Sheldon Lavin Discusses His Career

One of the people who has distinguished himself the most in the meat processing industry is Sheldon Lavin. He recently sat down for an interview and went into great detail about how he built his company into the global force that it is today. He is the OSI Group’s president and CEO. His relationship with this company goes all the way back to 1970. This was the year that he was working in the world of finance. He was mainly trying to get people the money they needed to start a business and realize their dreams. This is when he met a family who were interested in getting involved in the meat processing industry in Chicago. He was able to get them the money that was needed for the new venture.

Sheldon Lavin talked about how running a global meat processing company was the farthest thing from his mind. He said that he went to school for finance and accounting. He said that learning these skills opened a lot of doors for him. However, he became friendly with the family that opened the meat processing company in Chicago. It was named Otto & Sons. Sheldon Lavin started to become involved with the daily operations of the company. He then decided to open other facilities in cities all around the country. It was only a matter of time until he started to explore international opportunities. Lavin’s leadership took the company, renamed OSI Group, into 17 countries. It is now one of the biggest meat processing companies in the world. To know more about him click here.

Sheldon Lavin says that he loves to introduce various innovations into the way the OSI Group does business. He firmly believes that the innovations of the company are why they have been able to stay ahead of their competitors for so many years. Sheldon also said that he views the people who work for him as a family. He is always willing to talk with any of his employees. He believes that this free exchange of ideas is crucial because the best ideas do not always come from top executives. He says the results speak for themselves.

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What Has Nitin Khanna Been Up To Since Saber Corp?

Nitin Khanna had a lot of experience under his belt by the time he founded Saber Corp., and it showed in how fast the Portland-based organization grew. The company quickly received contracts with several state governments to provide a few essential services; voter registration and unemployment registration being chief among them. See more here

The exact services may have varied slightly from state to state but also included vehicle registration and driver registration. In 2007, Saber Corp. was purchased by EDS for $420 million. Following HP’s purchase of EDS, Saber Corp. was absorbed into that company too. Nitin Khanna didn’t stay too long after that, however; he left Saber Corp. a year after it was folded into HP and struck out on his own alongside his brother. But, what has Nitin Khanna been doing since he left Saber?

In short, Mr. Khanna has been doing an awful lot. Not long after leaving, he founded MergerTech with his brother. The business is focused on helping start-ups and small businesses through an acquisition of less than $100 million. It also invests in some start-ups around the United States. Nitin Khanna serves as the CEO and is based out of Portland while his brother Karan serves as COO out of their California offices. To date the brothers have been extremely successful with MergerTech, helping dozens of businesses through the acquisition and sales process.

Nitin Khanna has also noted that there’s very little competition in the niche, as international investment banks deem the industry too small to pursue. This has left the market wide open for MergerTech. Throughout the last few years, the company has invested in some unique companies. One of the more recent of these is iSos Inc, a software company that creates integrated smart office solutions. Nitin Khanna’s MergerTech recently invested $5 million into the company; their software helps improve communication and efficiency in businesses.

This is what got MergerTech interested in the company, as Nitin Khanna believes that iSos Inc. is serving a growing need in the market. Because of that, MergerTech is expecting high returns for the company in the future.

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How Krishen Iyer Breaks Wins in The Insurance Space

Krishen Iyer is an esteemed lead manager and consultant in the insurance industry. He has a longstanding career in the insurance space where he is notably great at clients’ relations, technical development and digital marketing including distribution. His peers have always said that Krishen Iyer is an inquisitive person who seeks solutions even when it’s difficult to. This may be what has led him to launch the Quick Link Marketing. This is a company that focuses on developing relations with lead generation companies and companies or firm that need to be marketed – at the industry entry level.

He has been the central person behind the Quick Line Marketing or Managed Benefits Services success. His professionalism, optimism, determination, smartness, and ability to adapt to dynamic situations has helped him gain the cut edge. In addition to this, he has an alluring interpersonal skill which makes him suitable to talk to clients and establish relations. This has given the company gross sales as he principally becomes effective in the realization of the company’s goals, mission, and objectives. Besides, he is highly knowledgeable in matters of marketing, advertising, insurance, and their line products and distribution. Read more about Krishen here.

About Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer is the Chief Executive Officer at Managed Benefits Services a company that deals with management and consultancy of life, health, and dental insurance services. This company is based in Southern California where he lives. Prior to this Krishen Iyer founded the NMP Insurance Distribution and Marketing Co which performed very well to have cognition as an INC 5000 company. He is also the Iyer Real Estate Company owner, a firm that has developed many residential and commercial properties. He has also been actively involved in community-based projects aimed at empowering the society. Krishen Iyer is an alumnus of the San Diego State University.

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Guilherme Paulus Keeps Up with Industry Trends

The worlds of hotels and tourism are fast-paced, especially with all of the changes that technology is bringing to these fields and every other industry around the globe. As the head of the CVC Brasil’s and GJP Hotels and Resorts leader of their board of advisors, Guilherme Paulus is always doing his best to keep current and ahead of his competition. While his life may be busy, he is incredibly grateful for everything that he has had the opportunity to do and to achieve during his life.

