Shervin Pishervar

Early life and experience of Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar was born in 1974, in Iran. He went for his high school studies in Montgomery Blair science and math magnet school. He researched on Magainin peptides as his science project. He majored in molecular biology and luckily received the presidential fellowship that helped him further his studies. He was a co-author of an article in the journal of the American medicine society. In Berkeley scientific, he served as the Editor-in-chief. From Berkeley School of public health, he graduated with a degree in health economics.

Shervin Pishevar career

Contrary to what he studied in the medical profession, Shervin Pishevar was passionate about becoming an entrepreneur. He founded WebOS at the age of 23. WebOS was the first company that created cross-browser for the internet. It led to the establishment of the web-based operational systems. Shervin Pishevar was a co-founder of Sege’s capital in 2001. It was a sprout of Vanderbilt University Technology Company. Additionally, he helped in managing 17 investments in small companies. In 2001, he was both the president and co-founder of lonside interactive. He was also the head of product and business sales and development.

Moreover, he is a co-founder of Hyper Office groupware suite and messaging, Social Gaming network in 2008 and was a spun out from the webs. In 2010, Shervar Pishervar became the chief application officer and was appointed in Mozilla Corporation as a GM. In 2011, he was the board advisor in Series B Uber Company. He worked as a close board of Fab, Warby Parker, and machine zone.

Awards and recognition of Shervin Pishevar

In 2016, He received a grant of Ellis IslandMedal of Honor. He was selected for an outstanding America by choice award which recognized natural American achievements.He was a keynote speaker at the summit of President Obama in the entrepreneur in Algeria.

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Vegan Flavored Lip Balm – A New Success Story of “Evolution of Smooth”

Introducing the vegan flavored lip balm by Evolution of Smooth(EOS)! This new edition to EOS’s lip balm line hit the internet market, and within its first day for sale, sold out completely! It’s see through appearance captivated consumers as this depiction of such vegan product clearly is a brilliant idea of symbolizing the freedom of animal bi-product inclusion (bees-wax). Looks and feels as great on your lips as previous installments!

The product debuted at just $5.49 a package. Due to the sell-out, consumers flocked to their local retailers: Walgreens, Walmart and CVS to experience this new product, which comes in two tasty flavors: Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach, click here.

Based on, EOS is now a leading lip care producer. Chapstick once ruled the market, but after the 100% natural EOS, with its savvy brand recognition strategies and achieving shelf space within top retailers, such as Target, Walmart and Walgreen and appearing in popular magazines such as and Cosmos – and not to mention it being used and recognized by many popular celebrities – EOS took flight and never landed. In 2015, Evolution of Smooth managed a commanding 81.7 million dollars in US sales, while Chapstick pulled in just 26 million.

EOS creates their balm to engage the five senses. Customers experience a fascinating feeling when the product is in their hands, its something about that orb’s shape and texture that is gripping. It tastes delicious, may not be a bold flavor, but is appreciated and recognizable. The scent is exhilarating, successfully compliments its flavor recognition. Hearing is even a factor as well, as its assuring clicking sound says a lot more than what one may expect. Lastly, its look, with its appealing colors and shape, there is no other balm on the market like it.

The EOS vegan lip balm is a winner, while entailing those popular characteristics in which EOS customers are accustomed, just without the beeswax. Consumers experiences the same great safe quality of taste, look, feel, sound and scent as usual, just in the vegan edition! Just like the excitement of sliced bread, EOS vegan lip balm is reputable is such regard. You have to experience it to understand its unique significance.

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Gregory James Aziz And His Legacy National Steel Car

nown as a proven leader in the railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering industry, Gregory James Aziz continues to steer National Steel Car in a direction of excellence. Holding the title of President and CEO of National Steel Car, Aziz has the responsibility of keeping a 100-year-old Canadian company relevant and proactively innovative. The company takes pride in its ISO 9001:2008 certification, praised by the industry because only NSC holds that certification in North America. Founded in 1912, National Steel Car was founded by six entrepreneurs to bring high-quality engineering and manufacturing together with business integrity. For almost two decades, National Steel Car has received the TTX preferred Supplier Evaluation Committee (SECO) annual award.


Gregory Aziz raises the level of excellence by being attentive to feedback, financial analysis reports, and the expectations of NSC stakeholders. Focus and stellar momentum are what has been nurtured by Greg Aziz as President and CEO, and he learned those revenue-producing skills while assisting in the growth of his family’s wholesale food business.


Born in 1949, Aziz began his life in the city of London, Ontario. After earning his degree in economics while attending the University of Western Ontario, he began to gather real-life business savvy working with his family at Affiliated Foods. Affiliated Foods expanded global distribution to U.S., Europe, Eastern Canada, Central and South America before Aziz moved on to various investment management positions in the 80’s and 90’s.


Greg Aziz purchased National Steel Car in 1994 and increased freight car production and number of employees which was an immediate goal of his as senior management. After physical and financial activities of determination, Gregory Aziz realized his goals. He had successfully revived National Steel Car and put it on the North American map by providing dependable, high-quality railcar engineering that is manufactured at competitive pricing points. Read More On This Page.


Gregory J. Aziz and his wife Irene are passionate philanthropists, with a commitment to supporting the charitable organizations of their surrounding community of Hamilton, Ontario. Theater Aquarius, The United Way, the Salvation Army and the local food banks that also provide jobs to the Hamilton area. Each Christmas season National Steel Car hosts a Christmas party for past and present employees. Gregory and Irene Aziz are also major sponsors of the famous Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Canada.