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Fabletics is the newer and better way for women on the go to do their shopping. Almost everything has become available to do online, including grocery shopping, so why not for athletic apparel? Why not make it easier than traditional brick and mortar shopping?

The impressive aspect about Fabletics is that it not only offers women a retail hub off of which they can do their fitness shopping, but it also includes a built in stylist and style generator giving Fabletics the ability to deliver to women style picks that would appealing to them. It is not always in everyone’s best interest of time to have to look through an entire website of clothes to find the best option, even if it is making it easier to be available online. Shopping with Fabletics, and especially as a VIP member allows people to spend less time shopping and more time enjoying what they love to do in their active lifestyles while still looking great and not breaking the bank.

Fabletics offers the option to become a VIP member, at which point the customer will take a style quiz answering some questions based on visual and verbal cues about what she likes stylistically, and what kind of workouts she does in an average week. This style generator is then able to pull up the best stylish clothing options for her from across the website. Because Fabletics is always designing new and trendy options there are new picks available each month. The style generation pulls from these new choices as well so the woman is never offered the same thing twice. This makes the shopping experience exciting, new, streamlined, easy, and convenient. Once she picks her style choices for the month, they are delivered to her door just in time for her next class.

One of the other great aspects about Fabletics is the affordability of the clothes. For just fifty dollars a month on the VIP membership a member can at least obtain a new pair of pants and a top if not more. In quality and stylistic comparability, Fabletics offers twice if not three times more value per dollar as other Fitness wear stores that do not offer the convenience and features that Fabletics offers making it the better option across the board.

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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Line Of New Dresses Pushing Out the LBD

Comfort, fashion, function and affordability all make for a beautiful dress, but usually a figure-flattering dress is constricting, expensive and offering little movement.

Actress Kate Hudson has solved the LBD problem; she’s created her own line of dresses. The beautiful star co-founded Fabletics to bring fitness and fashion to the perfect blend, and now she wants to share.

Kate Hudson sat down with MarieClaire magazine to talk about the launching of her new dress collection.

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These dresses come in a variety of bold, pretty colors and patterns, all designed in quality fabrics with the ideal amount of comfortable stretch.

Kate Hudson believes that women don’t have to try so hard anymore and that her dresses are easy to put on with little effort. Athleisure wear is huge now and can take a woman from day into night. These dresses move with you in maxi or mini styles and much more. Some have built-in bras, and others have adorable cut-out designs. Either way, you will nail the right look every time you put on a Fabletics athleisure dress. The dress offers mobile movement and is styled without vulgar, see-through designs that don’t look or feel right on any body.

Joining the global community of Fabletics VIP members is fun, quick and simple. All you have to do is take a tiny quiz to see where your fashion preferences land; then it’s off to shop, because the prices are amazingly affordable. Your first outfit costs just $25 with free shipping. Tanks, tees, yoga pants, leggings, swimsuits and those new fab dresses are all waiting for you.

Every month you can choose from new designs that reflect the trends in athleisure wear and accessories. Plus, you can see Kate Hudson’s favorite picks. It’s easy, too. Just log into your account to “Skip the Month” by the 5th of each month, and you won’t be charged. Source:

If you forget to “Skip the Month” by the 5th, your credit card will be charged $49.95 on the 6th until you cancel. That charge can be used as a credit to spend or save, so it all works out to your VIP advantage, ladies.

Fabletics is able to bring you wonderful savings and perks, because the company operates uniquely.

Who needs an LBD when you have Kate Hudson’s fab Fabletics dresses?