How Business In The Fashion World Can Borrow A Leaf From Fabletics

Two entrepreneurs have taken their time to ensure that they offer beauty and elegance in the fashion industry. The fashion industry is vast and dynamic, but when you are dealing with the modern woman, you have to provide substance. You have to deliver well-thought designs at pocket-friendly prices. Such an approach is the only way one can establish a disruptive business in an industry that is dominated by big companies such as Amazon. When you are designing women garments, be they for the gym or former wear, you need to push the envelope further to get noticed. The creativity and amount of time that goes into your design will determine your success in the fashion sector.


Fabletics is among the few companies that have disrupted the fashion sector with an out of the box business model. Fabletics is the brainchild of three entrepreneurs, Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson. The trio saw an opportunity that had not been explored in the fashion industry and ran with it. Since it was established in 2013, Fabletics has grown its revenues and clientele by unimaginable proportions to become a billion-dollar enterprise. Ultimately, one of the most important milestones at the company is not how much it locks in, every year instead it is how impactful the enterprise’s solutions are to the clients. Going by the customer base and the revenues the firm boasts of, it is evident that Fabletics has gotten it right in the fashion industry.


With Fabletics brandishing itself as an all-inclusive enterprise, it has managed to attract a wide range of clientele. Using technologies such as crowd-sourced reviews and big data, Fabletics keeps refining its marketing and manufacturing processes.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have always been keen on establishing their names in the corporate world. The two entrepreneurs are sticklers for detail making it easier for them to thrive in the fashion industry. Fabletics is not the only project that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have steered to success in the fashion sector. Under the label Techstyle Fashion Group, the duo has established other niche-specific enterprises that offer a varying range of style products.


Some of the key drivers of growth at the Techstyle Fashion Group are technology and innovation. The enterprises under Techstyle have enabled a majority of Americans to change their fashion preference because they offer unique solutions at affordable rates. Fabletics has also contributed to the popularity of activewear across the globe.


With the active use of big data and crowd-sourced reviews, Fabletics has managed to align its manufacturing and marketing process so that they are centered on the specific needs of the consumer. Since the firm opened its doors in 2013, it has recorded insurmountable growth giving Amazon a run for its money. The power of reviews remains to be one of the biggest drivers of growth at the company.

Brand New EOS Vegan Crystal Lip Balm

Evolution of Smooth, better known as EOS, took over the lip balm world eight years ago. Although they’ve been on the market for a much shorter time than many competitors, they hold the second place within the industry, view this site. This is, in large part, due to their use of natural and organic products. They also revolutionized the market with their packaging, offering lip balm in a pastel-colored spherical container. Although this seemed to be a subtle change, it provided a lip balm cased in a pot that could be applied directly to the lips without having to get your fingers messy.

According to, EOS has always used all natural ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E, and jojoba oil when making their lip balm. The company offers a wide variety of flavors among their different lines of lip balm. In past years, Evolution of Smooth has offered several different types of lip balm ranging from medicated lip balm to shimmer lip balm. They already offered organic options, but recently expanded their market with what they are calling Crystal lip balm.

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Crystal lip balm is packaged in the same little round dispenser, but when you crack it open you instantly notice the change. This beeswax-free vegan balm is clear through and through. The vegan balm is offered in two delightful flavors, hibiscus peach and vanilla orchid. EOS found a way to perfect the formula, ensuring that customers are still guaranteed to have that lasting and smooth protection that is always found amongst Evolution of Smooth products. EOS Crystal has already proven to be the greatest vegan lip balm on the market.


Whitney Wolfe Wedding

Whitney Wolfe is an American entrepreneur, who is the founder of Bumble a popular dating app. She was born salt lake city and did her undergraduate studies at the south Methodist University where she pursued international studies. She founded Bumble with the aim of giving women more control during dating unlike other traditional dating platforms; they can take the monitoring of a relationship. Bumble is profitable and has registered a tremendous growth with over 70 employees. Bumble has its headquarters in Texas and has more offices all over the continent. It is quite noticeable that most of its employees are women, fulfilling Whitney’s wish of empowering women.

According to a reliable source from the company, it seems that there is more to be done in future for the organization under the direction of Whitney. The company will create an app where users can swap between Bumble for dating, Bumble BFF for friendship and Bumble biz for networking.

Bumble BFF is a feature built at bumble to enable people to find new friends. The feature came in handy as a relief for people who found themselves in new cities and a vacation with no friend around them. It is an achievement for the company to help people meet new friends. Bumble Bizz is another of the company recently created app that aims at helping people build a career network for professionals, and helping other users choose a career for themselves. The primary objective of the app is to assist women to acquire professional help other than dating only. Bumble biz will help instant connect users to a vast community of professionals all over the world with a short span of time.

