nevertheless, neglecting any name condenses the investors possible investable stock space. Chris Linkas, therefore, recommends that investors should take caution on limiting their venturing options as a result of a lousy mindset towards a past loser stock (Relationshipscience).

  1. Avoid embracing takeover rumors.

Chris Linkas stated that most of the takeover news hardly come true. Chris Linkas says that his company does not depend on such rumors. He further notes that any company that buys such rumors end up investing in the wrong stocks. Such investments make frustrating loses. Linkas cautions entrepreneurs to be careful any time they get a takeover rumor.

  1. Defensive sectors can decline too.

Chris Linkas says that when there is a market change, even the stocks that are thought to be safe can make big hits. According to Chris, investors should not lay all their trust on a single stock to avoid effects of the market shifts. He advises companies not to ignore investing in safe stocks.