Chris Burch – An Entrepreneurship Guru

Chris Burch is an American entrepreneur, founder, and chief executive officer of Burch Creative Capital. Chris Burch has been a very active investor in numerous industries for about forty years. Burch has endowed the rise of quite a good number of brands, including Tory Burch, Voss Water, Poppin and Faena Hotel + Universe.

In 2016, Nihiwatu, a luxury hotel, was ranked by Travel + Leisure magazine as the number one hotel in the world. Nihiwatu hotel was acquired and renovated by Burch in 2012. The hotel is situated on the Indonesian Island of Sumba and now has become the main source of employment on the Indonesian remote island, read more updates on

Burch Creative Capital came about as a result of Burch’s inquisitive nature: how he is always examining the world around him. He repeatedly observed how products and services can be enhanced. After his own accomplishment in apparel as a blossoming adult, Chris Burch resolved to focus his knowledge and capital to use. That ultimately compels his company to this present day.

A regular day is not for Burch; he could be on an adventure on the South Pacific, or in New York for revision of his investments, or in Los Angeles for reunions, source ( His objective comes from the people surrounding him. He believes in having good people with a passion to execute and that any idea that has a probability of succeeding can be done promptly.

Burch advice and recommendation to everyone as an entrepreneur is to always listen. If you want to be ground-breaking, you have to take risks. He has taken many risks and had his contribution to failures. He acknowledges his deficiency and doesn’t hesitate to learn from the lesson taught. He’s a genius where entrepreneurship, branding, and marketing are concerned and stops at nothing to get to his desired destination, click