The founder of bumble, an online site had found love for herself! It only seemed right that since she had been in the business of matching people together, then she gets herself a prince and hold a memorable wedding. Whitney recently got married to her fiancée whom she met while on the skiing holiday.

The tech guru and her husband Michael Herd held their wedding at the Villa Treville in Positano along the Amalfi Coast of Italy. In attendance were her friend’s Girl bosses Sophia Amoruso and Amber Venz Box. Her wedding gown, breathtaking Oscar De La Renta gown has made a stir among many wedding celebrities. Whitney Wolfe and her husband created a buzz for themselves after the candlelit wedding ceremony to a stunning wedding dress.

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The Impact of Customer Reviews on the profitability of Fabletics

The success of a company in the markets is significantly determined by the power of the crowd. This is mainly through reviews that are made by clients who have already used its products or services. Many people tend to read crowd-sources online evaluations of a firm before they decide to buy its commodities. According to research, consumers take the opinions seriously just like the recommendation that they get from people they trust. Top brands in various industries have recognized the new consumer behavior and are capitalizing on this when developing market strategies. Fabletics has joined the list of the businesses that utilize online reviews to build relationships with clients. The firm was established four years ago, and its worth has grown by over 200 percent. It boasts of over one million U.S-based subscribers and has accumulated profits of over $235 million. Shawn Gold, who serves as TechStyle’s corporate marketing officer, believes that positive clients’ reviews have significantly facilitated the company’s growth in the online fashion sector.


According to Kate Hudson, customer reviews have a great impact on the success of a brand, and she has been utilizing them in growing Fabletics. The company understands that sells, consumer retentions, and loyalty are greatly influenced by the opinions of its previous clients. The internet is accessible to many people, and therefore, the online reputation of a brand greatly determines its success. Most consumers do some research on products or brands before making their purchase decisions. A study that was done by BrightLocal revealed that over 84 percent of consumers trust the reviews that they read on the internet. Traditional advertising methods have less influence on consumers.


A top market research enterprise that is called L2 conducted research, which showed that about 76 percent of successful corporations have a review segment on their websites. The evaluations enable a business to gain the trust of consumers. Vibe also did a holiday shopping study, which revealed that less than 33 percent of clients visit online mobile phone stores to compare prices while 65 percent of the population are interested in reading reviews.


Brands that have been rated well by previous users of their products have a high chance of building robust relationships with clients. They also attract many customers, and therefore, make significant profits. Many companies have currently developed marketing strategies that are review-based, and this has enabled them to strengthen their consumer loyalty and return ratio. Search engines such as Yahoo and Google show the results of positively evaluated businesses on the first page. Google has joined efforts with various review companies to give brands Google Seller Ratings. Research indicates that clients are likely to focus on advertisements that have Google Seller Rating than unrated ones.


According to recent studies that were done by BrightLocal, the purchase decision of 74 percent of internet users can be manipulated by the information that they get from crowd-sourced reviews. Fabletics believes that the client reviews give the real image of a specific brand. The company seeks the opinions of its customers before manufacturing its products.

Don Ressler’s Companies Were Made for Every Woman

It is not often that a company comes along that is able to cater to every woman in the United States but Don Ressler has managed to create companies that are able to help women get what they need and provide them with all of the experiences that they need to make things better. Because of the way that Don Ressler has made these companies and because of the way that they were set up, he did what he could to show people that they were going to be able to get more out of the experiences that they had in the shopping world.

One of the easiest ways that people can shop with Fabletics and JustFab is by signing up for a subscription on Brandettes. All they need to do is fill out the simple Style Quiz and they will be able to get the perfect outfits delivered right to them each month. Customers can also do the same with shoes and JustFab so that they will always have something that is perfect to accessorize with their outfits that they have gotten throughout the same month. Don Ressler wants to make sure that the TechStyle brands are as convenient as possible.

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By making Fabletics and JustFab exclusive brands, Don Ressler knows that it is necessary to help people with everything that they need. He wants to give them the clothes that they need to make things better without having to worry about the problems that come along with these brands. Basically, he wants customers to get designer clothes without having to pay the premium that comes along with designer pieces. According to, the Fabletics brand aims at promoting this type of style and gives people a chance to see that they can get something new each month that was designed exclusively for the brand.

As TechStyle continues to grow and the brands underneath the larger company continue to grow, Don Ressler knows that he is going to do what he can to make things better for these companies. He is hoping to add more brands to the TechStyle company and to make things better for the people who he does business with. Because of the way that Don Ressler is able to use TechStyle, he knows that it will be something that can change the way that people do everything from shopping to getting the clothes that they want when they want to have them.

