How Dr. Clay Siegall Helps People Survive Cancer

It was in 1998 that Clay Siegall, Ph.D., founded Seattle Genetics, Inc. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the company which is a biotechnology company located in the Seattle, Washington area. The type of drug therapy they research is focused on those diseases which haven’t seen any meaningfully improved mortality rates in a long time, often decades. He attended the University Of Maryland, earning a B.S. in Zoology, and George Washington University which where he received his Ph.D. in Genetics.

Dr. Clay Siegall’s hard work and leadership led to Seattle Genetics first antibody-drug conjugate earning FDA approval. This drug can be used for a number of different forms of cancer and more applications are being researched. The drug, and the other drugs they are researching, have been developed through partnerships with other pharmaceutical companies such as Genentech, Pfizer, Bayer, and other companies.

When Dr. Siegall first founded Seattle Genetics in 1998, it was a very small startup with only a few researchers. It’s now a preeminent name in the cancer industry and the place that many researchers want to work at. The drugs it is designing are at the cutting-edge and will ultimately replace the old way of treating cancer such as chemotherapy. The drugs that Seattle Genetics are designing are targeted drugs which kill cancer cells while leaving other, healthy cells alone. The drugs Dr. Seigall creates are not only safer but they are also far more effective at treating patients and giving them a better chance of beating their cancer.

Before founding Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall had been working for Bristol-Myer Squibb in research and development. Even though he was a senior researcher, he didn’t feel he was given the latitude and autonomy he needed to develop the next generation of cancer drug therapies. There was also the fact that his research paid off in hundreds of millions in profit for the company while all he got was his regular paycheck. He decided to found his own company to help people far more efficiently and effectively as well as fairly profiting from his knowledge and skill.


Eric Lefkofsky Knows That the Fight Against Cancer Requires Data on Genomic Sequencing and Molecular Composition of Patients

Without the concerted effort of all the stakeholders in the field of oncology, the fight against cancer cannot be worn. Cancer is already one of the biggest medical challenges of modern times. Most treatments that exist to treat the disease are highly invasive and do not achieve the same results with all the patients.

It’s against this backdrop that Eric Lefkofsky has set out his mission to provide more effective therapies to patients who are battling breast cancer. Through his enterprise called Tempus, Eric has signed an agreement with the University of Chicago so that he can provide them with, phenotypic, molecular sequences and therapeutic information of 1,000 cancer patients. This information will be vital for the development of person-specific therapies for each cancer patient. Eric Lekfofsky on Twitter.

In a regulated field such as medicine, lack of data is what derails the fight against diseases such as cancer. The partnership with the University of Chicago hopes to unearth useful patterns on the genetic and molecular makeup of patients and how they respond to various cancer therapies. The fact that only 20,000 datasets of cancer patients are available in the public healthcare space against a backdrop of over 50 million people who’ve fought cancer leaves a lot to be done.

According to Tempus’ co-founder, Mr Eric, it is through partnerships such the one between Eric’s enterprise, Tempus and the University of Chicago that the fight against cancer can be intensified.

Eric Lekfofsky is a distinguished entrepreneur who has successfully built startups that have dominated the technology space. Eric took his first step in business while at college. He sold carpets so that he could make some money for himself. Later he co-founded an e-commerce site called Groupon, a daily deals site, together with his friend Kenwell. The two later founded another startup called Uptake. Uptake was a business to business company that provided scientific data on how to run operations in a company and also how to ensure safety within an enterprise. The two are also the brainchild of Lightbank, an investment company with business interests in over 100 companies including the dating site Coffee Meets Bagel.

Lefkofsky is an alumnus of the University of Michigan from where he graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree.