Know Why Milan Kordestani Is an Exceptional Equestrian

Milan Kordestani is among the successful people who discovered what they are best at when they were still young. While he was ten years old, he had discovered his love for the racetrack and horses. His love for horses has brought on so much success and fame in his life. Milan is an established farmer and international equestrian. He writes for the Huffington Post. His articles are usually about agriculture, politics, and human health. In his “Milan Farm,” Kordestani makes use of simple technology to develop and improve on the productivity of his farm. He believes that the use of technology can help in improving agricultural output.

Milan Kordestani was born in April 1999. His birthplace was Stanford California. He spent his elementary school years at Phillips Brooks before later moving to London. While in London he went to Eaton Square School. It wasn’t long before he missed his home country. For this reason, he had to come back to the United States. It was here at Bay Area where he did his high school studies. He would later graduate from Sacred Hearts Prep School in 2017 in Bay Area. He is currently in college and living in Atherton California.

In 2015, Milan Kordestani was able to win the Under Packs Division championship before later finishing third in the World Championship in 2017. He also featured in the world competitions in 2016 where he finished second. He has truly established himself as a bonafide equestrian. His love for horses and horse racing competitions has made him very popular in sports. He is now recognized as a very competitive equestrian. One with whom many would love to compete with to earn recognition.

Milan Kordestani started the Milan Farm when he was just a sophomore. He has been able to develop the farm until it the farm has achieved astounding growth. The farm is now recognized for its saffron spices which are grown hydroponically. The farm also aims at becoming the best producer of poultry products. This the reason for its direct focus on poultry eggs and meat. The farm boasts of having the best varieties of eggs and spices. Their mint flavors are very popular. The farm makes good use of organic plants in the farm to produce exceptional products.