End Citizens United Alleges Rick Scott Using Super PAC To Raise Funds For Senate Campaign

End Citizens United is a political action committee that is focused on making sure that campaign financing is done in a fair way. Recently, the PAC went to the Federal Election Commission in order to file a complaint against politician Rick Scott. According to their complaint, Rick Scott is supporting a Senate race through funding from a “super PAC”, which is illegal. There are limits on a federal level that are in place to limit how much an individual candidate can raise for their campaign through direct contributions. So far, $78 million has been raised by Rick Scott for his campaign through direct contributions.

Super PAC’s do not have the same limitations placed upon them as individual campaigns do. They are legally allowed to raise and spend as much money as they see fit. The important rule when it comes to PAC’s is that they are not allowed to directly work with any particular campaign when it comes to fundraising and spending the money that was raised. According to End Citizens United, Rick Scott is indeed working directly with the New Republican PAC. Prior to starting his campaign, Rick Scott served on the New Republican PAC as their chairman. End Citizens United discovered that the website of the New Republicans PAC had kept Rick Scott listed as their Chairman well after his political campaign had begun.

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End Citizens United Communications Director, Adam Bozzi, has gone on record stating that he believes that Rick Scott is less interested in following the laws surrounding elections than he is achieving his political ambitions. He believes that soft money that was supposed to be used for the presidential campaign was actually purposely being funneled for Rick Scott’s use. While Rick Scott denies these allegations vehemently, there has been documentation presented by the ECU PAC that provide evidence that he was still working with the super PAC well into his campaign.

In 2015, End Citizens United was created in order to encourage much-needed reforms for campaign financing. They were formed to reverse the decision of SC ruling. They believe that big money has no place in the political system of the United States. Their headquarters are located in Washington D.C.

End Citizens United And The 2018 Midterm Elections

End Citizens United, a political action committee, interested in getting big money out of politics, are backing 16 democratic progressive candidates in the upcoming 2018 congressional races. Candidates they endorse support campaign finance reform, one of the biggest reform issues the committee is interested in changing at the legislative level. Candidates endorsed also reject corporate PAC campaign donations.

A few of the endorsed candidates include Elizabeth Warren, of Massachusetts for U.S. Senate, who has been a staunch supporter of getting money out of politics for some time. She also supports legislation to require mega-donors to disclose donations amounts. Also endorsed is Elijah Cummings of Maryland’s 7th district, a supporter of financial regulatory reform.

Challenger Randy Bryce, of Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district, also received ECU endorsement due to his progressive stance on a number of issues, as well as being a previous challenger to Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who recently announced he will not be an incumbent in this year’s congressional race. Bryce is a union iron worker and represents a number of Americans who feel the government isn’t working for them. He has been an outspoken supporter of reform within campaign finance.

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End Citizens United is also targeting “the big money 20,” to be replaced with progressive legislators. The big money 20 are a group of republican senators and congress who don’t support big money in politics and continue to accept donations from corporate PACS. They are also against campaign finance reform. A few of them are Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, Representative Pat Meehan of Pennsylvania, and Representative Claudia Tenney of New York. The 20 have been called the “worst of the worst” by ECU President Tiffany Muller.

The group has also started a campaign PAC, that aims to donate to the campaigns of endorsed candidates. End Citizens United intend to raise $35 million. The mission of the group is to reform a rigged political system by electing progressive candidates that support legislative reform of campaign finance law. They also want to pass ballot measures, as well as overturn the 2010 Supreme Court decision, Citizens United, largely to blame for the level of money in politics. ECU grassroots organizing offices are located across the United States. They build a wide coalition of activists and supporters, and are working to pressure lawmakers regarding campaign finance and other issues they are concerned with. The group’s main goal is to keep big money from buying elections.

The Fight Starts With The People

More and more people are getting interested in politics. They are educating themselves about the correlation which exists between money and politics. The climate is changing in the political world and information is changing with it. They want to be represented by politicians who work for them since they got the mandate for this exact reason. People understand how important it is to become involved in the election. Many people didn’t even know who their representative is but this notion is rapidly changing as the time goes on.

Political education is essential because it allows people to understand the political world better. It gives them the understanding of how money influences politics. The court ruling changed the way big organizations can donate money to campaigns and affect the outcome of policy this way. People want to fight back. They want to take back control, and one of the organizations helping them to achieve this goal is End Citizen United.

This grassroots organization is not very old, but their work paid off. The support they see every day is astonishing. The amount of money this PAC received in a short period surprised the political and economic commentators. They were able to raise 11 million dollars, but this figure is most likely going to grow before the mid-term election.

They support Democratic causes and candidates. The overall aim is for big conglomerates and people with deep pockets to stay out of the decision-making process. End Citizens United can only accept 5000 dollars for any singe donor, but their average donations are relatively small. The average is about 12 dollars, so it is even more impressive how much funding they have raised in the time since they were founded. There needs to be a more transparent government that is not influenced by wealthy people.

People don’t often talk about the legal side of politics. They are not aware of the way legislation is created or put into place. One of the people working on cases concerning constitutional law and campaign finance is James Bopp. An attorney from Indiana who graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor’s degree and later achieved a law degree from the University of Florida and its Law College.

His experience in law, strategic campaign planning, and finance, as well as election law, is extensive. His resume is also extensive, but this attorney is staying out of public eye. He works in his law office but has no plans on moving to the major cities like Washington.

