The Top Music Producer in the Entertainment Industry from the U.S. – Clay Hutson

About Clayton Hutson’s Career

Clayton Hutson is a successful businessman who excels in the field of live music production. He studied Theatre Design in college and after school he focused on the aesthetic performances of live music. Hutson served in several companies in the live entertainments industry eventually becoming a project manager and a sound engineer as well. In his roles in the two positions, Hutson learned a lot in the music industry, which ultimately saw the businessman, open his own entertainment company. The firm provides entertainment services for event organizers and music concerts for musicians.

What’s more, Clayton Hutson not only concentrated on the live entertainment production field but served at the Billy Graham’s Ministry as well. Besides, he was so much into the music industry such that at some instance he was referred as the altar of the “Rock’ N Roll” due to his strong liking for music. Today, some of the fields that Hutson dedicates his time on include managing, producing, and designing of the many live tours that he organizes. Also, as part of his work in the industry, Hutson has worked with some of the international musicians such as Garbage, Gun’ N Roses, Kid Rock, and Pink.

How Clayton Hutson started his Business and runs his Daily Operations

Clayton Hutson decided to open his own business after working in the music industry for a while where he sharpened his skills in the field. Also, it was during the recession period that somehow affected the last company that he worked for, when he made up his mind to begin his own production firm. Moreover, Clayton Hutson’s daily activities are never the same as he normally works with different artists from time to time. For instance, he is currently working with Kid Rock where he focuses on the stage management and overseeing the floor events to create a perfect show in the long run.

Further, Clayton Hutson develops his ideas through setting design, new audio, and lighting through incorporating various concepts. Again, through his experiences and background information on the music industry, Hutson has learnt to speculate what works and what wouldn’t work, thus saving the situation on many occasions for the planned events. As a result, his hard work and reputation have paid off as he is able to attract new clients through his top-notch professionalism based on how his events turn out to be. In addition, Hutson is exceedingly excited about the new trends in the market that have brought changes especially with the new models of mobile lighting accessories.

Graeme Holm: Co-Founder of Infinity Group Australia

After college, Graeme Holm went to work at one of the Big Four Banks in Australia. He began by processing payments, but soon found himself holding several different positions as his talents were recognized and he was promoted. He always stayed close to mortgage and lending, and in his ten years at the bank he noticed a trend that disturbed him: Most of the mortgages and loans issued to individual borrowers were basically bad deals.


The banks had no motivation to offer any type of financial counselling to their borrowers, and therefore they didn’t. This resulted in most borrowers not being aware of their many options for deductions, credits, renegotiation’s and other options they had under the law and under their loan agreement to save themselves money. Indeed, there seemed to no stable or reliable source of this type of information for the general borrower.


Holm spent six months analyzing the market and testing the viability of starting a firm that would offer this kind of financial counselling. His conclusion was that it was a needed market that wasn’t being met. So, along with his partner Rebecca Walker, founded Infinity Group Australia out of their home office in 2013. Over the past five years Infinity Group Australia has grown rapidly. They now occupy an official office space in Bella Vista, New South Wales, in Sydney, and have a full staff of office personnel and counselors on hand.


Infinity Group Australia offers their clients counselling and assistance for a variety of needs. In addition to helping with debt reduction, both on the principal amount and the monthly payments made by their clients, they offer budgeting, investment, retirement planning and other services as well. Their business model is very client-friendly, as Infinity Group Australia doesn’t collect a fee until and unless their clients start saving money and reducing debt. IGA doesn’t just give their clients a folder of information and some wishes for luck sticking it to it: Their counselling is ongoing, with monthly reports, quarterly reports and continuing counselling for a changing situation. By assigning each client their own broker, IGA helps keep the clients experience as consistent as possible.


With an average debt reduction of $41,000 per client, Infinity Group Australia often helps their clients pay off more of their mortgage debt in three months than the client did in the previous 12 months by themselves. Boasting a nearly 100% success rate, Infinity Group Australia is making a profit for themselves while helping Australians reduce their debt and increase their financial options, and they do in the near and long terms. Learn more:


As a five year old business, Infinity Group Australia is making waves. Australian Financial Review named them the 58th Most Innovative Business in 2018. The prestigious award list is selected from thousands of businesses across Australia and New Zealand and is issued annually. Holm himself was named on of the nation’s Top 100 Brokers by the MPA. Holm continues to operate Infinity Group Australia as it continues to expand.