Stream Energy’s Business Model

The company uses the direct selling approach to deliver various products and services. The business does more than sell energy; it also provides mobile phone plans, virtual doctors, and telemedicine.

Its associates build networks of happy, loyal customers, and they get commissions for their contribution. These associates are not employees; they are business owners and entrepreneurs.

They identify areas where they and the company can help and give support. The company’s top leadership and employees also participate in grassroots giving.

Homelessness in Dallas

Homelessness is one of the causes about which Stream Energy cares about deeply. The business and its employees continually gather information on the level of homelessness in Dallas, which has increased by a staggering 24 percent. The company partners with Hope Supply Co. to address this problem.

During Hope’s annual splash, Stream Energy and its passionate associates paid for entrance and meals for more than 1,000 homeless kids in North Texas. Over the last four years, Stream has joined hands with the charity to provide school supplies, diapers, and clothing for homeless kids.

The charity’s annual event gathers homeless children to a local water park, allowing Stream’s leadership and workers to show them kindness and generosity.

Meeting the People

Stream worked with Operation Once in a Lifetime last December to provide moral and financial support to veterans and their loved ones from the Dallas area. The company paid for transportation to less fortunate veterans and their families and treated them to a special lunch at a top Texas restaurant.

On the following day, Stream Energy helped to facilitate the American Girl Experience for ten girls of military members. The company later paid for lunch for each of the girls at the American girl café.

Stream Energy, its associates, corporate leadership, and employees do not view giving as an event; it is a way of life. In a state not known for philanthropy, Stream prominently stands out.

Stream Energy expands its wings to Delaware

The year 2017, on December 5, Stream energy which is a leading provider of connected life services and a direct selling company officially launched its services in Delaware. This was its second launch of expansion of energy in 2017 after the Illinois market was opened in September. This is the eighth state that has been added to stream energy’s expanding energy retail provider across the country. Other states include New Jersey, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia, Maryland, Illinois and Washington D.C.


In a press release Larry Mondry the CEO and President, Stream said that the company was thrilled to finalize the application process and licensing and Delaware was officially added to Stream Energy’s list of energy states. Customers in Delaware will have to choose from Stream’s 12-month fixed-rate plan and six-month fixed-rate energy plan at a market pricing that is competitive. Chief Operating Officer Dan O’Malley was excited about the momentum of expansion and looked forward to 2018 as Stream energy expands to new markets read more.

Stream Energy is a company that provides home, wireless, protective and energy services. It was founded as an American natural gas and retail electricity firm. The company’s headquarters is located within the Tallway Center in Dallas. The company uses the multi-level marketing approach as its primary sales channel. Initially, it recruited through Ignite, one of its multilevel division which later merged with the Stream energy brand in 2014.


Stream Energy’s Services

Customers of Stream energy enjoy a variety of packages and services.

Energy services- Stream energy offers a variety of energy products plans that are affordable and designed to suit your budget and lifestyle. This includes natural gas, electricity, and tools specifically designed to help you with managing your daily usage.

Wireless services- Stream energy ensures you stay connected through its cell coverage that is nationwide and data options that are unlimited which is powered by 4G LTE network. Stream energy offers simple wireless plans ate very affordable prices you will love.

Protective services- Stream protective services covers your health, travels, technology and identity so you can live a worry-free life.

Home services- Stream services ensure you are connected whether at your home or no matter where you are, through Stream Home Services such as Digital Voice.

You may also refer to and watch its full services.

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