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Always wanted to be a unicorn? Lime Crime’s got you covered

Three years in the making, Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Dye has finally been released. Since April, Lime Crime offers a range of 13 magically vibrant semi-permanent hair dyes to help you complete your transformation into a unicorn. After all, with funky hair colors all the rage these days, who wouldn’t want to dye their hair ‘anime’ or ‘bunny’ colored? Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime, started the company in order to provide the bright colors she needed to match with her own flamboyant sense of style. Unicorn Hair was created to be a dye that Deere would wear herself, and her dedication shows. Want to steal her look? Unicorn Hair offers Deere’s signature hair color, “pony”.


Like all of Lime Crime’s products, Unicorn Hair is vegan, and not tested on animals. It is professional in quality; suitable for both virgin hair dyers and seasoned professionals alike, ready to use straight from the jar. And no worries about harming your hair– Unicorn Hair is bleach and ammonia free.


Unicorn Hair comes in two varieties– full coverage and tint. Full coverage will give you just that, containing a higher pigment count which results in a more saturated color and lasts around 10 washes. Tints will create a more pastel color and are suitable for lighter hair, lasting about 8 washes. Take special care and it’s possible your beautiful locks will last up to 6 weeks before fading. To ensure the best intense color results, leave the dye in your hair for a longer period of time. It is recommended that you have a professional help you lighten your hair before using Unicorn Hair dye, as even Full coverage will show up as a tint on darker hair.


The best part? Unicorn Hair dyes are mixable, so if they don’t have your perfect color available, you can just mix two colors to get your dream locks. Lime Crime encourages you to share ideas for shades if you have them– they might just turn it into a dye!

Lime Crime Introduces Unicorn Hair Dye to Express Your True Self

The latest make-up line, which the millennials absolutely love is the new Lime Crime by Doe Deere. Ms. Deere wanted to create makeup that she herself would want to wear and that was vegan, cruelty-free, vibrant and alive. Most of the cosmetics before Doe brought out her Unicorn brand were boring and geared towards simply blending shades. Lime Crime is the exact opposite. Doe Deere uses unique, extravagant colors, so you can accentuate your assets and be your own unicorn in the world.


Ms. Deere and her husband spent several years developing the line while they were members of a rock band in NYC. She originally had moved to the city from Russia, but now she and her husband manage the business in L.A. She chose the different name of Lime Crime because lime is Doe’s favorite color, and she says it’s a crime not to wear it!


The latest addition to the line is the bold, vegan, temporary Unicorn hair dyes, which contain no bleach and wash out gradually for longer wear. These hair dyes come in fun, fantasy colors such as Jello, Chocolate Cherry, and Blue Smoke and can be worn over other brands.


Ms. Deere spent three years developing these incredible colors. They come in six-ounce bottles, so the user can adjust the amount according to their needs and the length and style of their hair. Highlighting is made easy. You can use just as much as you need.


Unicorn Hair Dyes are bold, vibrant colors that Doe has designed to allow you to be the wonderful you that you are! She is passionate about helping women express themselves and excels in creating exceptional cosmetics. Her brand is Unicorn and she uses the venue to help women feel free to express their personalities. She believes that it’s a “crime” not to be yourself in a world that can be so dull.


Doe Deere’s husband is her business manager, and they make a successful team together! Unicorn Hair is for all ages and hair types and is available in the magical number of 13 amazing colors.

Life Hacks You Should Know


It’s easy to find ways to make your life a lot easier. “Hacking” your way through life with simple solutions to your problems is fun and easy. Everyone should know how to remember important things before you leave your house or how to keep your paperwork from getting wet in the rain. These are some of the best life hacks you can find. Most of them are cheap and easily achieved.

Use A Razor To Clean Lint Off Your Jumper

As you use send your jumpers through the washer they will collect lint and lose their “fresh” look. It may seem counterintuitive but a razor is probably a better way of removing lint than a roller. Any cheap razor will work just fine.

Use Your Keys To Help You Remember

It’s easy to forget where you put important things when you’re leaving the house, but one thing you can never forget when you leave is your keys. Always keep everything important under your keys to remember them. Your phone is also a good way to jog your memory. Since phones are something we take just about everywhere you won’t forget anything you put your phone on.

Use Cardboard To Protect Documents From Water

Put any important documents you have inside a ziplock bag and cover them with cardboard. Cut a piece of cardboard in the exact shape of the ziplock bag and then trim it until the cardboard fits inside. The cardboard will do a good job of absorbing any liquids you might accidently spill on them.

Dump Your Laundry On Your Bed And Sleep On Them

Folding your clothes isn’t always the most exciting thing in the world. When you don’t feel like doing this chore just put them on your bed so you can’t go to bed before you fold your clothes. You’ll almost certainly remember.