James Bopp is well-known in the legal circles, and if any of his cases go to higher courts, there is a possibility that he will be heard.

This is one of the most exciting times to be in such a position.

George Soros: The All-Time Philanthropist and Influencer of American Politics

George Soros and American politics are one and the same thing. Not a single major political event in America passes without an input from Soros, the big time philanthropist, author, and billionaire. For over 30 years, Soros financial support has influenced many political events and social concerns in the U.SA.

The Hilary Clinton Donald Trump Duel

Not a man to just watch the American politics and remain inactive, Soros put $25 million to backing Hillary Clinton and her Democratic Party candidates in the historic Hilary Clinton- Donald Trump duel. As a result of Soros’s finances, Clinton and her GOP allies were able to launch a vigorous campaign against Trump, with Hilary winning the popular vote.

According to Politico, the willingness by Soros to fund the Democratic Party in the 2016 elections is nothing but an impressive show of “George Soros Rises Again”. There should be reasons to see Soros as making a comeback in the arena of political financing. In the 2004 campaigns, Soros gave $27 million to try and defeat George Bush. The spending spree on politics resurfaced unabated in 2016 for Soros was the main sponsor of Democratic politics.

Hail George Soros the Legendary Investor

George Soros, a Hungarian-American investor, was born of Jewish parents in Budapest, Hungary, on August 12, 1930. Having survived the Nazi-Germany occupation of Hungary, he relocated to England in 1947 where he graduated with a bachelors and masters from the London School of Economics. He is famed for having made a $1 billion profit from the sale of $10 billion worth of pound sterling to the Bank of England in the 1992 Black currency crisis. As of May 2017, his net worth was 29.4 billion putting him as one of the 30 wealthiest people globally. Learn more about his profile at businessinsider.com.

George Soros Philanthropy Unlimited

As a well-known believer in American progression and American liberalism, George Soros is committed to uplifting the lives of underprivileged communities. Through his Open Society Foundations, approximately $11 billion has been given to philanthropic causes in 1979-2011.

Learn more: http://www.biography.com/people/george-soros-20926527

Money Fighting for Civil Rights and Freedom

That Soros is a liberal democrat who believes in civil rights for all the Americans is never in doubt. The Washington Times details how George Soros was at the center of the Ferguson protests. Soros’ financial support and influence was seen when thousands of people poured on the streets to protest the shooting of an unarmed Michael Brown by the police officer Darren Wilson. The liberal business magnate and owner of an investment empire in Europe have also developed a political machine associated with American nonprofit foundations thus influencing American politics and social policies daily.

According to the Washington Times, Soros’ several years of funding the civil rights groups across America can explain why the Ferguson protests gripped several major cities. In one year alone, the businessman gave $33 million to groups promoting grassroots activism. The financial aid from Soros is the fuel that spurs the civil rights movement thus ensuring that every American enjoys the rights enshrined in the constitution. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

George Soros Donates Millions Of Dollars To Clinton’s Campaigns

George Soros has donated more than $25 million to facilitate Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The money will also be used to fund other Democratic candidates and causes. This is the first time, in 12 years, that the billionaire has been directly involved in politics. In 2004, he made headlines when he donated $27 million to a Democratic candidate in an attempt to thwart the reelection of the then president, George W. Bush.

This donation is expected to significantly transform Clinton’s campaign on topics.wsj.com. It will enable the candidate to reach a wider segment of the society by herself or her campaigners. This will see her sell her policies more effectively, thus increasing her chances of winning the coming elections. According to sources close to the billionaire, it is believed that this is the first of many donations that the billionaire will be making to the Democratic fundraising operatives. George Soros has very deep pockets considering that he made over $25 billion through risky currency trades.

After his preferred candidate’s defeat in 2004, the billionaire did not make other political donations. It is believed that the disappointment made him focus his attention on making money for himself and his investors rather than be involved in politics on project-syndicate.org. However, his distaste of the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, has seen him rise again as a major donor to the Democratic fundraising operatives.

After making the donations, Soros was expected to attend his first-ever Democratic convention. By attending the convention, he would have the chance to watch Clinton give her acceptance speech. However, this did not happen. According to sources close to him, the conference on politico.com coincided with the volatile economic situation in Europe. This meant that the billionaire had to monitor the situation.

The increased involvement of Soros in politics is believed to be due to two main factors. First, is his long relationship with the Clinton family? Second, is the fear that Donald Trump will become United States’ president? Soros has personally accused Trump of ‘doing the work of ISIS’ by instilling fear among Americans. In addition, George Soros is strongly against Trump’s policies on immigration, criminal justice and religious tolerance.

The huge donation made by Soros will influence other wealthy individuals to donate to the Democratic fundraising operatives. The increased donations will enable Hillary Clinton to reach every corner of the United States for campaigns and boost her chances of winning against Donald Trump. Clinton’s presidential campaign team was extremely pleased with the donation.

About George Soros

George Soros is a Hungarian-born New York billionaire. The 85-year old self-made billionaire is the founder and chair of Soros Fund Management. He is also known for establishing Open Society Foundations, an organization that aided in bringing down communism in Eastern Europe. As a young Jewish boy, he lived in the Nazi-controlled Hungary. Soros holds an Economics degree from the London School of Economics.