While his career may have started in technology as an intern of IBM, he is now one of the most influential entrepreneurs in Brazil. His brand of hotels and resorts has more than 5,000 employees an has had at least 95,000 visitors at their upwards of 20 locations. In order to keep up with all of his responsibilities, Guilherme Paulus tries to stay organized by writing out is schedule and tasks for the rest of the week. This practice also helps to empower him as he is able to see a list of all of the accomplishments he has made during that week. Staying productive is an important part of the success of any business in any industry around the world.

Guilherme Paulus tries to get a good idea of how his businesses are doing in a way that can’t be done by just crunching numbers. While his locations may be throughout many big cities in Brazil, he still takes the time to visit them and talk to the people that are there. By asking employees and customers directly about their concerns and praise, he is able to quickly get the ball rolling when it comes to making changes that can better the company and each location on an individual basis.

While working in these industries can sometimes be difficult, Guilherme Paulus finds the work to be rewarding. He stays optimistic through it all and this outlook tends to be contagious among his staff. Interacting with them directly isn’t just a great way to get ideas, it’s also great for showing that he cares about his company, customers, and staff.

Serge Belamant Holds Several Patents and is Always Doing More

Serge Belamant created the first blockchain technology in 1989, and he still holds a patent for it. He is an applications and software developer, and he was able to come up with this technology because of his dedication to his field. Blockchain technology is records that are linked together with cryptography. And it was created so that there would be more transparency in financial companies. And, it also helps with security for the companies and their customers and the data that they have.

Serge Belamant was born in France and moved to South Africa as a child. He learned to write in English, and in high school, he excelled at sports and his studies. He also was good at chess and won a championship of the game in 1972. He studied computer science and mathematics in college. Although he dropped out of college before he got his degree, he was able to use what he had learned later on in his career. He helped develop computer models and had many breakthroughs in creating graphics interfaces, digital mapping, and more. To know more about him click here.

Serge Belamant is one of the founders of Zilch Technology Unlimited, and he is involved in developing more blockchain technology for his company. He is based out of London and South Africa. Serge Belamant is known for his smart work with technology and how he is above most of the other technology and application developers out there. He holds several patents for his useful technology inventions. His work in many positions, and the curiosity that he has always had when it comes to technology has helped him to become a success. He learned a lot when he was a child, as he had to adapt to a new culture and a new language, and he has always been eager to learn and grow.

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Paul Mampilly is a Successful Entrepreneur and a Finance Expert

Paul Mampilly is one of the prominent investors who has gained lots of knowledge about the finance sector over the years. After graduating from the university, Mampilly has worked in multiple organizations where he has held different roles. He has ever worked at the Bankers Trust where he was an assistant portfolio manager.

Legal firms such as the ING and Deutsche Bank have also benefitted from the financial expertise of Mampilly. With time, Paul saw that he had great potential since he has influenced the profound growth of numerous companies. His significant achievements are such as turning the Kinetics Asset Management into a multibillion-dollar corporation.

About Paul Mampilly

Mampilly’s resolution to become an entrepreneur enabled him also to spend more time with his family. Since he is well versed with matters about finance, Mampilly is currently working as a research and investment analyst.

His investment advice always comes in handy since he teaches people how to make the most out of the capital that they have. He issues investment advice through a newsletter. Mampilly is also featured on Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, and CNBC frequently. When you observe the manner in which Mampilly answers the questions directed to him, you will learn more about how his career choices have impacted his life.

As a member of the Banyan Hill Publishing since 2016, the newsletter published by Mampilly has attracted more than 90,000 followers. His newsletter goes by the name Profits Unlimited. It consists of 8 pages.

Additionally, it is published on a monthly basis. After grabbing the monthly copy, you will learn more about the different stocks. Besides offering investment tips, Paul Mampilly is managing two elite trading corporations. The two corporations are as follows; True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. Since Paul Mampilly is an editor, he also publishes some columns for the Winning Investor Daily. Recently, the Enterprise Radio had the honor of hosting Paul Mampilly for an interview.

As the interview progressed, Mampilly was able to share some insight on his career life and his journey as an entrepreneur. Eric Dye from the enterprise radio was in charge of interviewing Mampilly. The interview progressed accordingly, and Mampilly had a lot to share.

Jose Auriemo Neto and His Work at JHSF

Jose Auriemo Neto is one of the best real estate executives in Brazil. He is an expert in commercial and residential real estate, and he wants to be sure that he can help people get the best properties for their businesses, their homes, and everything in between. The people who work with Jose Auriemo Neto will find a property that works best for them, and they could move into a space that they believe will function well as a home or an office.

  1. What Does JHSF Do?

JHSF is a company that deals in real estate all throughout Brazil. The company has done a marvelous job of helping people when they have questions about choosing the right place to go, or they could ask this company to find them a commercial property. The clients can speak directly with Jose Auriemo Neto, and they can ask him what he would do in their place.

  1. Jose’s Developments

Jose Auriemo Neto has been working on developments around Brazil because he wants his company to give people a chance to live in a nice new place, find a place to do their business, or find a space to create a retail shop. Each customer could be given information by Jose because they want to see what he would do. They could take tours of these places, and they might start looking around at ways they could build their own structure.

