ClassDojo sets the standard for ed-tech products

Education technology entrepreneurs have set a goal to make learning more interesting and fun for scholars and easier for educators. After a couple of years having setbacks and mishaps in the ed-tech industry, finally, things are starting to look up since they decided to pay attention to the teachers’ needs and coming up with products that fit the needs of the classroom. These products go through a series of thorough testing both in and out of the classroom to ensure that they meet educators’ high expectations and are made for the good of their students and stand a chance to improve the learning process.

To be precise, what teachers are looking for in ed-tech are products that; can solve problems, have room for improvement and implementation and products that have been tested and proven effective. This is what the producers are looking into at the moment in order to excel in the industry and have their products stand out in the market. One of the products that have been able to excel in the field is the ClassDojo.

ClassDojo is a product that was established through the collaboration of two moguls, one being Sam Chaudhary. The two paid keen attention to the demands and the needs of the teachers and came up with a product that would solve the issue of parent-teacher communication without the need to hold a conference.

ClassDojo connects teachers, parents, and students with an aim of building a community between the three and creating a culture that would benefit all the parties involved. The tool makes it possible for teachers to encourage hard work in their students and help the weak students while at the same time sharing these classroom moments with their parents through photographic images and videos. Through these videos, the students can showcase the progress they are making in class and the areas they need help in, and the teachers can also tap in and communicate with the parents without actual physical contact. Therefore parents can easily join their children’s class by using a device and the tool can also translate information into more than thirty languages making communication much easy.

ClassDojo has been adopted by several schools in the U.S and is an example of a successful ed-tech product. If more entrepreneurs paid attention to the needs of the teachers like the founders of ClassDojo, then the industry would rise again and never fail.