  1. Jose’s Expertise

Jose knows the Brazilian economy very well, and he knows how to help support people who are trying to build something specific. He knows that people can build in places around Brazil that will provide them with the best chance of saving money, and he could show some where to develop so that they do not need to worry about losing money or investing in a place that will not be very profitable.

  1. Conclusion

Working with Jose Auriemo Neto and JHSF makes it possible for people all over Brazil to create the best developments, to build new homes, or to find places to do business. Jose understands the market and how best to develope in Brazil.

Sheldon Lavin: Pushing OSI Group Forwards

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of OSI Group which was established in 1909. The company which was established by A German immigrant to the US has seen phenomenal growth since its establishment as a butcher shop in Chicago. The company has been supplying McDonalds since 1955 and the partnership has been one of the reasons it has grown so first. It prides itself on delivering quality meat, vegetables, and baked goods to customers all over the world. Starting out as a financial consultant Sheldon Lavin helped OSI Group get funding for their expansion plan.

He had noticed the potential in the company and thought that they were a good company capable of growth and he was right. At the time the company needed money to help in the construction of a new facility dedicated to supplying McDonald’s. After this Sheldon Lavin continued being involved in the company to the point that he became part owner. He has always aspired to make the company the best in the in the area of food processing.

On how he has managed to achieve success at the company Sheldon says he owes it to the company culture. OSI Group is not run in the same way companies around the world like itself are run instead employees and the management work together as a family. There are rules and regulations but the, in the end, everyone treats others likea family and calls them by their first names including Sheldon the CEO.

He says that this way of operating has worked for the company and made it a success. He goes not to add that the talents his team possesses as well as their loyalty has kept the company successful. Sheldon has an open door policy and the company makes sure it takes care not just of the employees but also their families. He believes his time at the company has nurtured his innovativeness.

About Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon is the CEO of OSI Group and studied economics and finance at the university. He supports a number of charities including the Ronald McDonald House charity.


Ted Bauman has a New Warning for Elderly Investors about Telephone Scammers

Most times when you think about fraud and phishing scams and how millions of people are ripped off by evil scammers tricking them into handing over their hard-earned money, they usually think of emails, online chatbots and ads that go taking them to fake websites intended to steal identities. But what’s happening now is something even bigger and worse that’s causing more and more people to give out information; and it’s phone call scams. This is because more and more information about scam emails is out there, and spam filters are making it easier to weed them out. But as newsletter writer Ted Bauman of Banyan Hill writes, more and more scammers are using the phones now because phone calls can be a lot more convincing, and there’s also number spoofing to make it look like they’re coming from legitimate agencies.

One of the most recent victims of these scam calls that Ted Bauman mentioned was a woman who took her own life because she had been tricked by a scammer who said she owed back taxes to the IRS, and she paid them off using a home equity loan and emptying her retirement savings. But she isn’t the only one. What Bauman says needs to happen is new technology must be implemented by the telecom companies to weed out spoofed numbers and protect innocent hard working Americans. The mobile providers have been largely reluctant so far, but Bauman says he will provide information to investors on how they can get them to act.

Ted Bauman primarily writes “The Bauman Letter” as an editor at Banyan Hill. This newsletter has a variety of information on diverse investments and how investors can keep their portfolios growing without high risk. Prior to joining Banyan Hill, Bauman was an executive director at Habitat for Humanity where he managed housing operations around the world. He was also a consultant and researcher for various UN led organizations and other humanitarian non-profit groups. Ted Bauman spent many years from his college days into his adult life in South Africa where he helped work with government and non-profit housing committees and even helped start Slum Dwellers International. His newsletters reflect a lot of information he has gained from traveling.

Career achievements of Brian Torchin

The health sector continues to experience more changes with the emerging trends in the market. Various tech gurus have taken the initiative to employ this changes in the industry with the target of making health services better and reliable. Brian Torchin is one of the most committed individuals that has brought this changes in the industry. He is the current chief executive officer of the famous health consultation agency HCRC Staffing. Through the agency, he has nurtured talents from many medical officers, clinical officers, physicians, nurses and other staff in the medical sector. He continues to influence the lives of others through his hard work and commitment to bring people healing. View CNN iReport about Brian Torchin

HCRC is today among the leading firms in the health industry that offers consultation services to other health fields. Brian Torchin is passionate about giving his clients the best services, and he spends a lot of his resources to ensure that everyone benefits from the diverse products and services in the sector. He strives to ensure that each of them is served to their satisfaction and at times, he also conducts follow-ups to listen to the issues raised by his clients. Brian Torchin has been profoundly amended for his commitment and love for his clients and as a result, he today receives support for the excellent work he does.

The renowned entrepreneur is also determined towards creating job opportunities for people that show interest. Through his agency, he has ensured that a vast number of experts in the field acquire job opportunities through which they have acquired a better living. Besides, he consequently updates his fans on Facebook about the available job vacancies, and this has made it easy for people to contact him to gain more insight about the latter. His determination and commitment to the safety of others as well as the welfare of other people is inspiring.

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